Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Matt Cardona, Magnum TA, Dan Severn & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Matt Cardona, Magnum TA, Dan Severn & More
February 13, 2023

So what about that game yesterday? Yeah, the Kitten Bowl was awesome. As for that other game, congrats to The Chiefs for their Super Bowl victory. And what about that halftime show? Rihanna lip-syncs so well. Okay, maybe not. That show sucked! Why did she even bother showing up? sighs But enough of that. Let’s get to some real entertainment. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s go.

What’s happened to Hook?

He’s still part of AEW, but Tony Khan seems to have forgotten about him for this week. He’ll probably show up for three matches in the next month or so with a new tag team gimmick since HookHausen andJungleHook didn’t seem to work out. He’s just lost in the AEW locker room right now, waiting for Tony to remember he exists.

The Italian Strongman versus The Tribal Chief. Bruno Sammartino versus Roman Reigns. Who comes out on top?

Bruno was a true living legend, hence the nickname “Living Legend”, but let’s be honest. He was a one-dimensional wrestler at best and in today’s world, he would be a mid-carder at best. Roman would win this one.

My friends and I often argue over what promotion was the best of all time, so what do you say?

For me, it would be Jim Crockett Promotions and the Mid-Atlantic region, with Georgia and Florida coming in closely behind for second and third place. But that being said, I think most people tend to choose the wrestling they saw first and grew up on, be it World Class, Mid-South, WWF, ECW, or whatever. There is no wrong answer, but I’m still and will always be a Mid-Atlantic guy.

Tyrus defeated Matt Cardona to retain the NWA Championship at the ‘Nuff Said PPV. To me, this is another sign that Cardona is getting ready to go back to WWE. What do you think?

I do believe that Matt is wrapping up his business and bookings and will be part of WWE again sooner rather than later. With wife Chelsea Green already making noise in the WWE, it’s only a matter of time before her husband joins her. Woo woo woo. You know it!

Thoughts on Killer Tim Brooks?

A solid wrestler to be sure. Brooks was a journeyman wrestler who never seemed to stay in any territory for long but always managed to make an impact and win championship gold before packing up and moving on. My two biggest memories of Brooks were a short stay with Crockett where he was presented as Blackjack Mulligan’s crazy “Cousin Luke”. I remember him knocking out Ox Baker with a boot when Baker shoved him to the floor while Luke was seconding his “Cousin” Blackjack Mulligan. And the other thing I remember was Brooks winning the Georgia National Championship and “selling” it to Larry Zbyszko. This was several years before Andre the Giant sold the WWF Championship to Ted DiBiase and was probably where DiBiase got the idea for the story, as he was feuding with Zbyszko at the time. But as for Brooks, never the top guy, but always a solid part of any promotion he was working for and a legit wrestling legend.

The Steiner Brothers versus Rick Steamboat & Ric Flair. Who wins?

I’d have to give this one to the Steiner Brothers. Flair and Steamboat, while both true legends and great wrestlers, never struck me as a great tag team during the few times they did team. Two different styles while Rick and Scott went together like peanut butter and jelly. The Steiners would win.

Magnum TA. If he had not been in that car wreck, do you think he would have been NWA World Champion?

I think he would have had a run with the title for a short period, but I just can’t see him being a long-term champion. Magnum was a good wrestler and over with the fans like crazy in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South promotions, but as a traveling NWA Champion, going to Mexico, Japan, Puerto Rico, Texas, etc., I just can’t see him working very well. A short run, via Tommy Rich, Giant Baba, Kerry Von Erich, absolutely. Anything more than that? I just can’t see it.

Thoughts on the One Man Gang?

A good, solid, strong heel that always impressed me during his runs in the Carolinas and Florida. That whole “Akeem” garbage in WWE was very unnecessary and essentially destroyed his reputation and character for a while, but when used correctly, as a big man set on destruction, he was one of the best.

What are your thoughts on Dan Severn as NWA Champion? I have never seen him wrestle outside of UFC but I want to know, is he truly “The Beast”?

I would say yes, he is truly the “Beast” and the real deal. Severn wasn’t a great talker and didn’t have a lot of charisma in my opinion, but he was and still is the real deal, a legit tough guy, who gave a lot of credibility to the NWA Championship at a time it was needing it. Severn was a good fit for the title and belongs right up there with The Funks, Race, Brisco, Flair, and Aldis when talking about great NWA Champions of the past. He won’t win any awards for being a great talker, but when it comes to fighting, he won’t be taking a back seat to anyone.

Billy Gunn recently said that “DX did not get good until me and Brian were in it.” Agree or not?

I have to agree with Billy on this one. DX, before they were joined by the New Age Outlaws, were fun to watch, entertaining, and made for good television as they played off of each other, but three people honestly aren’t much of a faction. DX was lacking that special “it” to take them to the next level and when Road Dogg & Billy joined, it filled that void and made the unit so much better as a whole. DX was good, but the additions of The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac took them to the next level and made them great. And if you’re not down with that, two words for you.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you might have are welcome and very appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care, my friends, and be well. Watch out for foreign objects and I’ll see you at the matches.


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