Just sitting here, waiting for my sister to come over and take me to do that “Food Lion thing” for the Food Bank. And I figured that this would make a good time just to ramble and do some random thoughts that are on my mind.

If I acted upon everything that goes on in my mind, I’d either be dead or in prison forever. There’s some scary stuff going on up there sometimes.

I wish there was some way though, to record dreams. I’d love to be able to go back and watch some of those dreams I’ve been having on a DVD. Maybe they would make more sense that way?

A wrestling thought: Last night on RAW, Stephanie McMahon made an “executive decision” that Triple H couldn’t wrestle Curtis Axel. I hate that name, by the way. Steph is the VP in charge of Creative, but HHH is the C.O.O. of the company. Couldn’t he just overrule her and wrestle anyhow? Logic flaw there.

I need a long vacation.

The people I work for can throw away over a thousand dollars to have “security” at the store that doesn’t even get out of their police car for the entire time that they’re there to “protect us”, but can’t afford to give a raise to any of their employees? Doesn’t make sense to me, but then again, so much in that company has changed since the first time I worked for them, very little makes sense anymore.

Racial stereotypes are not funny, but I watched the movie “Fridays” last night and damn it, it was funny. I was spotting so many dead-on characters in that movie that are exactly like the people I see every day working at the store. And yes, it IS funny.

I’ve decided to give up drinking again.

I like being around some people, but I would be just as happy and content, I believe, if I never left the house or never interacted with others again, except maybe once or twice a month when going out for supplies / necessities. People exhaust me.

I wish I had someone I could just be with and let my guard down and totally relax with again.

Birds are beautiful and fun to watch. But no neck and bug-eyes. They remind me of Brock Lesnar and kind of creep me out at the same time.

Have you ever just looked at someone and wondered, “why?”…

If I would actually go to the doctor, I would probably just be given a condemned sign to hang around my neck. I’m falling apart badly and quickly and the pain that I’m dealing with every day is pretty bad.

But that being said, I don’t see how my “best friend” makes it each day. I know how, but he’s more of a man than I am. If I could accept reality, I would probably give up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just go out sometimes and play in the ditch and just be a kid again?

Or do any of the fun stuff again and not be judged?

I hate growing up! I’m not going to do it.

Too late!

Everybody lies!

And everybody hurts… sometime.

I’ve only fallen in love three times in my life.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m losing my mind…. and other times, I wonder if it’s already gone.

Taters are good!

Alice Cooper is still the greatest “rock entertainer” of all times. And a helluva songwriter / singer too. His music is eternal.

Shooter Jennings – his daddy would be extremely proud!

I’ve got two cans of silly string sitting here on my desk. I wish I had a good reason to use it.

Whoever invented silly string had way too much time on their hands.

I smile on the outside, but I am crying inside… especially when you lie to me and hurt me again and again. I know you don’t mean to cause me the pain you do, but still… And I’ll keep taking it because we’re friends / family and that’s what we do.

I want to drive and just keep going forever and get lost on the highways of life. I just want to go away.

I need a friend – just to hang out with and be silly with and not give a f*ck with again. Any volunteers?

And this whole piece makes no sense, but there you go. I’m going to close this up now. It’s time for my sister to get here. I love you CEH!


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