Lizzie Borden and Gun Control (Among Other Things)

Okay, I just did something I never do and deleted (edited) the first three paragraphs of this post.  Some things should not be spoken of in public, not even by me.  I’ve got some personal issues with some persons that need to be addressed and rectified, but bitching and moaning here on my blogsite, before I’ve even attempted to address it with them, is not the answer.  So I wrote this – posted this – and came back and changed this.  This part anyhow.  I’m not a happy camper about some things and change is definitely in the air.  Whether it’s good or bad – well, that remains to be seen.  And now that my selective editing is over with, let’s proceed with the rest of this blog as previously written. Have a great day.

I think I need to change the subject if this thing is ever going to see the light of day. Let’s find something to write about that doesn’t involve my perpetual craziness or fucked up feelings. Maybe I should just reach into the “Magic Box”, left over from my two “Thirty Days” series, and pull out a topic or two to just ramble and rant about. Yeah, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do.

But first I want to make a quick comment about two different things that have been in the news lately (unless you watch MSNBC – they don’t cover actual news – they just live to insult and destroy anyone who dares to disagree with their Messiah, Obama). One thing is that crazy little country called North Korea, which has decided that they’re still at war with South Korea and also are threatening to attack the United States. I’m sure that Alan Alda has already made phone calls to Mike Farrell, Gary Burghoff, Jamie Farr and Loretta Swit salavating for a chance to do more M*A*S*H if this whole thing takes off again.

But anyhow, that crazy little guy that runs N. Korea is freakin’ nuts. I think he’s going to give his dear, departed daddy a run for the money in the whack-job department. And the Obamanites need to take him seriously because although he’s not fully capable of doing everything that he’s threatening, he can and will hurt a lot of people and cause trouble in his bid for attention and noteriety. It’s too bad that technically, our government isn’t allowed to order assasinations because that’s one freakizoid that deserves it.

I think that the President needs to send a special task force, consisting of Muppet Boy’s best friend Dennis Rodman, along with Nikki Minaj, Kayne West, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann and Snooki to meet with and deal with this loose cannon. And they can either convince him that he’s wrong and crazy and needs to settle down or else they can all vanish forever into the N. Korean prisons… and no one would give a damn. I know I wouldn’t.

Actually, maybe Snooki and Kim the younger could mate and make babies. Then Snooki could be a world leader? Hmmmmm!

And where I was actually going with all of that, which obviously is not where I ended up, I just really don’t know.

And now for the other topic I want to quickly jump on before I get to the meat of this whole thing. It’s about the new Pope. I didn’t get the job as is obvious since I’m here writing this and not sitting and chillaxin’ at the Vatican. But I’m not too upset. White outfits, funny hats and red shoes? I just can’t see it. That’s not my style at all. After all, everyone knows you don’t wear white this early in the year and as for red shoes, I’m not Dorothy and this isn’t OZ. I want to see that movie.

And no, that’s not what I was planning on talking about either, but I can’t for the life of me remember what I was originally going to say. My mind just went blank. It does that sometimes.

And don’t you like how I’ve basically just written an entire blog without actually saying anything of merit or importance. I’m just rambling here and filling space. I do that sometimes. Let’s go get the Magic Box and find a real topic so I can get this piece finished and go back to watching cheezy porn on the internet (want to come watch with me – cute guys can inbox me and we’ll discuss it… lol) and trolling on Facebook. Damn, I really do need to get a life.

So I’ve pulled out three topics and we’ve got “Gun Control”, “Lizzie Borden” and “Perception versus Reality”. These are all topics that I could really get into and go off about with long winded rants, but for the sake of time and space, I won’t do that today. I’m taking the “perception versus reality” topic right out of the picture because I don’t feel like doing that one right now. I think I already addressed that in the first few paragraphs anyhow with my comments (that may or may not stay here) that the perception is that things are great. The reality is they’re not. ‘Nuff said! Let’s tackle the other two.

Lizzie Borden – she took an ax and allegedly killed her father and step-mother, giving them “40 whacks” or so the old limerick goes. Truth is that Lizzie was accused of the crimes, but aquitted, found not guilty by a jury of her peers after police and prosecutors gave conflicting statements and couldn’t produce any evidence aside from theory. Her name and reputation were forever ruined though and she died years later, at age 66, forver ostracized by society and the community surrounding her Fall River, Massachusetts home.

Here’s the infamous Lizzie Borden limerick…

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

In truth, her mother was “whacked” either 18 or 19 times and her father was whacked only 11 times. But it makes a great rhyme, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about gun control now. Some gun control and registration is necessary and valid. I understand that. But guns are not evil and bad and wrong no matter what some in Washington would have you believe. Guns are inanimate objects and can not hurt or harm anyone. It’s the person with the gun that is the problem. And 99.95% of gun owners are thoughtful, responsible, decent people. And these are the people that all of these new laws and regulations coming down from Washington are effecting. New guns laws are not going to make anyone safer. Because the problems are the criminals and idiots that get possession of guns that cause the problems and kill people. And they don’t give a damn about gun laws or regulations to begin with. That’s why they’re criminals and idiots.

No matter how many laws they add or put on the books, the simple facts are that if you really want a gun, for whatever reason, it’s not hard to get one. I can walk out of this house and be back in an hour with a gun… if that’s what I chose to do. And so can most anyone else with half a brain or some money. And that scares me. The bad guys can get guns, but if the good people want a gun to protect themselves and their families from these bad folks, that’s not acceptable and their hands are tied by legalities and stupid laws.

A background check is okay. Some restrictions are acceptable since we don’t want to see the neighborhood crazy out there stockpiling up their own personal militia and threatening their neighbors and community. But damn it all, the government needs to think first and use some common sense when making their rules and regulations. If a bad guy wants a gun, they’re going to get a gun. And if they have a gun, then I should be able to have a gun in my house as well to defend myself and my family if by some chance that bad guy comes knocking at my door.

It’s just that simple. I don’t have the answers, but I do know that the craziness that’s currently taking place, with everyone using isolated incidents such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre or the Colorado theatre shootings to politicize their arguments is totally fucked up and wrong. Those were isolated incidents involving crazy nut-jobs and would have happened regardless of what kind of gun-laws are on the books in those regions. The murderers in each of those cases didn’t give a damn about the laws. They were crazies and people died as a result. And if the guns hadn’t been available to them, they would have just found another way. They were whackos and determined to kill and hurt people. The Unibomber didn’t use a gun and killed three people and injured many, many more. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and never used a gun. The 9/11 terrorist didn’t use guns – they used box cutters and airplanes and killed thousands.

And I’m losing my train of thought. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people. And I’d rather have a gun and never have to use it rather than not be allowed to have a gun because of some overzealous politicians and then, one day be shot or mained by some crazy because I wasn’t able to defend myself. Some gun control is acceptable, but common sense and simple logic need be to used as well. Just saying.

And I’m closing this up for now because I’m tired and bored and horny and just don’t give a damn. Yeah, it’s that kind of day. I’m out of here.


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