Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – August 3, 2013

Wrestling Fact or Fiction
August 3, 2013

As is usually the case, I “borrowed” the questions (the first eight anyhow) from the fine folks at 411mania.com. The answers are mine. Let’s do this fact or fiction thing before I have to head out to work.

1. Undersized talent can succeed in WWE.

FACT: Maybe it wasn’t quite as true in the Hogan era, but in today’s WWE, talent will succeed regardless of the size factor. Look at Daniel Bryan. Look at CM Punk. Look at Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit. Look at Chris Jericho. It might not be an easy ride to get past that glass ceiling, but if the wrestler has the skills and charisma, especially with HHH running the show now, they’ll get their opportunities.

2. Stacy Keibler would bring new fans to WWE programming if she was brought back.

FICTION: They might get one or two new faces tuning in for the sake of curiousity, but unless she’s bring her ex (George Clooney) along for the ride, having Stacy back wouldn’t be a big ratings changer. It would just be “she came back. oh well” type of deal.

3. Daniel Bryan’s corporate makeover will result in his beard being shaved.

FICTION: The beard is part of his character and helps set Bryan apart. It gives him a distinct look. He won’t shave it until he wants to shave it.

4. WWE Total Divas will last more than one season

FACT: The ratings were great and it doesn’t really take much to be a big hit on E. Total Divas will be around for a while.

5. TNA’s release of Jesse Sorensen was a mistake.

FACT: Despite all the perfectly valid reasons, it’s a P.R. disaster for TNA, especially with the current rumors and other issues surounding the company. Dixie made a promise to Sorenson and she lied. It’s that simple.

6. Twitter wrestling fans went too far with their usage of #AskDixie.

FACT: Dixie knew what she was getting in for when she offered to answer questions and despite some of the fans being a bit overzealous, Dixie set herself up for this. She made the bed and now she gets to lie in it, with “lie” being the operative word. She will be allight!

7. The mystery man entering TNA on August 1 will be Low Ki.

FICTION: These questions were written before the big reveal on Thursday night. It wasn’t Low Ki, but considering who it actually was, Low Ki would have been a big improvement.

8. SCUM disbanding will lead to better times for Ring of Honor.

FICTION: SCUM was a formidable group in ROH and while the lack of their presence won’t hurt ROH that much, it won’t help either.

9. Steve Austin versus HHH will be one of the headlining matches at Wrestlemania 30?

FICTION: If Austin does decide to come back for a program and a match at Wrestlemania 30, he should be against CM Punk. ‘Nuff said!

10. TNA should terminate Kurt Angle after Angle was arrested for his 4th DWI Thursday night?

FACT: TNA should have gotten rid of Angle a long time ago, period. I’m glad he said he’s going to rehab (will believe it when I see it), but Angle is a big liability for TNA that they don’t need. So is Jeff Hardy for that matter. I’m all about second chances, but Kurt’s had 2nd and 3rd chances already. This is strike # 4. If they can fire Jesse Sorenson and refuse to help Zema Ion, why keep a proven liability such as Kurt? Boot his ass already.

And that’s it. Short and sweet and to the point. Back later. I’m outta here.


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