Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: September 5, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – September 5, 2013

Time to do that weekly “Fact Or Fiction” thing I do so well. Just like every wrestling promoter in history, I “borrowed” the questions from 411mania. The answers are mine though. So let’s do this already.

1. Daniel Bryan getting laid out every week doesn’t help his cause as top babyface.

FICTION: If Bryan was getting laid out each week in one on one situations, it wouldn’t help his cause, but since it takes group warfare and assaults from generally at least three-four men, it just makes him look stronger and more determined that he won’t give in, won’t quit and is tough as they come. Eventually, he’ll get his payback from all of these humiliations and beatings and when he does, the crowd is going to go nuts! Watch and see.

2. Big Show looks weak for siding with the McMahons against Daniel Bryan.

FACT: He looks weak and like a punk-ass right now, but when he eventually snaps and lays out HHH or Randy and helps Daniel Bryan, the WWE Universe is going to go insane with delight and job. One good betrayal of the “New Corporation” and every tear and boo-boo kitty face will be immediately forgotten. The only thing that might mess up redeeming the one-time Giant is if he turns on Bryan and becomes a willing henchman for HHH and company. He’s already done so many face / heel turns in his career that he’s hard to take seriously in either role. This may be his chance to really make a giant impact, but only if the WWE really plays it right.

3. Cody Rhodes will become a big star when he returns to WWE.

FACT: Cody is being given the ball and is headed for the goal posts. It’s time for him to break that glass ceilng and make his daddy and brother proud. Cody is going to take that big step and do allight!

4. Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards will get signed by WWE.

FACT: They’re on the WWE’s radar right now and they’re damn good in the ring. I think it’s just a matter of time.

5. AJ Lee’s “shoot promo” was better than AJ Styles’ “shoot promo”.

FACT: Yep, because guys like crazy chicks… lol

6. Aces & Eights is one of the weakest supergroups in wrestling history.

FACT: I like Bully Ray, but the rest of the group? While some of the guys are decent in their own right, this group quickly became watered down by too many names, bad booking and a lot of “what the…?” issues. Are they even a real “supergroup”? Maybe and maybe not, but I’m not impressed. Bump ’em!

7. Eric Bischoff should be given complete control of TNA.

FICTION: I actually like Eric Bischoff and have a lot of respect for the man and what he’s accomplished over the years in our great sport, but Eric is not someone I’d want to have total control over a wrestling company again. A role as a character / administrator is good. Working backstage on the production side of things is good. Eric has a lot of skils and talents that are valuable to TNA and they need to take advantage of. And listen to his council and use him as an advisor sometimes. That’s okay too. But someone like Eric (or Paul Heyman for that matter) is better when they someone to answer to and to hold them accountable when they screw up. Keep Eric in the company and maybe listen to him when he speaks on some matters, but he doesn’t need to be the boss and it’s better for everyone when he’s not.

8. Kyle O’Reilly was the right choice to win PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles.

FACT: He looks good and is a good worker who’s gaining a reputation as one helluva talent. This helps put him on the radar and gives some credibility and substance to PWG as well. Works for me.

And, as Porky Pig would say, “That’s all folks!”. I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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