Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – May 16, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – May 16, 2013

While I’m on a roll tonight (translated: TV sucks and I can’t sleep), I decided to do another quick piece on the wrestling stuff, thus keeping my status as an “internet wrestling journalist” (whatever the hell that is) and “pro wrestling’s most eclectic columnist” alive. And this time, borrowed from the pages of 411mania.com (but the answers are all mine), it’s “Wrestling Fact or Fiction”. Let’s do this.

1. WWE has done a good job building the Extreme Rules PPV.

FACT: They’ve promoted the card heavily and it actually seems like it matters, rather than just being the “pay per view after Wrestlemania”. There are some interesting matches and stipulations and it’s actually managed to get my interest. Seeing John Cena as the WWE Champion and not having CM Punk available (or the new World Champion Dolph Ziggler for that matter) has hurt the WWE in making a great card that will draw fans, but they have certainly been working hard and trying (for a change). Kudos for that.

2. The Shield will win the US & Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules.

FACT: Let the Shield have some dominance with the gold for a while. The Kane / Bryan team of Hell No has ran it’s course in my opinion and no one cares about the U.S. title anyhow. Maybe the Shield as champs will generate some interest in those belts.

3. The Chris Jericho/Fandango Dance Off was an effective way to open this week’s Raw.

FACT: They got the cheezy stuff over with quickly and ended up with a really good segment by Jericho and Fandango. It worked for me and I liked it.

4. WWE Saturday Morning Slam will return for a second season.

FACT: This show attracts kids and kids mean money. So yeppers, WWE will keep it going as long as they can.

5. TNA moving Impact to 9:00 on Thursday nights will help their ratings.

FICTION: There may be a short spike at first, but the TNA audience will stay pretty much where it is until they find that perfect angle and new star and no change in time slot will fix that.

6. You’re excited about the return of Abyss.

Fiction: He’s the love child of Kane and Mankind. Didn’t care for him before and don’t care for him now. Yawn!

7. Austin Aries should be punished for sticking his crotch in Christy Hemme’s face on last week’s Impact.

FICTION: Hemme screwed up the introduction and didn’t fix it even though she had ample time. Aries is a heel and reacted in a heel manner, in character to help save the segment from Hemme’s flub. I’ve seen Hemme, back in her wrestling days, give people bronco busters (also known as the “face full of stuff”) and it’s part of the show and the business. Maybe Aries shouldn’t have stuck his crotch in her face, but he was reacting to her mistake and trying to save the segment. Hell, he can stick his crotch in my face anytime… lol. Hemme needs to grow up and get over it. If she’s really that upset, an apology by Aries should be sufficent. Any other type of punishment is over-reacting and just plain dumb!

8. Jay Briscoe should stay off the Twitter machine.

FACT: Learn to think before you speak or else don’t expose your ignorance in a public forum like Twitter. I’m all for free speech, but if you say something stupid, be prepared to face the consequences. I know I’ve had to more than once for things I’ve said in these columns and in my writing. Briscoe should do his talking in the ring, via his wrestling. And if he wants to do the Twitter thing, he just needs to turn that little self-censor on. It’s not always fun to do, but it is often necessary.

And there you go. Another week of “Wrestling Fact or Fiction” is finished and ready for delivery. I’m going to bed now. Have a great night and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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