Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: December 19, 2013

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
December 19, 2013

Time to take a break from the job-hunting and the looking for sexy men online to do that wrestling thing I do so well. Yeppers, my friends… It’s “Fact or Fiction” time. As per the usual, the questions came from http://www.411mania.com/wrestling. And as per usual, the answers are me, myself and I’s… Let’s do it!

1. Randy Orton was the right call to become the Undisputed WWE World Champion.

FACT: Well, look at the choices. It was Randy or Superman Cena and of the two, Randy was definitely the best choice. There are far more ways to go with this story now, plus it gets Cena far away from the whole title picture, which is a plus as well. Cena has a role to play in the WWE, but his character is overexposed. Let Cena go fight with the Shield now or maybe help build some new stars with new feuds (Cena versus Ryder, Cena versus Sandow, Cena versus Wyatts). Randy isn’t my ideal choice, but he’s better than the other option.

2. TNA’s recent contract negotiations with AJ Styles do not send a good message to other long time employees who are about to negotiate for new deals.

FACT: AJ Styles was the face and soul of TNA and he was pretty much given a big “F.U.” by the company. If I worked for TNA and my contract was coming up soon, I’d be very nervous.

3. Following in the footsteps of the recent World/WWE Title Unification, WWE should unify the US and IC Titles.

FICTION: The top title was unified, but that just makes the two secondary titles even more valuable and important. Let’s keep those titles seperate and give the mid-card wrestlers and former champions something to work towards. The problem isn’t too many titles in the WWE. It’s just lack of focus by the creative teams and the powers-that-be in the company. Now is a great time to change that and restore some of the past glory and honor to those titles.

4. Matt Hardy’s return to Ring of Honor makes you less likely to watch a show that he is involved on.

FICTION: Having Matt there makes me more likely to tune in and at least follow the ROH product, as opposed to now where I barely recognize most of the talents and have no interest. Matt, when his head is straight, is a talented performer and fun to watch.

5. You are excited to watch this week’s Final Resolution edition of TNA Impact Wrestling.

FICTION: I have no interest at all and could care less.

6. TNA made the right decision when they decided not to re-sign AJ Styles.

FICTION: TNA not re-signing AJ is comparable to WWE not re-signing CM Punk or WCW, back in the day, not re-signing Ric Flair. Dumb move that will most likely come back and bite them in the ass.

7. You are more interested in the WWE Network as an online property than you would be if it was a traditional cable channel.

FICTION: Online is okay, but I want to watch the old shows, the new shows, the superstars and Divas and legends of the WWE and their affiliated programming on my television set. I like traditional. What can I say?

8. Chris Hero returning to Ring of Honor makes you more excited for the ROH product in 2014.

FACT: I don’t really follow ROH and have little interest, but I have tried to follow Chris Hero. He’s a talented guy and a valuable player that WWE let get away. ROH signing him to their roster can’t be anything but an asset and I’m glad to see that Hero is getting the opportunity to show the world (and WWE) just how good he really can be. Kudos to ROH for their wise decision.

And that’s it for now. Later, my friends and have a very Merry Christmas!


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