One On One: Impact Wrestling versus Most Hated of 1982 (Part 5 of 5)

Tossing Salt Presents:
One on One (Part 5 of 5)
Impact Wrestling versus Most Hated of 1982
July 28, 2022

Recently, while looking through a box of old magazines, I came across an old edition of Sports Review Wrestling, covered dated Summer 1982. A very cool magazine with stories such as “Austin Idol Begs The Fans: ‘Force Ray Stevens To Retire’.”, Exclusive. Rocky III Preview: Hulk Hogan Tackles Hollywood!”, and the classic, “Is Apartment Wrestling Becoming Too Brutal?”. Yeah, lots of cool stuff.

Of course, I took a look at the Official Wrestling Ratings. And that got me to thinking, what if these legends and stars, the men who dominated the business forty years ago, were to be matched up against the stars of today. Who would win? What would the matches be like? And then I decided, let’s try to find out. Let’s do some fantasy booking and see what happens when the star of yesteryear takes on the stars of today and go, wait for it, one on one.

There will be five columns with five fantasy shows. I took the official ratings from the 1982 magazine for the NWA, AWA, WWF, Most Popular, and Most Hated, and then went to the Pro Wrestling Illustrated website and got the official ratings for the week ending July 22, 2022, for AEW, WWE RAW, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, and the NWA. Over the next five days, I’ll have five battles where the past fights the present, using these ratings, and will give my thoughts and predictions as to who would win. So stick around and let’s see where it goes. 

And here we go with the fifth of five, it’s Impact Wrestling versus The Most Hated Wrestlers of 1982. Let’s do this.

Josh Alexander versus Ric Flair

This could be a really good match. Flair was really on fire back in ’82 and could have an amazing match with anyone. And Alexander is so underrated, it’s not even funny. It’d be an instant classic. And the winner? Diamonds are forever and so is Ric Flair? Wooo!

Winner: Ric Flair

Mike Bailey versus Jimmy Snuka

Speedball Mike Bailey versus Gene Anderson managed Super Fly who was kicking everyone’s ass in the Mid-Atlantic region at the time. Bailey would give him a hell of a fight, but the winner. It would definitely be Snuka.

Winner: Jimmy Snuka

Brian Meyers versus Sgt. Slaughter

Meyers is damn good and has a great personality, but Slaughter was on fire and a true beast in the ring, probably at the best of his career. Slaughter would win this one and that’s an order, Maggots!

Winner: Sgt. Slaughter

Alex Shelley versus Ken Patera

Shelley is a tough guy and very good, but Patera has all the advantages here. A good match, but about fifteen minutes in, it would be a swinging neck breaker and Shelley would be history. 

Winner: Ken Patera

Rich Swann versus Roddy Piper

Just when you think you have all the answers, he’ll change the questions. Piper would take the win here.

Winner: Roddy Piper

Moose versus Captain Lou Albano 

How did Captain Lou get put in here? He was a manager and not a wrestler. The Captain was a great and legendary manager and he was not afraid to get bloody for the cause. And in this match with Moose, I’m sure that he would lose a gallon or two. Moose would walk all over the Captain and take an easy win.

Winner: Moose

Trey Miguel versus Kabuki

Trey Miguel impresses me every time I see him wrestle and he is a great talent. Kabuki is a true legend and at this point in time, aligned with Gary Hart, was among the very best in the world. Trey is a future World Champion and that’s a fact. Wait and see. But for this match, Kabuki wins with the mist to the eyes.

Winner: Kabuki

Sami Callihan versus David Von Erich

Sami is good and, as I said earlier, Von Erich was on fire here as a heel in Florida. This would be an interesting and fun match to see and an interesting contrast in style. This one is a tough call, but I think I’ll go with Von Erich on this one. David wins.

Winner: David Von Erich

Steve Maclin versus Harley Race

Maclin is a good worker and has a big future ahead of him, but this match is against Harley Race. Harley is the toughest man on God’s green earth. Harley wins.

Winner: Harley Race

Eric Young versus Ivan Koloff

Man, this would be a fun match to see. Ivan was such a gruff and tough old-school heel and he was so strong and just an ass-kicking Russian Bear. Eric Young is a great wrestler and so damn entertaining. He can play face or heel equally as well and this match would easily steal the show at any event with such a contrast of style and characters, regardless of what role Young chose to play. And in the end, it would be the Russian Bear, the former WWWF Champion, taking home the victory.

Winner: Ivan Koloff

And there you go with the final series of match-ups, Part 5 of 5, with the Most Hated Wrestlers of 1982 defeating the stars of Impact Wrestling, nine matches to one. Yeah, this one was a slaughter. And it also puts the stars of 1982 over the superstars of today, 3 to 2 in the series. That’s a shocker, but what the hell. I had fun and I hope you did as well. 

And with that, I’m out of here. Thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions are welcome and appreciated. Use the comment box, my e-mail of, or find me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Take care and stay safe. Watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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