Flashback: Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 30: Yelling, Lies and White

From Ten Years Ago Today:

And here we are at Part 30 of the infamous “Thirty Days of Dougie” project. It seems like just yesterday that I asked myself do I still have it and could I actually come up with something to write about for thirty straight days. I had my doubts and there were a few times that I’ve gotten frustrated from the lack of feedback (hint-hint) and trying to fit these little rambling rants into a rather tight time schedule, but with some proper time management, a little effort and a lot of encouragement from a few certain peeps, (yeah Kenneth, I’m talking about you), I not only managed to make it through thirty straight days of writing every day, but some of the pieces are actually pretty decent. (And some suck, but we aren’t speaking about those. Maybe if we stay quiet, they’ll go away… lol).

I could go on and on and on about how great it has been to get back into the game and have this release, to be able to write again, and to have a format available to present all of this to the world-at-large. I could go on, butI won’t. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has read my “Thirty Days” posts and especially thank you to the few that have liked or commented. That is much appreciated as well.

So what’s next after this? Well, it seems as if InFamousTV may have hit a slight snag, but it WILL continue. The InFamous Krew has too much talent, charisma and creativity to let it all stop now. That “IT” factor is there and damn it all, we owe it to the world (and ourselves) to make sure it keeps a steppin’ and rolling on. So in the future for myself will be continue with the InFamousTV project, keep on writing every day, bring back the “Tossing Salt” columns for good and eventually, world domination. So there you go. Film at 11.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I still have a rap video to make and that coming in a few days (after I take the weekend off to chill with the La Krew Familia) will be “Thirty (More) Days of Dougie. We gonna keep it rollin’. Yay!

And now, let’s get to Part 30 and knock this sucker out. Where my Magic Box at? We have the box and reach in. And the topics for today are… “White”, “Lies” and “Yelling”… Okay then, this should be fun.

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 30: Yelling, Lies and White

January 31, 2013

So where should I start? How about lies? This is really simple, especially since I pretty much already covered this a few days ago. If you want to be my friend, don’t lie to me. Don’t do deet! It’s that simple. Tell the truth or don’t tell me anything. I might not be happy with the truth, but if you lie and I find out, or get tired of pretending that I don’t know you’re lying, then shit may hit the fan and anything can happen.

I don’t lie. I don’t always tell the total truth, but I will NOT tell a direct blatant lie to the face. I’ll say nothing or change the subject if I don’t want to answer truthfully. It’s not the ideal way to be, but it allows me to know that I’m straight up. I can deal with the truth. Just say it and we’ll handle things accordingly. But if you lie… uugh! Just don’t do deet! ‘Nuff said!

And now, let’s talk about “white”. This could obviously refer the color white and what it represents which is purity and goodness and all of that hoopla. It still cracks me up when I see brides, these days walking down the aisle wearing white. White is supposed to represent purity and virginity and all of that. But when the preacher asks “do you take this man”, at least fifteen people in the audience will snicker, “She already has!”. The bride’s four babies will be running around the church asking the male guests, “are you my daddy?”. Meethinks that the whole concept of white dresses for brides at weddings, at least for today’s generation, is a bit outdated and obselete. Maybe if they gave it a big black hem? Hmmm! What was I talking about anyhow?

Oh yeah, white represents all of this and that. And that’s all cool, but for now anyhow, when I think about white, I think about certain people. One is a guy I knew in high school, who I didn’t much like then. That was my only fight during my days at Scotland High. Well, the only fight that actually happened in school… lol. And now, we’re actually friends. He’s going through a rough period right now and is M.I.A., but Will actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy. I’m looking forward to when he gets home and maybe hanging out a bit.

And the other “people” (and I’m using that term loosely here) are the folks I saw on a documentary the other night. We’re talking about the “White Family” from West Virginia. Talk about white trash taken to the extreme. But the movie was fascinating and these folks are fascinating in a train wreck sort of way. Kind of reminds me of some people I know and not more than one family I know, which is scary in itself. They have dancers, drug addicts, folks in prison, murderers, murder victims, and just about anything and everything a family can offer. It’s just… wow!

“The Wild And Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” is the name of the movie and it’s available on both Netflix and at Amazon. If you get the chance to see it and learn about this family, I would strongly suggest it. I had so much that I wanted to say, but now I’ve just gone blank and am a loss for words (and believe me, that doesn’t happen very often.)

Another good thing about this movie is that it allowed me to learn a little bit more about the singer Hank Williams III, the son of Hank Jr. and grandson of the legendary Hank Williams. III, as he’s often called, is a helluva talent in his own right with some great music. After seeing and listening to him in this movie, I went on YouTube and found a few of his tracks and well, he’s definitely not his daddy or grandpa. He’s unrepetent and original and just plain raw out damn good. So there’s something for you too. Watch the movie about the White family and listen to Hank III. And party like it’s 1999… Rock on dudes!

Let’s move on to something I have to deal with far too often. Why the hell do people have to yell so much? I hate yelling. It hurts my ears. But in the store where I work, it’s a constant barrage of people standing inches from each other and screaming their damn lungs out… all the time. They walk into the store yelling. They’re talking on their cell phones (which also irritates the heck out of me) yelling. They’re hugging and having reunions with their friends and long lost family members who they haven’t seen in twenty minutes. And they yell over and over and over, and my head is pounding and I just want to scream “Make it freaking stop! Shut the hell up!”

I don’t like yelling. (Can’t you tell?) It just comes across to me as stupid and ghetto and ignorant. Speak quietly and make the others listen if you have something worthwhile to say. The yelling and being loud just blends in with everyone else’s yelling and being loud. And nobody can hear or understand. And nobody listens. At least I know I don’t. Speak to me and I’ll respond. Yell at me and you’re just not worth my time or effort.

I hate to beat a joke into the ground (no, I don’t) but when it comes to yelling, unless you’ve been shot, are on fire or are having great sex, three words for you. “Don’t do deet!”…

And with that, I’m closing up shop for today. It’s been a fun thirty-day ride and I’ve had a blast. I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Have a great one and I’ll see you in a few.


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