Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: August 11, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
August 11, 2013

And here we are now with a deluxe, Vader-sized edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction. I snagged the questions from 411mania.com and not only got their “FoF” questions, but also got the “Buy or Sell” questions too. I’m just in a mood to analyze and express some opinions about the world’s greatest sport, but I’m too lazy to write a “real” column (aka ‘Tossing Salt – Worldwide News’) or think up my own questions. Hell, I don’t work for anyone right now and nobody reads this stuff anymore so what does it matter anyhow? Happy Birthday to “Hulk Hogan”…

Let’s do this…

1. Randy Orton will cash in his Money in the Bank title shot at a date other than SummerSlam.

FACT: SummerSlam is going to be a big night and a big show full of “moments”, and while the idea of Randy cashing in that contract sounds good, it would just be another big spot in a show full of big spots and kind of get lost in the shuffle. I think it would be more memorable and work more for Randy to do it at a RAW or Smackdown event. More people would see it that way, since the shows get more actual viewers than the pay-per-views, and it would stand out more that way.

2. Alberto Del Rio is better off without Ricardo Rodriguez.

FICTION: I’m not a big Del Rio guy to be honest, but the presence of Ricardo is one of the few things I like about him that sets him apart from the crowd. It used to be the cars, but it seems that WWE has stopped doing that. Without the “personal ring announcer” at his side, Del Rio just fades away and blends into the woodwork. He’s a good wrestler, but nothing special.

3. WWE should be doing more with Rob Van Dam.

FICTION: WWE is using RVD as a featured player and having him wrestle some great matches. He’s motivated and over with the fans and everyone seems to be happy. Why screw up something that’s working fine?

4. WWE should not call up people to the main roster before they turn 21.

FICTION: Age should not be a requirement. Maturity, ability and professionalism is what matters and some people have it at a young age, while others never quite seem to get it.

5. Kurt Angle going to rehab will fix the problems he’s had over the last few years.

FICTION: It can’t hurt, but the only thing that can “fix” Angle’s problems is Kurt Angle himself. The rehab is a tool – lets just see if he can use it and make it work properly for his situations.

6. Tito Ortiz as the #August1Warning was a disappointment.

FACT: What the hell were they thinking? It sucked!

7. A piledriver on the ring apron is never a good idea.

FACT: It’s a dangerous move in a dangerous spot. While I don’t have anything against piledrivers, if done properly and safely, risking permanent injury for the sake of a quick pop or spot is not very smart.

8. You enjoy watching old wrestling.

FACT: Old “wrestling” beats “sports entertainment” anytime.

9. Despite his sterling reputation, Ric Flair relied too heavily on too few signature spots to be considered a worker of the highest caliber.

FICTION: Ric may have used signature spots a little heavily at times, but he earned his rep as one of the best by being able to have great (or at least passable) matches with anyone and everyone. He kept the fans going for sixty or ninety minutes, time and time again and they always left happy and satisfied, knowing that they had seen one of the greatest “ring generals” of all time doing what he does best. Flair is the man. ‘Nuff said!

10. Although the NWA had a reputation for featuring only the absolute best as their world champions, Ron Garvin was most likely the single worst world champion of the classic era.

FACT: Although some might bring up Tommy Rich or GIant Baba as examples of bad NWA Champions, Rich defended the belt during his reign (four days) and Baba was a legend in Japan so they get some leeway in my eyes. Ronnie won the belt to little fanfare and didn’t defend it at all in the two months he held the title, only to lose it in his first defense (rematch at Starcade against Flair). It’s not Garvin’s fault so much as the bookers, but still, he has to take the lumps. Ronnie was the worst.

11. Despite being known as the premier show of the NWA/WCW, Starrcade never had the aura that WrestleMania had.

FACT: The first few Starcade’s were great shows and there were a few more out there that really went above and beyond, but the power and hype of the WWE publicity machine is a monster than few can match and they created an image and hype for Wrestlemania that the folks at Crockett or WCW could never hope to compete against. It’s not the show that mattered so much as it’s the hype and build and nobody does that better than the WWE.

12. Hulk Hogan has often been accused of looking out for himself rather than for the business. However, because Hogan was a proven draw for so long, in most cases the two were often the same thing.

FICTION: While Hogan may have occasionally did what was right for the business, every move he made (or makes) and every action is primarily about one thing first – and that’s “Hulk Hogan”.

13. Jim Cornette enjoys a reputation as a wrestling genius, but his relatively average track record at booking and promotion mean that Corny ain’t all he’s cracked up to be.

FICTION: Some of his ideas might be a little dated in this world of “sports-entertainment”, but Corny know “professional wrestling” as well as any man alive and deserves that reputation. His problems and failures are probably more accountable to his temper and habit of speaking bluntly, albeit politically incorrectly (he don’t kiss ass) than any lack of knowledge or bad ideas. If I had a wrestling promotion, I would love to have Cornette on board to help run things. He’d be well worth whatever it may cost.

14. Given the recent focus on WWE’s Total Divas, the company should produce more shows in the semi-kayfabe vein of the Rock and Wrestling era classic, Tuesday Night Titans.

FICTION: I liked “Tuesday Night Titans” and I like “Total Divas”, but the WWE should focus on more good wrestling and entertaining storylines that make sense and draw fans. Reality TV and mock talk shows are well and good, but the wrestling has to come first.

And there you go. Another column in the books. I’m Doug and I’m out of here.

RIP: Cathy Dunn Maynard… Love ya!


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