Movies I’d Like To See…

I was looking at some website and it was speaking about the new movies coming out soon like “Avengers 2”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, and several others. And I’ve also heard talk that a live action movie based on “The Archies” is in the works. And Kevin Smith is currently writing the script for “Clerks 3”. And with all this talk about movies, it got me to thinking about what movies I’d like to see made. So I sat down and came up with a few. Pretty simple concept, right? I only came up with six right off the top of my head, but I’m sure that I’ll think of four more as I go along so… in no certain order, it’s time for one of those “Top Ten” thingies. Here you go…

Top Ten Movies I’d Like To See Made…

“The Last Temptation” – Alice Cooper made an awesome album called “The Last Temptation” a long, long time ago. It was a story about a young man (Steven) and finding himself despite the evil temptations of “The Showman” and pretty much the turmoils and struggles of good versus bad versus maybe with Steven managing to overcome. They did a comic book mini-series based on the album, as well as an actual hard covered book too. The story flows so well in the comics / book and the music is so awesome, I’m surprised that some Hollywood producer hasn’t come up to Alice yet and said, “Let’s make this concept album into a movie!”. It should be done. It needs to be done. So someone should do it. ‘Nuff said!

“Dr. Druid” – Picture a psychologist with the attitude and bedside manner of Dr. House, but not quite so lovable. Then add the powers of telepathy and telekenesis. And throw in a craving and compulsion to solve mysteries related to the occult and magic. And don’t forget that Boston accent. Now you’re looking at Dr. Anthony Druid, one of my favorite somewhat obscure Marvel Comics characters. He’s been around since the early sixties (longer than the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, The X-Men or The Avengers), but with a few exceptions (brief membership in the Avengers, leader of the Secret Defenders), he’s basicially considered a minor character in the Marvel Universe. But look at the potential there. I love using his character in my fiction stories and I think he’d make an excellent character to base a movie around. He’s not all good and he’s not all bad, but varying shades of gray. Like I said earlier, he’s a “Dr. House with super powers!”. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

“The Defenders” – With the amazing success of the X-Men franchise of movies, not to mention The Avengers, it’s pretty obvious that movies about super-hero teams are hot. But what about a non-team of some of the most interesting and diverse characters in the Marvel Universe? The Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Dr. Strange. The ruler of the undersea nation of Atlantis, Prince Namor, aka The Submariner. A Norse Goddess and leader of the Valkyrie, Brunhilde. A happy, go lucky costumed athlete named Patsy Walker, aka The Hellcat. The son of the embodiment of evil and heir to the throne of Hell, Damion Hellstrom, aka The Son of Satan. An 80-plus year old man who made a deal with the devil and ended up trapped in the body of a Gargoyle. A millionaire vigilante who once was on the bad-guy side, but is now attempting to redeem himself on the side of the angels, Kyle Richmond aka Nighthawk. All of these are complex characters who go far beyond black or white. It’s an eclectic mix to be sure (and such heroes as The Angel, Iceman and Beast, from the X-Men were also members, as were The Hulk and Silver Surfer). This is a movie that has to happen.

“Suicide Squad” – A top secret government agency. That’s nothing new. But add this twist to the mix. A group designed to take care of the “dirty deeds” by any means necessary. And the group consists of a few decent and honorable souls, but mainly villians and criminals who are there for one specific reason – to get their criminal sentences knocked off. Super villians and criminals are given a choice. Take the mission, survive and keep your trap shut and your sentences are reduced to time served. Of course, the trick here is to survive. A group of eclectic and dangerous men and women thrown together to take care of business, take care of the dirty work and just hope to stay alive in the process. It’s one of the few DC Comics concepts that I’ve always liked and it would make an excellent movie.

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” – It’s been over ten years since the series ended. Let’s have a reunion with Buffy, Xandar, Willow, Angel, Spike, Giles, Anya, Jonathan, Faith, Robin, Dawn and the rest to see where they are now. A last hurrah to fight the “big bad” one more time. This needs to happen.

“The Paul Lynde Story” – He was an actor, a singer, a comedian, a game show icon, an angry drunk, a closeted homosexual in a time that it was not acceptable, and one of the funniest, albeit saddest men in the history of television. I’m pretty sure that a movie has probably already been made, but I don’t care. I want more, more, more. Someone needs to make it happen.

“The Kurt Cobain Story” – I’m sure that with all the legalities involved, not to mention all the public figures involved, some of who would probably not come off very well (Courtney), this movie would be a legal mess to make and lawsuits would be everywhere. So make a movie, loosely based on Kurt and his story, but with just enough slight alterations that it could be called a fiction. Hell, I even have someone in mind who could play the lead role of the singer turned addict turned idol of billions turned worm-food. There’s a big story there that needs to be told and put on the big screen. I just hope that someone, someday has the balls big enough to do it.

“Joey Stefano” – The thought of gay porn makes people nervous, but as the movie “Boogie Nights” proved, if a story is told well and told right, it can make money no matter the subject matter. Joey Stefano was one of the top “bottoms” in the gay porn industry in the late 90’s / early 2000’s and damn, he was a sexy-ass man. Everyone liked Joey and he was just a good guy. But he was also a party-guy who was a drug addict and one of gay porn’s first major “stars” who was rumoured to be HIV positive. It’s a story that was outlined in the book “Wonderbread and Ecstasy”, and it’s certainly movie worthy as well. RIP Joey. Your legacy will forever live on.

And I’m quitting here. Only 8 instead of 10, but I just got pissed off and don’t feel like writing anymore. Yeah, it happens. Sorry about that. So what movies would you like to see made? Comments and thoughts welcome. I’m outta here.


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