Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Hurt Business, Sonny Kiss, William Regal & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Hurt Business, Sonny Kiss, William Regal & More
May 28, 2022

Hotter than Joey Janela’s boot, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Yeah, I know that was a bad one, but hopefully, the column will be far better than Janela’s spot with the burning boot. It sure as hell can’t be any worse. Let’s do this.

Does The Dangerous Alliance belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

This is a tough call because every single member of the Dangerous Alliance is Hall of Fame worthy, with only Bobby Eaton and Paul Heyman being the only members left who don’t have a Hall of Fame ring yet. The group was only together for about a year and 1/2 though and while it was one of my favorite parts of WCW at the time, it wasn’t really pushed very hard. Did the Dangerous Alliance do anything of note as a team aside from that great War Games match against Sting’s Squadron? I can’t think of anything really. So while every single member of the Dangerous Alliance is Hall of Fame worthy and will be there eventually, as a faction and unit, I would say no to a group induction.

Did WWE totally miss a golden opportunity with The Hurt Business?

I would say so, yes. The group, consisting of Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin, managed by MVP, was on fire and really starting to catch on. If the push had continued, and if Lashley hadn’t gotten injured, I think that the Hurt Business had the potential to be a really strong faction. But Lashley got injured and for whatever reason, WWE decided to drop Alexander and Benjamin and make Lashley and MVP a solo act. They absolutely left a lot of money laying on the table with that move.

Triple Threat Match: Randy Savage versus Hulk Hogan versus The Ultimate Warrior. Who wins?

I don’t like Hogan and I don’t like Warrior. Time for some Macho Madness in the house. Randy Savage wins!

Do you like Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus as AEW Tag Champions? Who would you like to dethrone them? Will Christian turn on them at Double or Nothing?

I like Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy as the tag team champs, and to be honest, they could be the champs forever and I wouldn’t mind. But I understand that they are getting a bit stale as champs and AEW needs to change things up. I think we’ll see them dethroned at Double or Nothing, most likely by Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs. As for Christian turning on the team, I think that will happen sooner rather than later, but not at Double or Nothing. That will be the deciding factor that leads to the break-up, but it won’t actually happen for a few weeks at least.

Should Sonny Kiss get a bigger push in AEW?

Honestly, I would say no. Nothing against Sonny, but it’s hard to take him seriously and his character does not come across as anything worth pushing. He reminds me of Adrian Street in many ways, but Adrian was a legit shooter and could out-wrestle bigger men and the so-called tough guys. Sonny’s big move is pulling guys’ faces into his ass. A big difference. Sonny needs to update and toughen up his character, maybe reinvent himself into a more serious character, and then he could be given another shot. But as he currently is, he’s an attraction and enigma to be sure, but he’s not going to draw any fans or put butts in the seats.

There are rumors that the MCU may soon bring the character Hercules into the mix. If you were to pick a wrestler to play the son of Zeus, who would you pick?

This one is easy. Look at Miro, aka the former Rusev. He’s got the muscles, and the perfect look, and when compared to the old comic books and the character of Hercules, they could be twins. So Kevin Fiege, if you want someone to play Hercules, then Miro should be your man.

Where do you think Wardlow goes after the MJF feud? And how do you think AEW should book him to keep his momentum going?

After the MJF feud ends, how about Wardlow going after the TNT title and doing a feud with Scorpio. After that program runs its course, I think a trip to ROH to go after the ROH Championship. Just keep Wardlow near the top of the card and in the title picture and it should all work out well whether he actually wins any titles or not.

Who runs out to protect Joe if Lethal comes out post-match? Cesaro?

If Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh decide to go after Samoa Joe at the PPV, I would not be surprised to see Cesaro come out and make a save. Actually, change that. If and when Cesaro does debut in AEW, I expect it will be on Dynamite or as part of a program with someone he has a history with. I don’t remember any kind of alliances or history with Cesaro and Samoa Joe. So someone could make a save to help Joe out with Lethal and friends, but being Cesaro? Not very likely.

Does Goldberg deserve another match?

Goldberg is, so far as I’m aware, fully retired again. Let him stay retired.

William Regal is starting a new podcast in a few weeks as part of Conrad Thompson’s Podcast Network. Do you plan to listen?

I made a comment a few days ago about Mick Foley’s new podcast, also part of Conrad Thompson’s network, and that I had no plans to listen, aside from maybe the occasional link on YouTube if it’s a topic that catches my attention. Well, forget all of that. If I can find the time, I will absolutely check out William Regal’s podcast and give it a shot. Along with Jim Cornette, Regal is one of my favorite storytellers in the wrestling business and I have a great deal of respect for the man. I may not listen to every edition of his new podcast once it starts, but I will most likely be listening to more often than not.

If you could pick five past WWE Divas to wrestle against five current WWE Women, who would you pick?

A ten woman tag match with me picking the talents. How about Charlotte, Asuka, Bayley, Becky Lynch & Ronda Rousey versus Ivory, Lita, Victoria, Mickie James & Trish Stratus. Have Madusa as the guest special referee. And there you go.

If Vince McMahon told you that you could pick three names to be surprises for the Royal Rumble, who would you pick and why?

For right now, I’d go with NWA World Champion Matt Cardona, The Masterpiece Chris Masters, and a returning Bray Wyatt.

And there you go. That’s all for today, my friends. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Talk to me, my Peeps. And with that, I’m just like The Mighty Igor. I’m history. Take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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