Stay or Go: An In-Depth Analysis of the Full Rosters of AEW & The WWE – AEW Men: E – M

Tossing Salt Presents:
Stay or Go: An In-Depth Analysis of the Full Rosters of AEW & The WWE
AEW Men: E-M
November 11. 2022

Over on YouTube on the Jim Cornette podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the esteemed wrestling historian and legend, Mr. Jim Cornette, along with co-host Brian Last, took a very detailed look at the entire roster of All Elite Wrestling. They tried to determine, one by one, if the talents on the roster were worthy of being part of AEW and having a wrestling contract for a national promotion. It was a very insightful and interesting listen and you should go check it out.

And it got me wondering. I’m no Jim Cornette, but I’ve been told I’m a good judge of talent and have a good mind for the business. If I was to take a look down the line at the AEW roster and each talent, what would I do with them? Keep them? Fire them. Teach them how to do the Macarena? Well, there is only one way to find out. So starting now and over the next few days, we’re going down the lists of the AEW and WWE rosters. I will look at each person and give my take, in a few words, as to the potential they have and if I would suggest keeping them, letting them go, finding a different role for them, or what. This should be fun.

So buckle up the safety belts and get ready for a wild ride. We’re starting with the men of AEW and then will move on accordingly. So are you ready? Let’s do this. And away we go.

The Men of AEW: E through M

Eddie Kingston: Eddie is a mixed bag for me. Realistic promos and is a solid worker but seems to have personal issues backstage. I think those issues could be worked out. I’d keep him.

Ethan Page: I like Page. He has a good look and if he’s kept away from certain influences, he’s a solid wrestler. He stays.

Evil Uno: He is Uno. He is Evil. I’d keep him as a mid-card comedy guy.

Frankie Kazarian: A good solid wrestler who knows how to work, how to talk, and how to tell a story. He’d make a good coach and top mid-card talent. He stays.

Fuego Del Sol: Fuego is popular with the kids, can talk, and is a good worker. His size is an issue with the bigger guys, but he’s a good talent who can sell merchandise and make money. He stays.

Griff Garrison: I like Griff, but he has the personality of a can of spam. His work is so-so at best. He’d be cut from the roster.

Hook: A good look and plenty of charisma that shines through even when he doesn’t do anything. He’s a big merchandise seller and has a lot of potentials. He’d stay.

Isiah Kassidy: Very physical and athletic with some great high-flying moves. I’d want him to learn to slow down and wrestle more, but he’s a talented guy. He stays.

Jake Hager: Hager has just been wasted since signing with the company. He’s got ability and skills but needs to be rebooted to ease into a spot where a former WWE Champion belongs, not just as a henchman and flunkie. I’d keep him, but it’d be conditional.

Jay Lethal: Jay Lethal is a guy that any roster or company should be happy to have. He can talk, wrestle, tell stories, and is credible in that ring. He stays.

Jeff Hardy: After the most recent incidents and the baggage he carries, I would not want to be responsible for having Jeff Hardy as part of my promotion. He needs to work on getting himself and his life straight, not wrestling. He goes.

Jeff Jarrett: Jeff is one of those who knows every aspect of the business, both in the ring and behind the scenes, better than anyone. I’m not sure how often I’d have him on camera, but as a coach, a producer, an executive, etc., you’re not going to find anyone better. He would stay.

John Silver: Silver is an amazing talent who can work, talk, etc. He may be lacking in size, but he’s a great addition to any roster he’s a part of. He stays.

Jon Moxley: I’m not a big fan of Moxley, but he’s a solid wrestler, a former big star for the WWE, and has that “it” factor. I’d have him cut down on the silly stuff and the bleeding, but he would definitely have a spot in my company.

Josh Woods: Who? The name doesn’t ring any kind of bell with me. I’m sure he’s a decent talent, but I’ve never heard of him. He goes.

Jungle Boy: It took a while, but Jungle Boy Jack Perry has grown on me. He’s still lacking in some areas, but the man has amazing potential and I can understand why he was considered one of the 4 Pillars of AEW. He would stay.

Keith Lee: He’s a big guy and can move and work, but I just don’t feel him at all. When he was in NXT, he looked like a big star in the making, but now, he’s just kind of there. If we could get the old Keith Lee back, he would have a job, but if he stays as he’s been for the past few months, he would be shown the door.

Kenny Omega: Omega has charisma and if he’s willing to slow down, listen to the veterans, and change his style to something real and believable, I’d keep him. But if he continues to be the joke wrestler he’s become famous for, he gets the boot. Just kidding. I see nothing in Omega. He’s gone.

Kip Sabian: I like him and he’s got charisma and some good skills, but I don’t see any money in him as he currently is presented. He’d need a total reboot and major changes or otherwise, he’s gone.

Kyle O’Reilly: Again, if we could get the NXT version, O’Reilly would be a great addition to the roster and could be a strong name for the company. But as he’s been since coming to AEW, it’s like he’s missing something. So he either steps up or he’s gone.

Lance Archer: He was originally a monster and very impressive, but lack of motivation, poor booking, and not having anything or anyone to work with have totally destroyed any momentum he once had. He can be saved though. I’d keep him.

Lee Johnson: He’s okay in the ring, but I just don’t see anything special. He gets the pink slip. See ya!

Lee Moriarty: This guy has looked impressive on the few occasions I’ve seen him wrestle. His charisma and promo skills seem to be lacking a bit, but that will get better as he gains experience. I’d keep him.

Luchasaurus: Every promotion needs a monster. Luchasaurus is good in that role. I’d give him a manager to do the talking and promos, much like Christian has been doing, but he’s safe.

Luther: Why is this guy even in AEW? He was never a big star wrestler and never did anything of any note, ever. He’s gone.

Malakai Black: Black has made it clear that he’s not happy as part of AEW and wants to go back to the WWE. He’s a good wrestler with an air of mystique about him. Properly used, he could be a big asset for AEW. If he decided he wanted to stay, I’d keep him.

Marq Quen: This guy has skills and while I don’t see him ever being a big singles star, he’s a strong tag team wrestler and could make some big money for the company if pushed right. He stays.

Matt Hardy: As a wrestler, his best days are behind him, but as a producer, agent, trainer, creative team member, etc., Hardy has a ton to offer for any promotion. I’d definitely keep him around if possible.

Matt Jackson: The former star of Generation Me would become part of the Generation Unemployed. And his little brother too. I’d hand him the pink slip so fast, he’d think he’d been super-kicked for real. He’s gone.

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard: This guy is good in the ring, on the mic, and at the Announcers table. A jack of all trades. He’s definitely a keeper.

And there you go. This seems like a good stopping point. More is on the way because we’re moving along and getting ‘er done. The rest of the AEW locker room and then the WWE locker room. It’s going to be a wild ride so keep your eyes open and be ready for more.

My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions are welcome. Until the next time, probably later today, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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