Adventures In Taterville – March 19, 2013

Good morning, my little saltines. How you be this lovely (and cold) AM? Yeah, my abuse of the english language is pretty autrocious, but I can’t help it. I have a cat and it’s all her fault. Besides, if I actually spoke and wrote properly, no one would believe it was me. I went to Scotland High School, damn it, and speaking correctly is not something that they put great emphasis on. Not any more anyhow. And then when you factor in the enviroment that I work in, it’s even worse. I don’t mind ignorance, but some (not all – let me clarify that, but more than half) take it to a new level.

I’m just going to do a small rant this morning about a lovely incident that happened last night at work – my first night back at the store after a two week absence – that really reaffirmed my total contempt and disgust with the way some people act.

I had a young girl come in, probably thirteen or fourteen years old and she asked to get a money order. “I want a money order”, she said. Okay, that’s cool, so I asked her how much the money order is for so I can ring it up and print it up. She just stood there, not saying anything. So I asked her again and she said “forty dollars”. I repeated it to her to confirm it was $40. People wonder why we repeat what they just said and get mad, but we ask to make sure and avoid mistakes. She stood there with a blank look on her face and then repeated, “forty dollars!”.

So I went ahead and filled out the money order log – one money order for forty dollars and rang it up. It comes to 40.79, which is the amount of the money order and the fee (cost of the actual money order). She just stood there, looking lost and not saying anything. I asked her again, “forty dollars, right?”, because I could see that she was struggling and was in her own little world. She said “yeah” and signed the money order log, which clearly stated “forty dollars”. I rang her up, collected her money, and then printed out the money order for $40 and gave it to her, along with her change. And she looked at it, walked out of the store and left.

End of story, right? Nope, of course not.

Probably five minutes later, here comes that girl again. And she lays the money order down on the counter and says that “you did this wrong. I want two money order that be forty dollars”. I was kind of confused here and asked her, “you wanted two money orders for forty dollars each?”. And she shook her head, saying “I want two money order that be forty dollars.”

Okay, so you want what? I get the “two money order” part, but it sounds to me that she wants two money orders for forty bucks each. And she’s just standing there, with a totally lost look on her face and by this point, I’m sure that the look on my face isn’t much better because she’s confusing the hell out of me too. Then she finally spits it out after several moments of frustration.

“I want two money order that be twenty dollar which be forty dollar!”

Okay, I finally make the translation and it’s two twenty-dollar money orders, which together will add up to forty bucks. So why didn’t she just say so in the first place. So I take the original forty dollar money order and tell her that I’ll cash it for her and then we can get her two for twenty each. That’s cool and I cash the $40 money order and give her the forty dollars. I’m filling out the money order log and now, here comes Mama into the store. Oh happy day!

Mama wants to know what’s taking the girl so long and why I screwed up the money order. She wanted two of them for $20 each. I’ve got that, but that wasn’t what the girl, who she (Mama) sent in to handle this, originally said. She said “$40” and that’s what she got. And I’ve refunded the $40 and am attempting to fix the problem.

And then Mama said that “we only got to pay one time fee cause we already paid for that first money order that YOU screwed up”. I didn’t screw it up – I printed out and gave the girl exactly what she asked for, which was a forty dollar money order. If the girl had spoken up or said what she actually wanted instead of mangling the english language, there would have never been any problems to begin with. As for the fee, which is what she was raising hell about now, we’re required to charge that fee (seventy-nine cents) for every money order printed or sold. It’s not optional. It’s the rules of the store and if I didn’t charge it, it’d be shorting my register at the end of the night.

I started to explain this to Mama, but she’s just going off and rambling about everything under the sun and how some “white mutha” is trying to rip her off and about a million different things, all insulting to me.

And guess what? Surprisingly, I kept my head, didn’t get mad or raise my voice (shocking, I know) and didn’t give her the verbal bitch-slap that she was asking for. I tried once more to explain everything and why there would be a fee for each money order if I printed out two new ones and she just wasn’t listening. So she said to just give her the $40 money order back and threw (yes, she literally threw) the money that I had refunded to her daughter at me. I handed her the money order, still being polite and very professional, and she snatched it from my hand.

Then she let out a few more curses and stormed out the door. I did get in one shot to “have a great night” and she glared at me pretty harshly. If looks could kill… lol. “I’m gonna have a great night, you dumb-ass mutha f*cker”, she snapped and stormed out the door.

And I just shook my head, let out a little chuckle, and went on to my next customer.

One of my co-workers commented that he would have “went off” when she threw the money at me and didn’t see how I could just take it, because usually, I’m the first one to snap and break on the idiots when they’re being ass-clowns, but I maintained. I just laughed and told him that it probably pissed her off more that I didn’t take the bait and go off on her and did the whole smiling and “have a great night” routine instead of raising hell. He just chuckled and agreed with me.

And then I told him that he might want to tell our manager to expect a phone call complaining about me in the morning because I’m sure that this ignorant piece of garbage will probably be coming back and complaining about how “rude” I treated her and my “attitude”. But for once, I was totally chillin’ and kept it all calm, cool and professional. I hope that they save that tape because Lord knows when that will happen again.

And anyhow, that was my night last night. I went in feeling pretty good and happy to be back at the store and by the time the night was over, I was totally disgusted with the stupidity and crudeness. I’m still smiling though because I kept it cool and did it right. Yeah, I am “de’ man!”… lol

And that was my first night back at the work-hole. I really don’t like this whole “customer service” thing sometimes, but at least it never gets boring.

And now I’m going to go have breakfast. Have a great day.

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