Wrestling Fact or Fiction: December 12, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
December 12, 2013

Are you ready for some football? Nah, me neither. I’ll watch that later this weekend. Go Panthers! It’s that time again for me to do that “Fact or Fiction” thing ya’ll love so much. The questions come from 411mania.com/wrestling. The answers come from deep within that netherland that I call my mind. Let’s do this…

1. WWE is making the right call by keeping the Sin Cara gimmick, but changing the wrestler playing the role.

Fact: The WWE owns the rights to the character and spent a lot of money in building and promoting this character. Just because the former Mistico can’t cut it in the WWE atmosphere doesn’t mean that WWE should just give up on the character, especially when Hunico is ready to step in and take over the gimmick. It’s happened before when Paul Diamond took over the “Max Moon” character from Konnan and when others used the character of “Doink the Clown” after Mat Borne was released by the WWE. For some characters, such as “Razor Ramon” and “Diesel”, trying to have another person assume the character was a bad idea. For this character though, it makes perfect sense and is the best possible solution for all persons involved.

2. Randy Orton and John Cena are the wrong guys to have in the title unification match.

FICTION: They’re probably not the guys I would have picked, but they’re both top level players for the WWE and when they face off, it’s not as easy to determine a winner or loser and that makes for more excitement and anticipation. Both men are credible “WWE / World Champions” and when you’re doing something this big, it makes sense to use your two top guys.

3. If the reports that surfaced over the weekend are correct, TNA has made a huge mistake by not re-signing AJ Styles.

FACT: AJ Styles has been there since day 1 and is the heart and soul of TNA. Letting him go is the equivalent of the WWE releasing HBK or the Undertaker. It’s just not a smart thing to do.

4. Having the Slammy Awards on the go home Raw for such an important PPV was poor planning by WWE.

FICTION: The Slammys are usually one of the higher rated shows for the WWE each year and they want as many people as possible to see their pay-per-view so it makes sense to put the two together. The Slammys draw the fans to RAW and the great ending for RAW and the build during the shows draws fans to the TLC show. It’s good for business.

5. You like the TNA Tournament finals match up of Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus.

FICTION: I have nothing against Magnus being there. He’s a good talent and this is a good way to build up new stars, but Jeff Hardy? Nothing against Jeff, but I still don’t think he should be in the TNA Title picture at all based on his past actions. I understand that he’s been on good behavior for a while now and he has “paid his dues” to make up for his behavior, but still… Jeff can’t even travel out of the country so how can he defend a “World” Championship? I would have preferred to see James Storm, Bobby Roode or Austin Aries in that final match against Magnus. Would generate just as much fan interest, be a great match and there wouldn’t be the shadows hanging over the match because of the actions of one of the participants. Just my opinion though.

6. Judging by the final segment of Raw, WWE is setting up CM Punk vs. Triple H and Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels for WrestleMania.

FACT: If the WWE does decide to go this route, no complaints because that will be two great matches and (hopefully) the right guys will win to lead the WWE into the next era. HHH versus Punk is long overdue and HBK versus Bryan? Who doesn’t love the “student versus teacher” story? I think I’d add William Regal to the mix since he’s been Bryan’s “mentor” since coming to the WWE. If it does end up HHH versus Punk and Bryan versus HBK, no objections here.

7. In your opinion, TNA will have a better year in 2014 than they had in 2013.

FICTION: As long as they keep doing the same stupid stuff they’ve been doing this past year and keep cutting costs to scrape by, things are not going to get better. In 2014, I think TNA will either end up with new owners and a new direction or else go under for good.

8. You are interested in this weekend’s ROH Final Battle event.

FICTION: Some of the matches are interesting and there are a few ROH stars that I follow, but for the most part, I could care less. It’s not shown in this area and I don’t have the time to go online and hunt down matches. Just not my thing. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. Catch you on the flip side.


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