Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: June 10, 2013

Yeppers, it’s that time again, my friends. Time for some “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction”. Let’s do this…

1. WWE needs more of the McMahon family on television.

Fiction: Less is more, especially where the McMahon’s are concerned. At this time and point in the WWE, we do not need to see Vince or Steph or (gads) Linda popping up every five minutes to have their soap-opera moment. I’m not happy with seeing HHH as often as we do, but at least his appearances are kept in context with the Brock Lesnar feud or the needling Paul Heyman context. I don’t want to see HHH and Steph and Vince have their family drama play out on RAW and Smackdown though. This isn’t 2000 anymore and there are other characters (like the wrestlers) who should be focused on. However, if Shane was to pop up and make an appearance every so often, that might be cool.

2. WWE should hire somebody with a background in wrestling to be the lead writer.

Fact: Despite Vince’s claims, WWE is first and foremost, a WRESTLING company. That’s what makes the money and puts the butts in the seats. And while the Hollyweird kids are good for formatting the storylines to better fit TV, they need someone who knows WRESTLING to guide the way and set the tone. It’s just plain and simple logic.

3. Ryback will beat John Cena at Payback.

Fiction: Ryback sucks even worse than Cena. No way he wins.

4. Daniel Bryan is the best performer in WWE.

Fact: Since CM Punk is on vacation (for one more week at least) and Ric Flair is retired (sort of), Bryan wins by default. He’s pretty damn good! He’s still no Harley Race, Masked Superstar or Bobby Eaton, but then again, who is…. lol

5. Pro wrestling needs more theme songs performed by wrestlers.

Fact: Get the wrestlers involved and make their “music” mean something to them and stand out instead of the generic crap that we usually end up stuck with. I don’t really care if the wrestlers themselves are performing or not, but every wrestlers music should be distinct and cater to them and them alone. ‘

6. TNA’s Knockouts will get more opportunities to shine over the next several months.

Fact: They stole the show with the “Last Knockout Standing” match at TNA Slammiversary last weekend and just by virtue of that great match, they should be given a chance to run with the ball and show that the Knockouts Division can draw money and attract fans. If it doesn’t succeed, so what? Nothing ventured and nothing gained. They should at least be given a chance.

7. Kurt Angle is the right person to induct into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Fiction: Nothing against Kurt because he’s been a large part of TNA since 2006 and he’s definitely Hall of Fame worthy, but until Jeff Jarrett, the man who founded the company, goes into the HOF, no one else should come first.

8.Chris Sabin should get a main event push.

Fiction: I almost said fact because he should, but one match does not a main eventer make. There are several folks in TNA who deserve that main event push, but TNA’s booking is so bad most of the time, it makes WWE look great. Sabin is a good performer with a good look, but at TNA, he’s just lost in the crowd and might get a small push as flavor of the week, but that’ll only last until Hogan or Bischoff or Dixie get bored and then it’ll be on to someone else.

9.WWE is doing a great job pushing Curtis Axel.

Fact: So far so good in that he’s undefeated (technically) and has Paul Heyman at his side, but the trick will be seeing if they can keep the momentum going. Axel pinned Jericho this past week on Smackdown. Now he needs to convincingly pin HHH and Cena. Keep the character strong so even when he eventually loses, it won’t matter because it was a helluva match and he’s believable. Axel has a helluva background and a helluva future – it’s up to the WWE though to capitalize though and keep it going.

10. TNA should step up and help Zema Ion with his medical bills?

Fact: Ion is an employee of TNA and even if TNA doesn’t pick up the bills entirely for Ion’s recent surgery and future surgery, they should at least make a donation to help or else help organize a fundraiser of sorts. It’s just the right thing to do.

11. Sting will end up working for the WWE when his TNA contract expires.

Fact: I can’t see Sting ever being a fulltime guy for the WWE, but something in my gut tells me that when he finally leaves TNA (his contract is up in December), a “Legends Deal” is waiting and maybe finally that long anticipated match against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Both Sting and Taker want to see it happen and I think it’ll be sooner rather than later that it finally does.

12. Kaitlyn has been doing a great job as the WWE Divas Champion.

Fiction: Is she still the champion? Why? It just shows how weak that the WWE Divas Division truly is when she’s the best of the bunch. AJ should be the champion since she’s easily the most over Diva still on the roster. If not her, than Natayla (probably the best pure wrestler) or Tamina should hold the honors. Katilyn? I still don’t get it.

And there you go. See you in a few.


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