TNA Slammiversary PPV Predictions – June 2, 2013

Tonight is the latest TNA pay-per-view, Slammiversary… Of course, that means predictions. Let’s do this…

*TNA champion Bully Ray vs. Sting – If Sting does not win, he will not receive another title shot. No Holds Barred Match.

Why is Sting even in a TNA Championship match? He’s only a part-timer at best and let’s be honest, he’s not the world’s greatest wrestler or even close. I know… I know. He’s an “icon” and he’s Sting. But Sting should be TNA’s version of the Undertaker and used rarely and as a special attraction. Leave the title shots for guys like Styles, Aries, Daniels, etc. Bully Ray has been incredible for a while now and really has earned his place as champion. I think that the reign continues.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion: Bully Ray

*Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles.

This should be one helluva match because AJ is awesome and Angle, despite his injuries over the years and crazy-man mentalities, is still one of the best pure wrestlers in the business. Match of the night. And AJ should (barely) squeak out with the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

*TNA Tag Team champions Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. James Storm and Gunner

Did I call the Angle – AJ match the match of the night? Well, this one won’t be far behind because there are some awesome athletes involved. Might be too many folks and end up an OINGO-BOINGO cluster-f*ck, but I hope not. This could really go to any team, but I think I’ll pull for the Storm / Gunner team just because they’re newer, fresher and it gives Gunner a reason to be back in the picture again. He has been missed.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: James Storm and Gunner

*TNA TV champ Devon vs. Joseph Park.

How has Devon managed to hold that title this long? I think it’s nearly time for Park to become Abyss again, but this won’t be the night it happens. I think this will set the stage for that night though. Devon gets DQ’ed and keeps the title as he and the Aces & Eights gang try to take out the geeky brother for good.

Winner by DQ: Joseph Park (Devon retains the TV title)

*TNA X-Division champ Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide.

All of these men have talent. Well, Suicide did (does) with his previous two secret identities, but now? I don’t know. I like Sabin, but I think that for the time being, Kenny King has a lock on the X-Division title. I see big things in his future (if TNA doesn’t screw it up with bad booking!) King retains.

Winner and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Kenny King

*Jeff Hardy & Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Wes Brisco & Doc & Garrett Bischoff.

Can you say “Squashimungo”…. Hardy, Joe and Magnus take the easy win.

Winners: Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Magnus

*Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell – Last Knockout Standing.

I wish this was Ivory or Jacquiline or Tara in this match instead of Taryn. She does nothing for me. But then again, most Diva’s don’t… lol. Gail is the heart and soul of the Knockout’s Division and Taryn is getting better, but she’s not there yet. Gail wins.

Winner: Gail Kim

*Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw to determine what former Gutcheck competitor enters the BFG Series.

And finally, we have the match of which I know nothing about either guy. I’ve seen both names mentioned obviously, but I’m not sure of what they can do in the ring. I generally work on Thursday nights and I’m too lazy to go to YouTube and look at their matches. I’d rather watch Zema Ion… YUMMY! So I’ll just flip a coin and hope it picks correctly. Heads is Bradley and tails s Shaw. And the coin says tails.

Winner: Sam Shaw

And there you go. My predictions for tonight’s matches at TNA Slammiversary. I might be wrong or I may be right, but one thing is for certain. I am… Have a great day.


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