Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jim Duggan, Nick Aldis, Saraya & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jim Duggan, Nick Aldis, Saraya & More
November 12, 2022

Happy Birthday to two old and dear friends, Carl & Carson Chavis. This one is for you guys. It’s the most must-read Q&A wrestling column ever. Well, maybe not ever, but do it anyhow. You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Let’s do this.

With all this talk of Wrestlers getting cooled down in AEW, and then TK not always disclosing injuries until after rumors come out to fill the void of where the said wrestler is, what is the solution?

Consistency and honesty. If Tony is going to push a wrestler, then do so and use them regularly on TV. Don’t do the work of two shows and then vanish for six months. That’s crazy booking and does absolutely nothing to help the product or the wrestlers. And as for injuries, if a person is injured and will be out for a while, announce it. Mention it and don’t leave the fans wondering about their favorite stars. Transparency goes long way and counts for a lot.

Why does WWE insist on having Roman Reigns hold, not one but both belts?! Great champion but he’s not a fighting champion. One belt is cool. Both belts?

I agree with this. Roman as the Universal Champion is good and the strong push is awesome, but it leaves a big void and hole in the WWE where storytelling and the other wrestlers are concerned. Roman needs to drop one of the titles. It would make sense and make things better in the WWE. Why they’re doing this in WWE, I have no idea, but it needs to change.

Why did Hacksaw Jim Duggan carry a 2×4? Surely if he wanted a prop to show he was a good hacksaw he should have carried a bike lock he sawed through!

I guess with the success of the movie Walking Tall, having a 2×4 made sense. Bike Lock Duggan doesn’t have that much of a ring to it and Hacksaw sounds better.

Do you think they will replace the 24/7 title with something else?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mid-card title for the women show up before long. That makes sense. With R-Truth out of action for a while, the 24/7 title kind of loses some of its magic, so while I’m going to miss it, it’s served its time. A Women’s mid-card title should be the next belt to show up.

Where do you want to see Nick Aldis land?

Impact Wrestling would be a step sideways, so either WWE or AEW is the next logical step. I’d like to see him in WWE, but to be honest, AEW seems the most likely. Well, ROH to be specific, but I think his next place of employment will be under the Tony Khan umbrella.

Now that Saraya has been cleared to wrestle, what do you think her trajectory should be? Straight for the title after Full Gear, or get some reps in and build to the next PPV?

I would say that she needs to wrestle some matches and make sure that her body is up to the challenge of getting back into the ring. After she goes against Britt Baker at All Out, I would suggest a nice little mid-card feud with someone safe, like Madison Rayne, to get her back used to being in the ring and make sure she’s up to par.

What does AEW do with Jade Cargill assuming she is going to beat Nyla Rose? I feel like her character presentation is super stale now & the TBS title needs the open challenge aspect letting indie talent come in to challenge for it.

An open challenge and use of the Forbidden Door would make sense. She is getting stale and needs to make a few subtle changes to the package to stay relevant and not become just another woman on the roster. Maybe add a manager to the package. She’s getting better in the ring and isn’t quite the embarrassment she was for a while there, but she does need some tweaking to be sure.

Being that we all know MJF is going to win at AEW All Out, who then should be the one to knock him off the top spot once the time comes?

How about a returning CM Punk? Okay, maybe not. Wardlow would be the first option, but he’s lost so much momentum as of late, I don’t think anyone cares enough for him to be the one. How about Jay Lethal? Lethal cutting loose like he used to do in TNA and ROH taking on MJF would make for some great wrestling and promos. I’d like to see it anyhow.

Who are the most likely choices for Bianca’s War Games team? Are we talking Tegan Nox and Raquel Gonzales?

I think if they’re going for five women, Dana Brooke is one of the women who will be part of Bianca’s team. Her recent encounter with Nikki Cross over the 24/7 title makes her an obvious choice. And the other person? I like Raquel Gonzales. She’d be perfect. That’s a good pick.

The OVW 4, Lesnar, Cena, Orton, and Batista.
You have a time machine and must go back in time and cut 1 of them before they get called up. Who never gets the in-ring career and all the additional outside wrestling opportunities that they had?

I’d take Batista out of the equation. While I liked him as Drax the Destroyer in the MCU movies, I was never a big fan of his wrestling career. Also, compared to the other three, he didn’t accomplish or matter nearly as much in the big picture of things in the WWE. So Batista would be the one to be removed.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. A busy day lies ahead and I must go get ready to face the masses. Take care and be well, my friends. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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