TNA Bound For Glory: Thoughts And Predictions

TNA Bound For Glory: Thoughts And Predictions
October 19, 2013

Tomorrow night will be the first TNA pay-per-view offering and arguably their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory 2013. And that means it’s time to channel Sister Cleo and do that wacky prediction thing that I like to do sometimes. So forget about the chit chat. Let’s do this…

TNA champion Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles – No DQ

So we have AJ Styles who’s the face of TNA and no longer under contractto the company. And he’s on Dixie Carter’s shitlist. Bully is the ultimate heel and on one of the best runs in his career. It’s no disqualification so that means lots of outside interference and plunder and plenty of chaos. And for some reason, the whole “CM Punk wins the WWE title and leaves the company” comes to mind. Since TNA loves to rehash the WWE storylines and considers itself WWE-Lite instead of trying to be their own company, I think this one will go the same way. Lots of craziness and in the end, AJ wins the title and walks out of the company with the belt in tow.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

Sting vs. Magnus

The legend and icon versus the up-and-coming new star on the rise. It’s just like Flair versus Sting at the first “Clash of Champions”. Except for Sting isn’t Flair and I don’t think he’s going to be as willing to pass that golden ring.

Winner: Sting

Ultimate X for X-Division championship: Samoa Joe vs.Jeff Hardy vs. Manik vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries

Probably the match of the night, if it’s not overbooked and ends up being a cluster-f*ck. Anyone could win and it’d be a good thing for TNA. I’ll just flip a coin and go with Austin Aries. I like his initials (Double-A), which remind me of another true legend and bad-ass dude. And he needs to get himself back into the main event picture.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Kurt Angle vs. Robert Roode

No way that Kurt is coming back after a lay-off and a stint in rehab to lose his first match back. Angle wins. Yawn!

Winner: Kurt Angle

TNA Knockouts champion ODB vs. Brooke vs. Gail Kim

I like ODB, but I wish she’d quit hitting her breasts all the time. We see ’em and know that they’re big and huge and massive. Get the hell over it. Brooke isn’t much of a wrestler yet and is the weakest of the three in the ring, but she’s getting a push of sorts for now so she’s got to be a favorite. And Gail is the resident top knock-out for TNA and probably THE favorite here. I’ll go for a shocker of a pick and say that ODB retains. Why not?

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

Gauntlet Match To Determine Challengers For TNA Tag Team Championship: Eric Young / Joseph Park versus Chavo Guerrero / Hernandez versus Kazarian / Christopher Daniels (Bad Influence) versus Robbie E / Jessie Godderz (BroMans)

Forget about the BroMans. They’re a one-trick comedy joke team. So are EY and Joseph Park, but at least they, or EY anyhow, can wrestle. I don’t think Chavo and Hernandez are going to be the ones here. So it’s EY and Park or else it’s the best damn regular tag team in TNA, Bad Influence. Survey says, one more for the bad (influence) guys. Daniels and Kaz are going after the gold.

Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian – Bad Influence

TNA Tag Team champions James Storm & Gunner defending against the winners of a Gauntlet match

Another possible match of the night because the teams of Storm and Gunner versus Bad Influence have great chemistry and can both go. I like Storm and Gunner, but it seems to me that they’re being wasted as a tag team. Meanwhile, Bad Influence are an ideal tag team and totally rock. I think they need to be wearing the gold. It’s their time. So let’s give say one more title change and we are going to have new tag team champs.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Bad Influence

And there you go. That’s how it’s all going down. ‘Nuff said!


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