Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Finn Balor, Jm Cornette, Jon Moxley & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Finn Balor, Jim Cornette, John Moxley & More
August 28, 2022

The NWA is bringing back Wrestling At The Chase with NWA 74. I’m bringing sexy back. No, it’s not quite the same thing. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Does AEW have any plans for Danhausen? It seems like they don’t know what to do with him.

Honestly, I don’t think they know what to do with him either. He talks funny, provides a little comedy, and curses people. And…? Why is he there? What are his goals? If he was managing some wrestlers, at least that would make sense. If he was doing commentary regularly, that would make sense. But he does next to nothing and it doesn’t make sense. Why is he a part of the AEW roster? The world may never know.

Do you think we will see The Man when Becky returns?

I would hope so. When Becky returns, she’s going to get a huge babyface push and while “Big Time Becks” was okay, being The Man was her strongest and most impactful name. Everything is allegedly cool with Flair now so he shouldn’t be crying and complaining. When Becky returns, it should absolutely be the return of The Man!

Is it me or do I just wish Finn Balor just quit WWE and go somewhere else where’d he be much more appreciated?

Haven’t you noticed that in the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing more and more of Balor and the rest of Judgement Day as well… and they’re winning more than they’re losing. HHH is a fan of Balor’s and pushed him heavily on the NXT brand. I think he’ll continue to get plenty of love and appreciation now on the main roster as well. He doesn’t need to go anywhere.

With Vince McMahon gone, do you think Jim Cornette would be more interested in working for the company?

I don’t think Cornette is planning on leaving his home regardless of who is in charge of WWE. He’s making plenty of money with his podcasts and merchandise so why should he? If he could do it from his home, I think Cornette might be more amicable to offering advice and other help if needed than in the past, but he’s not traveling to Florida or Connetcuit for anyone.

Who would be the most shocking talent WWE could bring back?

The most obvious names here are CM Punk or Ryback, but those are too easy. Cornette would fit into this category as well since, as I mentioned in the last answer, he’s not leaving his house. Tammy Sytch? She’s going to be in prison for a while so she’s out of the picture as well. Okay, I’ve got it. Most shocking?How about Shane McMahon? And there you go.

This MJF thing has gone on way too long. When is he coming back? Is he coming back? When would you bring him back?

If MJF is coming back, they need to do it soon, and the sooner the better, most likely at All Out. It has gone on way too long and while absence makes the heart grow fonder, too much absence makes you realize that you’re better off alone and don’t need the person you are/were missing. I think this deal with MJF is nearly into that category. It’s time to pull the trigger and bring him back.

Why does AEW let Jon Moxley do outside dates? I understood them allowing him to work for New Japan at the beginning but I saw a video on YouTube of him wrestling some guy in a place called GCW in front of what looked like 100 people. Why would Tony Khan let his champion risk getting hurt like that?

When someone is part-time and barely featured, I can understand letting them work independent shows, to make money and stay in a ring shape, especially since AEW doesn’t do touring and house shows. But when it’s your top guy, especially someone who wrestles the style of Moxley, it’s not a good move and makes no sense. What happens to AEW if their top guy breaks a bone or gets seriously injured while working an Indy show in front of 50 people? Plans have to be trashed and changed and it hurts the company. Khan is being nice, but not too smart in allowing his top guys to work Indy spots. It needs to stop.

When do you see HHH allowing certain performers’ names that were ridiculously changed to revert back to their original? I.E., Gunther to Walter, Max Durpi to LA Knight, Theory to Austin Theory, Riddle to Matt Riddle. And do we finally get a Bobby Roode push?

I don’t think Gunther will be changed back to WALTER because WWE has spent too much time and money with the rebranding, but so far as the others getting their full names back, I think we will see much more of that. Riddle and Theory will probably get their first names back, while I expect that in time, Nikki A.S.H., Doudrop, and possibly Knight will be their old selves again sooner rather than later. So far as a push for Bobby Roode, I don’t know when or if that will be happening, but I definitely hope so. That would be GLORIOUS!

Do you find watching Jimmy Snuka matches uncomfortable knowing what we know now?

I rarely watch Jimmy Snuka matches, nor have I ever been a fan of Snuka, so even knowing what we know now, it doesn’t matter much or affect me. I see Snuka, I fast-forward. Always have and always will.

You are an upcoming wrestler and have two options: Tony Khan/AEW, or Paul Levesque/WWE. Which are you choosing?

Start spreading the news because I’m going to New York. HHH and the WWE for me, most definitely.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that, it’s time to call it a day. Be good my friends and watch out for foreign objects. I’ll see you at the matches.


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