NWA Hard Times 3: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
NWA Hard Times 3
Thoughts & Predictions
November 11, 2022

Coming up on Saturday night, from the Frederick J. Sigur Civic Center in Chalmette, Louisiana, live on FITE.TV and pay-per-view is the National Wrestling Alliance Hard Times 3 event. And you know that means it’s prediction time. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Hardcore Team War
Mercurio, “Magic” Jake Dumas, and Jax Dane (with Christi Jaynes and Chris Silvio, Esq.) vs. Anthony Mayweather, JTG, and The Pope

I’m just going to call it like it is. While Mercurio, Dumas, and Dane are all good wrestlers, they’re fighting Crimson, who WWE should have snatched up years ago, one-half of Cryme Tyme, and a WWECW Original. That ECW connection should seal the deal for this Hardcore Team War match.

Winners: Anthony Mayweather, JTG, and The Pope

Three-way match for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Matt Cardona vs. Tyrus

This one could easily go to any of the three men and it would not be an upset in the slightest. Murdoch because he’s the NWA Golden Boy. Cardona because he’s a former champ who never lost his title and is as hot as ever. Tyrus goes on Fox News six or seven times a week in front of three million or more people and is constantly drawing new fans and attention to the company. Would any of them be a bad choice? I think I’ll go with Tyrus for this one. He gave up the World TV title for this opportunity and he’s the only one who has yet to wear the ten pounds of gold. His time is now.

Winner and NEW NWA World Champion: Tyrus

Three-way match for the NWA World Women’s Championship
Kamille (c) vs. KiLynn King vs. Chelsea Green

This is Green’s Champions Series cash-in match and I think she’ll make the most of this opportunity, but given all the rumors about Green possibly wanting to return to the WWE, I don’t think she’ll be winning the title here. I honestly don’t know much about KiLynn King, but I do know a lot about Kamille and she’s been very impressive as the NWA Women’s Champion thus far. I don’t see a title switch here.

Winner and STILL NWA Women’s Champion: Kamille

NWA National Championship
Cyon (c) vs. Dak Draper

I’m not very familiar with either man here, but I’ve seen Draper wrestle a few times on YouTube and he’s got a good look and character. I think come Saturday night, he’ll have a belt around his waist as well.

Winner and NEW NWA National Champion: Dak Draper

NWA United States Tag Team Championship
The Fixers (Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky) (c) vs. The Spectaculars (Rush Freeman and Brady Pierce) (with Rolando Freeman)

This one should be very good. I’ve seen both teams wrestling on YouTube and while they’re not quite on par with The Usos or The Midnight Express, they’re both very talented and seem to get better with every match. I don’t think we’ll see a title change here though. Look for the champs to retain.

Winners and STILL United States Tag Team Champions: The Fixers

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Homicide (c) vs. Kerry Morton

It’s been fun to see Homicide back and enjoying a great run as the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion. Denny Brown & Les Thornton would be so proud to see the man who has carried on their legacy. But it’s time for a change and the second-generation Rock & Roll Express guy is ready to wear some singles gold. I smell a title change.

Winner and NEW NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton

EC3 vs. Thom Latimer

This one may end up stealing the show. Both men are so good. I think that EC3 might have the edge here so that’s the way I’m going with this one.

Winner: EC3

Odinson vs. TBA

This one was supposed to be Odinson versus Nick Aldis, but Aldis announced he was leaving the company and then Billy Corgan suspended him and removed him from the show so this match is kind of in limbo as to who Odinson will be wrestling. Given all the drama, I think the best move might be to debut a new star here and have him go over, or else do a squash and have Odinson cut a promo on Aldis not having the guts to fight him. That last one sounds too petty and more like something AEW would do than the NWA, so let’s go with Option One. I don’t see Chris Adonis, aka Chris Masters, anywhere on the card, so let’s bring him in for this match. And Adonis wins.

Winner: Chris Adonis/Masters.

NWA World Tag Team Championship
La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf) (c) (with Damián 666) vs. Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx and PJ Hawx)

Will we see a father-son combination win the NWA World Tag Team titles here? That sounds good to me.

Winners and NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: Hawx Aerie

MLW National Openweight Championship
Davey Richards (c) vs. Colby Corino

Corino is always impressive and has become a very good wrestler, but Davey Richards is in a league of his own right now. A major league if you will. Major League – MLW Champion. See what I did there? I crack myself up. But anyhow, as for the match, I don’t think this belt will be changing hands. Look for Richards to retain.

Winner and STILL MLW Openwieght Champion: Davey Richards

Mask vs. Mask match
The Question Mark (with Aron Stevens) vs. The Question Mark II

I haven’t been following this, but which one is the good guy? Isn’t one of these masked men aligned with Austin Idol? I remember Aron Stevens as Damien Sandow, but I thought he had retired and left the NWA. I’m totally lost here, but I’ll make a prediction anyhow. Let’s go for the original.

Winner: The Question Mark w/ Aron Stevens

Match for the vacant NWA World Television Championship
AJ Cazana (with Anthony Andrews) vs. Jordan Clearwater (with BLK Jeez)

This is another match that should be very good and may end up stealing the show. It’s hard to make a choice here, but my gut says AJ Cazana so that’s the call here.

Winner and NEW NWA World Television Champion: AJ Cazana

Voodoo Queen Casket Match
Max The Impaler (with Father James Mitchell) vs. Natalia Markova

Are you ready for some craziness? This will be the “what the… ?” match of the night with chaos, confusion, plunder, and pure insanity. I hate to go against my man, the Sinister Minister, but I’ve been watching Markova and she’s the real deal. I think the Impaler will be put to rest inside the casket and Markova will be the new Voodoo Queen.

Winner and NEW Voodoo Queen: Natalia Markova

And there you go with my predictions for the NWA Hard Times 3 event. Am I right? Am I wrong? We’ll find out live on FITE.TV on Saturday night. Any thoughts, comments, or questions, drop me a line and we’ll chat. What are your predictions for this big event? Let me know. And with that, it’s time to call it a night. My thanks for reading. Take care and be good. Enjoy the Hard Times event and I’ll see you at the matches.


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