Wrestling Fact or Fiction – October 11, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
October 11, 2013

Let’s just jump right to it, okay? The questions come from the column of the same name at 411mania.com/wrestling. The answers come from that dark and dismal place I call my mind. Whoopsie-doo! Let’s do this…

1. The ending to the WWE Battleground PPV was an insult to paying customers.

FICTION: It sucked, but it made everyone interested in watching RAW the next night and up until that screwball ending, it was a helluva good match between Orton and Bryan. I didn’t buy the pay per view and I’m not going to be buying any pay-per-views until Wrestlemania (unless there’s a Disco Inferno, Juventud Guerrera or Ivory cameo in the works) so I don’t care how it ended. It sucked, but it could have been worse so no worries here.

2. You are shocked that John Cena has been announced as returning to the ring at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

FICTION: Nothing the WWE does anymore shocks me. I’m not happy about it. Cena should enjoy his vacation and take more time off, at least for another month or so. But he’s back and in the World Championship picture. Yay for us! Maybe we’ll luck out and it’s just a one-shot. I hope so.

3. Having Shawn Michaels as the referee for the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan Hell in a Cell match has increased your interest in the match.

FACT: I’m not even a big Shawn Michaels fan, but as soon as he came on stage at RAW, I was hooked. He has that charisma and energy and “it” that’s, for the most part, lacking in the current WWE roster. He’s a unique personality with a unique situation – he’s HHH’s best friend and trained Daniel Bryan. It’s really upped the stakes for this match and I’m looking forward to it.

4. Ryback challenging Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX would be a horrible idea.

FACT: At this point, Taker’s matches are few and far between and should be special moments. Ryback doesn’t fit the bill and it would be a total waste of time for all parties concerned.

5. Hulk Hogan’s departure angle on last week’s Impact Wrestling made the company look stupid.

FACT: TNA doesn’t usually need any help looking stupid anyhow, but having the CEO of the company grabbing Hulk’s leg and begging him not to leave the company. That’s taking being a dumbass to a new level. What the hell were they thinking? How can Dixie be a bad-ass heel leader when she’s doing things like that? Answer is… she can’t!

6. If you were running a wrestling hall of fame, you would NOT induct the Ultimate Warrior.

FICTION: I’m sure that the Warrior would be inducted at some point. First though, I’d start getting a few folks like Ole Anderson, Gene Anderson, Mr. Wrestling II, The Masked Superstar, Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Wahoo McDaniel, Paul Jones, Baron Von Raschke, Crusher, Stan Hansen, etc. in there first. But Warrior made an impact and eventually, he’d get his spot.

7. If TNA were to wipe the slate clean and start fresh from a creative standpoint, they should bring in someone like Mike Quackenbush (CHIKARA) or Gabe Saplosky (ROH, EVOLVE, DGUSA) to head the creative team.

FACT: Two good choices who have great wrestling minds, but why stop there. Look at the smaller, Indy groups and see who has that “it” factor going on and fire. Look at the wrestling sites and see who seems to have a knack for creativity and wrestling storylines. Look at the superstars of TNA and use their ideas and suggestions. Don’t limit to just one or two person’s, but find a person who can delegate and lead, but get the ideas from anywhere and everywhere. Don’t try to be the WWE – try to be new and fresh and real. It would really make a difference.

8. You want to see Ken Shamrock make an in ring WWE return.

FACT: If Shamrock can still go in that ring and would like to work a limited contract like Chris Jericho and RVD did, then why not go for it. Actually, a rotating cast of former WWE, WCW and ECW stars mixed with the current roster of WWE Superstars could really add some life and spice to the product. RVD and Shamrock could be just the beginning and it could really help to draw some old fans back while adding some excitement for the new and current ones.

And there you go. I’m gonna go eat some ribs and talk shit to a sexy man. Later gators!


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