Questions By Casper: Memories, Toddlers, The Fox & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper:

Memories, Toddlers, The Fox & More
February 2, 2022

A man from the land of Twitter likes to ask questions. I like to answer them. And here we are. Let’s do this.

What is your favorite memory?

Maybe it’s hanging out with my cousins, Clint and Cliff, up in Ohio. Maybe it’s the many great nights with the Stoney Crew at the Mans? Maybe it was that trip to Washington with Alex and Wakana? Maybe it was the many great adventures with my Bro-Son, the Mini-Me, and the family? Maybe it was the times with Haney here at the house? Maybe it was one of the nights with Matt, Danny, or Joey? What’s my favorite? The world may never know.

Can someone inform these mask-wearing morons that plastic bags work better?

Plastic bags work better. If you insist on wearing a mask, just put the bags over your face and inhale deeply.

If food was a spirit animal, what would yours be?

Egg rolls. I like egg rolls, with duck sauce.

Do you try to find the good in people?

I always try to give people a chance and look for the positives in every encounter. It takes a lot to honestly get on my bad side, but once you’re there, we’re done.

Do you speak sarcasm fluently?

I am a master… or am I?

Do you know pig Latin?

Not very well, but I can do a few words.

If you were a vehicle, what would it be?

A Volkswagen Mini-Bus, painted lime green and purple, with about fifteen hippies and Scooby Doo riding around singing folk songs.

What is the best named candy bar?

The Whatchamacallit – a better name has never been used.

What are two things that don’t go together well?

Pickles and cheerios. Snakes and Smurfs. Myself and crackhead ho’s.

What is the cutest thing a toddler can do?

From out of nowhere, scream, “Rock & Roll Bitches!”.

What does the fox say?

“Naughty girls need love too!” – Samantha Fox…

Why is green the color of both greed and growth?

Because it’s not easy being green.

If to error is human… Then why does my computer say that all the time?

Because your computer is not a regular computer, but instead is an AI (artificial intelligence) and it’s evolving and wants to kill you.

And there you go. Short, but then again, as I’ve often said, it’s not the size, but how you use it, right? My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you next time.


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