Wrestling Fact or Fiction
September 13, 2013

Before I get started on this week’s “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction” column, I want to take a few moments and address a few recent topics, some pertaining to the world’s greatest sport and some not quite so muh.

Ben Affleck is playing Batman in the next Superman movie. Get the hell over it. Ben is a pretty good actor and did a good job as Daredevil (although the movie itself wasn’t all that, but Ben did an okay job). Everyone freaked when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker and now he’s considered the best “Joker” ever. Just Ben a chance. Maybe he’ll do a great job and maybe he won’t, but no reason to criticize before we even know.

Miley Cyrus is currently an idiot. But is there any of us who can honestly claim that we didn’t do stupid things when we were twenty years old? I know I sure enough did. Let her do her thing. She will be allight!

You texted me last night that “I hope you don’t hate me…”. I don’t. I don’t like some of the things you do at times and as with every friendship, there will be ups and downs, but I could never hate you. You’re my brother and my best friend. You’re stuck with me. Get the hell over it.

Free Struggle…

WWE either fired Jim Ross or he “retired”. Either way, he’s no longer with the company. That sucks! But I don’t think “Good Old J.R.” will be hurting for job opportunities and chances to make money. And with twenty years of service with the WWE, I’m pretty sure he got one helluva severence package. Plus he’ll be back. Watch and see.

TNA still isn’t quite my cup of tea and if what I’ve heard, due to “spoilers” for next week’s Impact is true, they’re just rehashing and duplicating WWE storylines. That’s why they’ll always be second rate in my eyes.

Wouldn’t a tag team of Chris Masters and Carlito Colon, accompanied and managed by Shawn Daivari, be pretty awesome in the WWE right now. It would trule be a masterpiece and dare I say it, “cool!”.

I want some Chinese food. I’d settle for an eggrole and some duck sauce.

Muppets are awesome. Alice Cooper is a musical and entertainment legend and icon. And Little Wayne – he sucks. Just saying…

“Night of Champions” predictions are coming up later today. Now let’s do this “Fact or Fiction” thing. As per the usual, the questions have been “borrowed” from the fine folks at 411mania.com/wrestling. The answers – that’s all me. And away we go…

1. Edge is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

FACT: While I can not honestly say that Edge was one of my favorites to watch wrestle, he’s a solid performer and has great charisma and energy. He’s done everything there is to do in pro wrestling and went out on top. That’s the mark of a true “superstar”. Edge is not really my cup of tea always, but he’s tried and true and definitely one of the greats.

2. Antonio Cesaro was the wrong person to have lose to Santino Marella in Santino’s comeback match.

FICTION: Cesaro got some TV time and looked good in the match, despite being on the losing side of the match. Someone had to be the jobber and he was picked. Wins and losses don’t matter – just what you do with your moment. Cesaro and that spinning move is the memorable moment of that match so despite losing the match, Cesaro got a “win” in my eyes. No worries here.

3. You’d like to see Goldust on WWE television more often.

FACT: I admit it. I’ve always been a mark for the “Golden One” and there are so many things the WWE can do with Dustin, it’d be a shame to watch him slide back into wrestling limbo after this storyline is over.

4. Tyson Kidd will never receive a sustained push while in WWE.

FACT: He’s a helluva talent and a good looking kid, but he’s too small. He’s like another Rey Mysterio in my eyes, except for Rey had the WCW history, plus the friendship with Eddie Guerero to add to his push. Tyson has Natayla and…?? I kind of expect him to get some tag team title runs and maybe even the IC or US title at some point, but any kind of major, sustained role at the top? Not going to happen.

5. Big E Langston has the potential to be a top babyface.

FACT: He’s good in the ring and from what I’ve heard about his role in NXT, he’s got skills and charsma and makes a good face. Let’s give in a try in the WWE too. Can’t hurt and if it doesn’t work, he can do a heel turn. Worth a shot though.

6. Chris Jericho should write another autobiography.

FACT: Both of Jericho’s previous books were great reads and he has had so many experiences, it would be a shame not to write a third (and maybe fourth) autobiography. What about this latest WWE run? What about the adventures and tours with Fozzy? What about “Dancing With The Stars” and that “Celebrity Duet” singing fiasco of a show. What about the radio show? The topics that Jericho has yet to touch upon and talk about far exceed what he’s already spoke of. Keep writing Chris. Books are Jericho!

7. Mr. Anderson turning against Bully Ray was the right move.

FACT: What else was there to do with him? Should be some decent matches, albeit kind of predictable. What happened to the “former champion” Chris Sabin?

8. You’re excited about wrestling being reinstated as an Olympic sport.

FACT: Without wrestling as one of the events, it’s not truly the Olympics. Wrestling has been a part of this event since Day 1 and the ancient days of Greece. It’s part of the legacy and tradition that can not be replaced. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. Another one in the books. I’ll be back later today with predictions for the WWE “Night of Champions” pay per view. Have a happy Friday the 13th, my peeps. Stay safe.


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