Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Vince, The Ultimate Wrestler, MJF & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Vince, The Ultimate Wrestler, MJF & More
June 19, 2022

And we’re back with the second edition of The Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Why? Because I love you! Yeah, let’s go with that. Happy Father’s Day! Now, let’s do this.

My 8yo wants to know if MJF is fired?

That’s the great thing about how this story with MJF and AEW has been playing out. Nobody knows anything for sure. I’m pretty sure that MJF has not been fired, but I honestly don’t think he’s hanging out with Tony Khan every weekend either. This is the way a wrestling story should be done. Blur the lines with reality and work so much, that everyone is wondering. So for the 8-year-old boys in our lives, if they want to know, we just have to tell them to keep watching, wait and see.

Using wrestlers from any generation, build your ultimate wrestler using these categories. Appearance: In-ring ability: Charisma: Work rate: Promo skill: Entrance: Finisher:

For appearance, I’d go with Roman Reigns. He has that look that screams professional wrestler. For in-ring ability, how about Cesaro. Charisma? Let’s go with The Rock. Work Rate? How about Ric Flair in his prime. Promo skill, I’m going old school with William Regal. The entrance? Let’s borrow from Triple H. As for the finisher, let’s steal from Randy Orton and the RKO from out of nowhere.

With Stephanie now taking over, is this an opportune time for HHH to retake control of NXT and redesign the talent production plan in terms of NIL?

You’re assuming that Stephanie is now actually in charge but make no mistake. Steph may have the title in front of her name, but so long as Vince is alive and capable of breathing, he’s still the boss. While I’m sure that HHH could probably tweak a thing or two down at NXT, I’m sure his focus, for now, is keeping the main roster, WWE, above water and free of the repercussions from the recent scandals.

Does any of this brouhaha about Vince stepping down matter if he’s still head of the creative, and people still bow down to him every time he’s on-screen?

Look at the answer to my last question. Vince may not have the titles in front of his name at the moment, but he’s still the boss and still in charge. The changes are for appearance only. Vince is still the boss, period.

Do you feel like wrestling is just overwhelming lately? So much is happening, it seems like there’s a new crazy story every day.

The past few days have been especially crazy and it’s hard to keep up with everything going on, hence one of the reasons I’m doing two columns in one day. But I still love my wrestling and it fascinates me in a way few other things do so bring it on. We’ll handle it!

Should Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn be the ones to dethrone the Usos at Summerslam?

I’d love to see Sami and Kevin get a run together as the tag team champs, but I was thinking more of at Wrestlemania than anywhere else. But then it hit me. Sami has a current storyline going with The Bloodline and if/when they turn on him, what better person to go to than his best friend, Kevin Owens. Kevin is currently involved in the angle with Ezekial/Elias, but that can be wrapped up at MITB, and then let the Owens/Zayn alliance begin anew. Owens & Sami versus The Usos at SummerSlam? Works for me.

We will get Roman Reigns vs Brock for the millionth time. Do you think it’s the perfect time for Seth to win the MITB and cash in on both of them during the main event of SummerSlam and recreate “the heist on the century” moment again?

I spoke of this in my last Q&A, published earlier today. Go read my answer there. But for the short answer, I would say hell yeah!

Do you think Disney or a similar larger conglomerate would buy WWE?

I could see NBC/Universal buying the video content and library, the WWE Network, etc., but in terms of buying an active wrestling company and keeping it active, I just don’t really see it. It could happen, but I think the major companies would prefer to have someone else running the company and providing content rather than deal with the unique headaches of actually owning and running things. Wrestling is a very unique business and it takes a unique person to run a company and do it properly and successfully. A corporate mindset like Disney or NBC, it might work for a while, but it would never last.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good, my friends. I’ll see you at the matches.


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