Thirty Days of Dougie III – Day 16: No Man’s Land

Thirty Days of Dougie III – Day 16:  No Man’s Land

I wrote this nearly 21 years ago this week.  A little retro for everyone.  Enjoy.  



NO Man’s Land

Coming in or going out
standing on the porch
take a moment to look back
and reflect

has it ever cost me more
between the restless crowds
and the silence of this room
I spend an hour in no man’s land
you’ll be leaving soon

friends come and friends go
there are always some to spare
one is a victim of tragedy
another stops to stare
yet another just keeps walking by
pretending not to see
they’re all out there in this no man’s land
it’s the safest place for me

but a sanctuary never comes without a cost
and some risks
all these illusions
without any freedom

is it supposed to be like this
the haunting of the haunted
it’s a game no one can win
I feel a presence long about midnight
and then it’s gone again

that seems to be my destiny
to go forth and never rest
to ride that massive wave
scared to do my best
to shiver in the darkest night
afraid to make my stand
then head on back
to serve my sentence
out there in no man’s land

December 24, 1992

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