Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Santino Marella, Dax Hardwood, Jamie Noble & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Santino Marella, Dax Hardwood, Jamie Noble & More
December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas, my friends. Are you ready for some wrestling? It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Jake Roberts recently stated that he wanted to form a heel faction with Mick Foley & Terry Funk. Would this grouping have worked and would you have liked to see it?

It would have been fun to see, but I don’t think it would have lasted very long as a faction. Too many chiefs and not enough warriors would be the cliche that would fit this group. I think Funk and Foley made better “frienemies” than anything else and Jake, how he would have fit into this mix, I can’t see at all. As I said, it would be fun to watch these three men interact, but it would also implode pretty quickly.

What would be the better investment for AEW? Sasha Banks or Mandy Rose?

Of the two, probably Sasha. Sasha, thanks to the WWE, is known worldwide and could draw new faces to the AEW product. Mandy is a good wrestler, but she’s only getting the publicity right now due to being fired and showing her ass on a website. I can’t see the Warner Bros. executives in negotiations with AEW for a new deal next year being happy about that. Sasha would definitely pay off better in the long-term picture of things.

Santino Marella will seemingly be joining Impact Wrestling. Are you excited or not?

Santino is a funny and entertaining character so if he wants to join Impact, they should take him up on the deal and sign him ASAP. I thought his daughter was down in NXT at the Performance Center working though. I guess Impact is okay and safe and WWE won’t mind if Santino is there. I’ll bet if he wanted to go to AEW, it would be a different story. But yeah, Santino as part of Impact Wrestling? I’d like to see it.

John Cena is expected to participate as part of Wrestlemania 39. Who would you like to see him face?

AustinTheory would be a good pick. Baron Corbin would make for a good match as well. And how about Matt Cardona, finally seeking revenge for the whole incident with Eve Torres? Any of those would work for me.

Dax Hardwood (FTR) is starting a podcast and allegedly, his first episode will be largely focused on CM Punk. Thoughts?

Dax is an opinionated guy so why not have a podcast? It’s not as if AEW is booking him and his partner, Cash Wheeler, on television every week. They’re only the Triple-A and IWGP Tag Team Champions, right? So Dax is doing a podcast. Good for him. And he’s talking about CM Punk? Good because someone needs to tell Punk’s side of the story and tell the truth about his role in AEW. You sure as hell won’t get the truth about anything from Meltzer or The Elite. This sounds cool. I’ll make sure I go listen to what Dax has to say.

Just catching up on last week’s dynamite and I have to ask, why is Jeff Jarrett a thing in 2023?

Because he’s a better wrestler than 95% of the AEW roster, he is a name that people recognize, he knows the wrestling business better than anyone else probably in AEW right now, and Tony Khan wants him on TV. Any of those reasons, all true, would explain why.

Does Jamie Noble belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

If Koko B. Ware, Torrie Wilson, Sharmell, and James Dudley can be in the WWE Hall of Fame, then Jamie Noble definitely deserves an induction. He’s a damn good wrestler and has been a major influence behind the scenes for more than 15 years now. Hell, just for the storyline with Nidia, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. That stuff was awesome! I just hope that when his day comes, Nidia is there as well to join the celebration.

In your opinion, 3 wrestlers from any era or promotion that should have been World Champions but never were?

Ted DiBiase in the WWE, Tully Blanchard in the NWA, and Heath Slater in the WWE to keep the 3MB curse alive. His time is coming though, I hope.

Logan Paul’s injury is a work, he’ll be at Wrestlemania… True or false?

Logan Paul’s injury is not a work, but he will be at Wrestlemania.

Who should be the one to end Jade’s streak and how should Kris Statlander do it?

Kris would be an excellent choice to take down Jade and win that TBS Championship. As to how she does it, it would be either by pinfall or submission. That’s usually how titles change hands.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Tell me what’s on your mind. Inquiring minds want to know.

And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and be well, my friends. I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Be good.


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