Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jeff Cobb, Pretty Deadly, Matt Riddle & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jeff Cobb, Pretty Deadly, Matt Riddle & More
February 5, 2023

Another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? Yeppers, you betcha! Let’s do this.

Jeff Cobb turned down a huge contract offer from WWE to stay with New Japan. Good move or not?

For Cobb, it’s probably a good move because, after seeing him pop up on AEW a few months ago, I don’t think he would do all that well in WWE or last very long. He was out of shape, blew up, did sloppy work with more air in those moves than in a potato chip bag, and just looked bad. I remember seeing Cobb in ROH a few years ago and he was good. What he is now though? He’s let himself go. Better to stay with New Japan and be the big fish in the smaller pond than go to WWE, only to be a disappointment and letdown for the fans who remember how he used to be.

If you were asked to come up with three stories for Dark Side of the Ring, what would you suggest?

Black Saturday and how Vince McMahon took over Georgia Championship Wrestling, the murder of Dino Bravo for allegedly being involved in cigarette smuggling, and Grizzly Smith.

Thoughts on NXT Tag Team Pretty Deadly?

I like these guys. They can do comedy, but are pretty damn good in the ring as well. They have a unique look and the characters are so entertaining, but when it comes to performing in that ring, they’re extremely skilled as well. I can see them on the main roster soon. They are that good.

Pillman Jr and Brock Anderson are in a team where Brock is a Tully/Arn tough guy and Pillman Jr is a Michael Hayes type. The name diamonds and rust comes to mind and I am sure TK could afford that song. Or am I way too high?

I would love to see Pillman and Brock as a tag team with Arn as their manager, getting a big push too. They would be very good in my opinion and there is always that Horseman connection to play off of. It would be awesome. But yes, you probably are way too high. Just say NO!

Who would you say are the top 5 managers of all time?

I’d go with Jim Cornette, Bobby Heenan, Paul Heyman, Gary Hart, and Sir Oliver Humperdink.

What damage, if any, do think Vince will do to WWE now that he’s back on the scene?

If he continues to stay hands-off with Creative and just handles business as the Chairman of the Board, probably not so much. Just being there has probably cut down on some of the talents available to come work for WWE since they’re wary of Vince being there, but so long as he sticks to business and leaves the rest status quo, WWE should be okay.

Road Dogg Believes WWE Could Have All-Women’s TV Show One Day. Do you agree with Road Dogg?

I agree that it COULD happen. But do I think it will ever happen? No, not really. I would like to see an Evolution II pay-per-view happen though. That would be cool.

Do you think Matt Riddle will be back in time for Wrestlemania? If so, who should he be wrestling against?

I don’t know if he’ll be back or not, but if he does return for Mania, he should be there as backup for Sami and Kevin Owens in their feud with The Bloodline. After all, it was Solo Sikoi who “injured” Riddle and put him out of action with the Samoan Spike, thus when Riddle returns, that’s the person he should be going after. I could see a six-man tag after RAW, maybe for Backlash, with Sami, Kevin, and Riddle versus The Bloodline. A Riddle/Jey Uso tag match against Jimmy Uso and Solo would be excellent too. I’m just speculating, but when Riddle does come back, the Bloodline and Solo should be his first targets.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care my friends and stay well. Watch out for that Samoan Spike and I’ll see you at the matches.


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