ACW/C.A.G.E. The Fight For Lt. J. McPhatter: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
C.A.G.E./Atlantic Coast Wrestling
The Fight For Lt. J. McPhatter
Thoughts & Predictions
December 10, 2022

In just over a couple of hours, I’ll be at the National Guard Armory in Laurinburg, NC for a joint event between Atlantic Coast Wrestling and C.A.G.E. as they present a super show to show their support for Scotland County Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. J. McPhatter, who unfortunately passed away due to cancer last week. All proceeds from this show will be going to his family.

As I’m getting myself psyched up for the show, I started thinking about something. I always do prediction columns for all the major wrestling pay-per-views and events so why not do one for this show? And so I am. There are seven matches booked for the show and I’m sure we’ll see many surprises show up as the evening progresses as well. I’ll have a recap of the show-up later tonight or in the morning.

But as I said, a prediction column. That sounds like a plan so I’ve broken out the Miss Cleo crystal ball and the fake Jamaican accent. Let’s do this.

One Last Time
Chief Jay Eagle versus Chief Red Thunder

These two men have been wrestling off and on forever it seems, from the days of American Championship Wrestling and the I.W.A. (Indians With Attitude) and beyond. I’ve probably seen them wrestle at least ten times myself and they never fail to disappoint. It’s a tough call, but I’ll go for Jay Eagle to go over here. It could easily go either way, but the gut says go with the sneaky heel.

Winner: Chief Jay Eagle

Open Challenge For the C.A.G.E. Championship
Eric Gibson versus The Caribbean Tiger

Gibson put out the challenge and the Caribbean Tiger responded and accepted the call. I’m not familiar with Tiger, but the videos and promos I’ve seen building up to this match are impressive. Gibson is a powerhouse of a guy and the things I’ve heard about him are very impressive indeed. It should be a good match, but I don’t see a title change here.

Winner and STILL C.A.G.E. Champion: Eric Gibson

Angel Angels versus New Age Villain Nate Cross

Two of the best young and upcoming talents currently working the NC Indy scene. This should be another fun match and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. It could go either way, but my gut says to keep an eye on the New Age Villian. He’s not a villain for anything.

Winner: Nate Cross

Atlantic Coast Wrestling Championship Match
Cham Pain (c) versus Sammy Love

For those of you that don’t know Cham Pain, he’s worked all over the world, is an Omega Original along with the Hardy Buys, was once the Rock’s personal assistant and is a damn good wrestler. And Sammy Love? A second-generation talent who is only 19 years old, but already has several years of experience and is a premiere athlete and future major superstar. And they’re going at it here for the ACW Championship that Pain took away from Love nine months ago. These men have great chemistry and the match will no doubt be off the charts. And my gut tells me that we’re going to see a title change. To paraphrase WWE Superstar R-Truth, Sammy Love is getting his baby back.

Winner and NEW ACW Champion: Sammy Love

For the Vacant Atlantic Coast Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Quick City Assailants (Aaron Matthews & James Turner) versus The New Breed

I’ll admit that except for what I’ve seen of their promos building up to this match and singles match that Matthews had a few months ago, I don’t know much about either of these teams. They’re both young, charismatic, and have that energy about them that tells me this will probably be one hell of a fun match. I’m just taking a guess out of the blue, but I think we’ll see The New Breed picking up the win and the titles here. It’s just a gut feeling but always trust the gut.

Winners and NEW ACW Tag Team Champions: The New Breed

Special Referee: The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant
Hangtyme versus Cruze Bittle

This should be the main event of the evening and I’m looking forward to seeing Valiant again, even if it is just as a referee. These two men are both outstanding at what they do and why neither of them is currently not working for one of the major promotions like Impact or AEW, I have no idea. I do expect these men to blow the roof off the National Guard Armory and have one hell of a match. As for the winner, Hangtyme can be a bit arrogant at times and I don’t expect that will go over well with the legendary Boy From New York City.

Winner: Cruze Bittle

C.A.G.E. Television Championship Match
The Renegade Outlaw (c) versus The Mob Boss Phil DeCarlo

Look for a brawl to end it all and war to settle the score. These two gentlemen are flashbacks to a better time and era of pro wrestling and the intensity and charisma of their characters are second to none. And they’re not all gimmicks. They can go in that ring as well and I expect it will be an absolute slobber-knocker from start to finish. Outlaw has the TV title and DeCarlo wants it. And for some reason, I’m thinking of shenanigans and a title switch here. I may be wrong, but we’ll find out tonight.

Winner and NEW C.A.G.E. Television Champion: Phil DeCarlo

And there you go. My predictions for the live ACW/C.A.G.E. event tonight in Laurinburg, NC at the National Guard Armory. Am I right? Am I wrong? We’ll find out in about another hour or so. Before I forget, also appearing tonight is former Washington Redskin from the 1983 Super Bowl Championship team, “Downtown” Charlie Brown. What? Charlie Brown and Jimmy Valiant in the house at the same time? Paul Jones and Gary Hart (RIP to both) would be having a fit! But anyhow, those are my predictions. I’ll have a recap of the show either tonight or in the morning so watch for it.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Questions, comments, and thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Always support your local Indy wrestling events and enjoy the show tonight if you’re going. I’ll see you there.


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