Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Brandi Rhodes, Enzo, New Age Outlaws & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Brandi Rhodes, Enzo, New Age Outlaws & More
May 6, 2022

More drama than the latest court date for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s get busy and do this.

What would get you to watch Dark and Dark Evolution more? I’m thinking they need triple-tag belts.

To watch the two AEW YouTube shows, personally, I would just need more time in a day and fewer things that I need to do and get done each day. But that doesn’t say what AEW needs to do to make those shows more important in my eyes. I would say more “big names” and “must-see matches” would be the key. If I see that wrestlers I like, such as Fuego, Alan Angels, Aaron Solo, etc, scheduled, I’ll make it a point to watch. If it’s people who I don’t know or care about, I don’t.

What if Billy Gunn brings Road Dogg to help him manage the new group with the Acclaimed since he was rapper too? They are basically a new version of the New Age Outlaws! I’m all for that because I was a mark for the Outlaws and their entrances!

Billy and Road Dogg as co-managers for the Acclaimed/Gunn Club combination? Works for me.

Do you think Brandi Rhodes will eventually end up on WWE TV as a wrestler?

She’s an attractive woman, married to a top star, and she has a well-known name and character, as well as experienced in the ring. So will she end up as a WWE talent on camera? I think the answer is not will she, but instead when.

What does WWE do better than AEW? What does AEW do better than WWE?

WWE has a much better production team and better television product than anything that AEW has been able to do as of yet. AEW is better with pushing the younger, unknown talents and building new characters and stars.

There was a duet chant of “We Want Enzo/No We Don’t” on AEW Dynamite this past week when Big Cass made his AEW debut. Should AEW bring in Enzo Amore?

If I was Tony Khan, I would consider it and maybe bring Enzo in for a one-shot to see what kind of reaction he gets, and then take it from there. Enzo is a polarizing character to be sure, but he’s also a great talker and promo guy. I just saw this morning that Jake Roberts will be taking time off to have another hip replacement, so why not have Enzo as the man brought in to act as Lance Archer’s spokesman until Roberts is able to return. Also, if Big Cass returns to AEW at any point, there would be that connection to play on. Enzo is annoying, but he’s good TV, so if the crowd reacts well to a test appearance, they should give him a chance.

If you could cast the lead in a celebrity reality dating show called something like “Ring of Love” featuring a professional wrestler, who would it be?

Hell, I just spoke of him so why not Enzo Amore? Or maybe Angel Garza? He plays the Romeo character so well, just take it to the next level. And my third choice? Buff Bagwell. As for why, he’s Buff and he’s the Stuff. What more reason do you need?

Butcher & The Blade versus Vicious & Delicious. Who wins?

Butcher and the Blade are a good team, but they’re not Vicious and they’re not Delicious. Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton would take home the big “W” and make that trip to the pay window.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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