Zimmerman and Deen: Racial Scapegoats

I’ve got a few minutes here before I have to go to work and want to do some quick conversating about a couple of topics that are dominating the news lately. And before I get started, let me do this disclaimer thing. These opinions and views are mine and mine alone and if you don’t agree, tough noogies! Okay, now that I’ve taken care of that, let’s talk about these two big news items. The George Zimmerman trial for the killing of Trevon Martin and the Paula Deen situation.

Let’s talk about Paula Deen first. She admitted in a court deposition that she used the “N” word probably thirty years ago. And since then, everything has fallen apart for her. Her TV show has been cancelled by the Food Network. Her book, which is a best seller, will no longer be available through her publisher. Her line of merchandise is being discontinued. She’s losing everything and anything that has her name attached… because of something she said thirty years ago.

Damn, the hypocrisy is running wild. We see racism every day in music, on tv, in politics, in court trials (more on that in a moment), with our President, etc. How does the old saying go about “people in glass houses?”. Everyone is jumping on Paula Deen and dropping her like a hot potato, but I seriously doubt that ANY of these people who are talking about her and how “bad” and “racist” she is have clean slates and can say honestly that they’ve never used a racial slur. I know I have and every single person I know, to some degree, has… and I’m talking about whites, blacks and indians. Ours is a racist society, getting worse all the time, and anyone who says different is either lying or delusional.

Paula Deen is just the latest scapegoat for the overly-sensative politically correct morons who live by the motto, “you can’t say or do anything that may offend someone else”. Did I say “live” by that motto. My bad. They preach that motto and it applies to everyone else, except generally the ones who are constantly saying. I’m tired of a polticially correct world where everything has to be censored and a person can’t say what they think, feel, or what comes to their mind without being labeled. I hear racist comments by older people of Paula’s generation each and every day at work, so should I refuse to wait on those customers or whine and cry about how they “hurt my feelings” and are such “bad people”? Nope. I just don’t pay them any mind, consider the context of the statements and comments and go on with my life. Maybe some of these sponsors and offended parties should get a clue and pay heed.

Paula Deen was the big name, the big star, etc and everyone loved her while she was making them money and politically correct. However, as soon as there’s any controversy at all, over something not even specifically aimed at any one person, but just a general “oops” moment, all the “friends” and “fans” scatter like a bunch of roaches when you turn on the kitchen light at night. I hate it for her, but she’s had success and she’ll rebound and be okay. But this all shows, to her, who her real friends are and just how hypocritical and full of bull this world really is. Bunch of hypocritical ass-clowns!

And now, let’s talk about George Zimmerman and Trevon Martin. They had a confrontation. Unfortunately, Martin died as a result. And the press went crazy. Racist morons like Al Sharpton and the MSNBC crowd went nuts in their attempts to portray Zimmerman as a cold-blooded murderer. Even the President had to jump in on the issue, before any FACTS were revealed and talk about how, if he had a son, he would look like Trevon.

Zimmerman has been thoroughly trashed, ripped apart, threatened and dragged through the mud again and again. And poor little Trevon has been presented again and again and again as the perfect angel, who would never do any wrong and he’s so good and righteous and decent that perhaps he was the second coming of Jesus. This is what the “unbiased” media has been telling us over and over and over.

And now the trial has begun. Zimmerman is on trial for 2nd Degree Murder. And let’s note this. Originally, the cops didn’t even charge Zimmerman and then, only relented and pressed these charges after public pressure and political pressure from the media and several prominent politicians, including the one who said that Trevon would look like his son if he had one.

The trial is taking place and so far, all the testimony, from the prosecution’s witnesses, has pretty much backed up everything that Zimmerman has claimed from Day 1. Trevon is NOT an angel. Zimmerman was getting the crap pounded out of him, his head being pounded against the sidewalk, and under the self-defense laws as they’re written in Florida, was not only justified in shooting Trevon, but probably would be dead now or seriously injured if he hadn’t done so.

The first night of the trial, I went and watched some of the coverage on HLN (Nancy Grace) and MSNBC and they were repeating the same old claims and ignoring the testimony given that day. They’ve already convicted Zimmerman of murder. Yeppers, never let the facts interfere with a good story or rant, right? And the next night, as more testimony came forth that showed not only was Trevon the one on top during the fight between Zimmerman and Trevon, but thatTrevon was the first to make racial comments and bring racial slurs into the situation, well…. they’re not talking about it quite so much now. Now the argument is that facts don’t matter and who threw the first punch doesn’t matter and who provoked the physical confrontation doesn’t matter. All that matters is that a white guy (Zimmerman) killed a black guy and needs to be convicted.


If Zimmerman had been black and Trevon had been white (or more accurately hispanic), there wouldn’t have been a peep from the media or anyone else. It would have just been a two-minute mention on the evening news and then never heard about again. The race-baiters have jumped on this and Zimmerman is their huckleberry. And if justice truly prevails and Zimmerman is found not guilty, the shit is going to hit the fan because the racist media, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, etc are going to whine and cry and bitch. And to prove that they’re not racist or violent (or possessing of much intelligence), riots will start, protests will start, and Zimmerman will have to live the rest of his life watching his back and fearing for the safety of himself and his family.

I sense another reaction like the Rodney King trials, where in protest of a court decision that they didn’t like, the black community rioted, destroyed their own neighborhoods, burned down their own homes and businesses and stole, looted, vandalized and just acted like total morons. It was a petty, immature and childish tantrum because they didn’t get their way. And have the people matured since then? Nope, we’re in an entitlement society where everyone expects to be given everything and if things don’t go how they like, they show their ass until they get their way.

Zimmerman should never have been charged. It’s all politically motivated and this whole trial and situation is nothing but a farce. It’s a shame what happened with Trevon, but he’s not the total innocent or angel he’s been made out to be. The trial continues and I think the testimony, as it continues, and as the facts continue to come out, will prove that Zimmerman was in fear for his life and acted accordingly. And then… let the chaos and whining and crying begin… because we all know it’s going to.

I’ve got to go get ready for work. Questions and comments are welcome.


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  1. The Boy Got What He Deserved. I Always Say I Dont Wish Death On Anyone BUT It WAS A Kill Or Be Killed Situation, Fuck Al Sharpton I Hate Him But Yea This Is All Racial Bullshit.

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