Does Boston Bomber Deserve Miranda Rights?

 I’ll make my point short. This guy is scum and deserves no mercy… BUT he is a naturalized American citizen and as so, has the same basic rights as any other citizen, including the right to remain silent, etc. If the Government can pick and choose who gets afforded those rights and who doesn’t, what’s to stop them from picking up you or me and trashing our basic rights too? Not a damn thing. Our government is corrupt and by allowing them to trample this guy’s rights, whether he deserves them or not, only sets a precedent that says that our individual rights don’t matter and it’s okay for the FBI and the feds to pick and choose who gets protections and who doesn’t. It’s similar to me as Freedom of Speech. I don’t have to like or agree with what someone says, but I’ll support their right to say it. He’s a citizen and should be treated as such. Our rights are trampled upon by the government each and every day and if we give them an inch, by allowing them to do as they will with this guy, where will they stop? And my other point is this – he was not given his Miranda rights and thus, there is a strong possibility that if this guy ever comes to trial, the case could be damaged or even tossed out because evidence and “statements” made under duress and no basic rights can’t be allowed or used. I’m sure the government feels that they have an airtight case and they probably do, but it only takes one soft-hearted judge tossing out evidence because of the failure to read the Miranda and the guy could walk. Not likely, I know, but not impossible either. It’s just that damn crazy these days and the way our screwed legal system is, never say never. Something to think about, right. Hmmmmm!

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