Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jaxson Ryker, Chris Jericho, Wrestlemania on NBC & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jaxson Ryker, Chris Jericho, Wrestlemania on NBC & More
February 15, 2022

I see that everyone survived Greg Valentine’s Day without getting their leg broken. I guess we’re no Wahoo, right? Let’s do the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A thing. Let’s go.

Should Peacock air Night 1 of Wrestlemania on NBC?

If NBC was willing to do this, it would be great for both the WWE and the network in my opinion. WWE would be exposed to a far bigger audience than would otherwise see the show and would no doubt experience many former fans coming back to take a look. And for NBC, Saturday night is not a big ratings night for Network television. I have no doubt that they would increase from their usual numbers with a special WWE show, especially if it’s Mania. Since Mania is a part of Peacock now anyhow, it’s an ideal proposition. Let’s hope that someone in WWE and someone at NBC is paying attention and ready to think outside the box for a bit. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Jaxson Ryker recently said in an interview that he doesn’t feel he said anything wrong in his now infamous tweet about the President and BLM. Thoughts?

I agree that he didn’t say anything wrong. He expressed support for our country and President and told the truth about BLM. and at any other time in our nation’s history, no one would have given it a second thought. But now, in these times of political correctness and everyone being woken, stating the obvious is a bad thing, and people are just looking for a reason to get upset and go after someone who doesn’t necessarily agree with what they’ve been told to believe. Ryker should be allowed to say what he feels. That’s why we have the First Amendment in our Constitution. And if you don’t agree, that’s cool, but respect his right to have an opinion.

Sami Zayn defending the Intercontinental Championship at Mania against Johnny Knoxville? Really?

This hasn’t been officially confirmed yet so far as I’ve seen, but it’s a big rumor currently making the rounds and if it happens, oy vey! I’d love to see Sami walk into and then walk out of Wrestlemania as the Intercontinental Champion. Sami is a damn good wrestler and deserves the honor but against Johnny Knoxville? Knoxville is a good guy and I enjoy the Jackass Movies, but unless it’s a swerve where Zayn is scheduled to wrestle Knoxville, but at the last minute, pulls out to allow someone else to step up and take the match(Cesaro maybe?), I don’t want to see this. Non-wrestlers are going to be involved in Mania. That’s a given. But wrestling in matches for championship titles? No, no, thousand times no.

Angelo “King Kong” Mosca versus Yokozuna. Who wins?

Power and sheer brutality against massive size. Mosca versus Yoko would have been a fun match to see with both men in their primes. The styles were a big contrast, but both men definitely had skills in that squared circle. I think Yoko would come out on top.

Chris Jericho was recently on Twitter teasing a possible return to WWE. Would you like to see Jericho back in WWE?

Part of me would like to see Chris back in WWE because it’s where he seemed to be at his best, but I’m a realist and Chris is over fifty years old and WWE isn’t going to use a man of his age in any kind of top spot. I could see him coming in for a spot in the Hall of Fame and maybe a cameo here and there, maybe even the occasional one-off match, but in WWE, Chris would be far more of use as a trainer and mentor for the younger wrestlers than as on-screen talent. If I heard correctly, his original deal with AEW either recently expired or is nearing its end, and I doubt that Tony Khan will be willing to pay out the big bucks again that he did the first time around. Or maybe he will? Who knows? Jericho has a lot to offer still to both WWE and AEW and to be honest, I doubt the money really matters at this point. I think he’ll find a way to have fun and do well regardless of where he goes. I’d like to see him in WWE to shake things up, but I’m good with whatever happens.

AEW has signed a sixteen-year-old, Nick Wayne, to a contract. What the hell?

This kid, Nick Wayne, has been wrestling on the Indy scene, including at Game Changer Wrestling, for a while and seems to have made a big impression on everyone. According to the deal with AEW, he has to finish high school first and then wait for his 18th birthday before he can actually wrestle for the company so apparently, this is just AEW getting ahead of the game and taking steps to have talent in the future. I get it and it’s not a bad idea. I know a guy here locally who just turned 18, and has been wrestling for a couple of years already and he’s damn good and will be a big name one day. His name is Sammy Love. AEW sees something in Wayne and wants to lock him up to make sure he’ll be All Elite when he’s old enough. That’s good business. Wayne can and will continue to work Indy shows to gain experience in the meantime and then when the time comes, be a bid name. Hey Tony Khan, go look at Sammy Love too. He’s already legal and ready to go and would make a great addition to AEW now.

Hornswoggle versus Wee Man (Jackass) versus Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) versus Super Humman in a Fatal-4-Way Match. Who wins?

This would probably be a short match, a little confusing at times, and be the subject of many not-so-tall tales for years to come. Let’s see if we can work it out. Dinklage would pull himself out of the match because he would feel it’s demeaning and insulting to little people. Humman is an idiot and would eliminate himself from the match by jumping through the announce table and then screaming like a little bitch. Whoo-whoo… for the Juggalos. Wee Man would take a beating because that’s what he does, but before Hornswoggle can put him away, El Torito would storm the ring and jump off a step-ladder to take Swoggle to the floor, thus renewing their WWE feud from their WeeLC match in 2014. And with Hornswoggle eliminated, Wee Man would be declared the victor. After the match though. he would be laid out by Marko Stunt, who would nail him upside the head with a giant dildo he borrowed from Effy.

5 Dream Matches for Brock Lesnar. Who you got?

5 matches that I’d love to see Brock wrestle that either have never or could ever actually happen? Off the top of my head, I’d go with Brock versus Meng, Brock versus Vader, Brock versus Stan Hansen, Brock versus Bruiser Brody, and finally, Brock versus Andre the Giant.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions that you’d like to ask, just give me a shout and we’ll do it. Until the next time, take care of yourself and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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