Thirty Days of Dougie III – Part 17: Random Musings

Thirty Days Of Dougie III – Part 17: Random Musings
December 20, 2013

Time for some rambling and ranting and all of that stuff about the many topics on my mind, but not really worthy enough of their own blog.

Santa is white. Every picture I’ve ever seen and every drawing and every cartoon depicts Santa as white. It’s a fictional character based on a real person, but the bottom line is this fictional character is and has always been depicted as white. Maybe it’s wrong, but so what? It’s just the way things are. I did see a black Santa one time at a Christmas parade over in Maxton, NC. And the thing that stands out most from that experience for me is that I remember a small black child seeing this “black Santa” and turning to his Ma and saying, “That ain’t Santa. Santa’s a white man!”. From the mouths of babes, right. Believe what you want. It doesn’t matter anyhow, but Santa, to me, is a crusty old white dude. ‘Nuff said!

I like M&M’s – the peanut variety. The plain are pretty good too. Don’t much like the almond types and the pretzel kind… they suck!

The Duck Dynasty controversy. It’s a work by A&E and the Robertson family. Nothing wrong with what Phil said and it’s what I’d expect to hear from a religious, sixty-plus year old man in the south. It shouldn’t surprise anyone and if it did, you’re kind of a dumb-ass! A&E suspended him even though they’ve already filmed the next season. The Robertson’s say that Duck Dynasty might not go on if Phil isn’t part of the show. And eveyone is going nuts, signing petitions and buying up the Duck Dynasty merchandise. And both the network and Phil and his family are raking in the bucks as a result. We’re being swerved folks. And in the end, we’ll get a compromise and all will be back to normal. Except that they’ll all be richer and we’ll have a shitload of cheezy merchandise laying around that we bought in our irrational fear that the show might be cancelled and to support Phil’s free speech. I’m already sick of all of this crap.

If you make a promise or have a deal, fufill your obligations and do what you said you would do. Don’t make excuses and don’t make false promises that you’ll make it up later. Do what you said and promised or don’t be surprised when people quit trusting you and quit trying to work with you. A person is only as good as their word and if you keep breaking your word and taking advantage of people, it will eventually come back and bite you in the ass. Karma is a bitch and she doesn’t play games.

White paint is too damn bright.

I wish someone would go ahead and just bitch-slap Obama every time he lies. That man would be f*cked up!

Ole and Gene Anderson (RIP) aka “The Minnesota Wrecking Crew”, belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. Just saying.

And speaking of Hall of Fame inductees, I want to say congratulations to Nirvana, KISS, Hall & Oates, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt on their selections for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014. And now, what about Deep Purple? Long overdue and needs to be done. And hell, what about Bon Jovi or Def Leppard? Their time is coming soon (I hope).

Four days before Christmas. I have no money, no tree, and very little holiday spirit going on right now. But I have a few good friends…. hell, let’s call them what they are… family… to keep me on the straight and narrow and to make things good. So I’m not gonna complain or fuss… too much.

Been over at the “Meet Me” site on Facebook playing around a little bit. Some nice faces and bodies to look at, but not much going on for a gay man. Guess I’d better just stick with Craigslist…. or find a way to get to the next county over where the sexy-ass rockers all stay. I so much want to rock his world!

Does anyone even bother to read real newspapers anymore? I remember a time, not all that long ago, where I was reading at least two and usually more papers a day, cover to cover. Well, not really. I didn’t read much in the sports section unless it concerned UNC Basketball, the Carolina Panthers or wrestling. But so far as the other sections would go, I’d read it all in the Laurinburg (local) paper, the Raleigh News & Observer and the Fayetteville Observer. And I loved the Charlotte Observer too until they raised the price and then I gave that one up. That was then and this is now. I glance at the headlines and read the criminal sections, the obituaries and the political stuff, but the rest… it’s a joke and just not worth the trouble. It used to be the papers were the facts, simple and unbiased and the TV news was all slanted towards this or that agenda. The TV news is still screwed up and a joke, but now the papers are just as bad. No one bothers reporting “news” anymore. Now it’s all just propoganda and fluff stories. It’s a shame. Really it is.

James Dean only made three movies and he’s still the greatest movie actor of all time. Johnny Depp is pretty damn close in second place though. If you ever get a chance to see the movie “Ed Wood”, go see it. Depp is awesome!

I wonder if they ever caught that reindeer that keeps running over Grandma every year. I’ll bet it ended up as venison in someone’s freezer.

With all these reality shows on TV these days, it’s pretty obvious that anyone can be a TV star, no talent needed. I think I’m going to get together with my extended family, the “La Krew Familia” and see if they want to put together a pilot to sell to one of these cable networks. We need our own reality show. We just need to find a good schtick to use as a selling point. Put Kenneth, Tam, Kayden, myself, my better half and maybe one other together in a house and the cameras roll. Either instant TV success and high ratings or else criminal charges and prison for everyone. Either way, it wouldn’t be boring.

I wish there was a way to see all the dreams that the “dream-catcher” I keep over my bed has “captured”. There are some doozies there.

Does anyone else remember a puppet show that was on Saturday morning TV back in the 70’s called “Kukla, Fran and Ollie”? I remember the name and I remember puppets, but I didn’t watch the show much. Didn’t like it. But for some reason, I keep thinking about it now. Maybe I should go to YouTube and watch some old episodes? Nah, maybe not.

I like to burn candles. I also like to snuggle, eat popcorn and read about serial killers. And dragons are real. Just saying!

And I think I’ve talked enough for now. I’ve got furniture to move and people to facebook-stalk. Is it you? Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! If you’re sexy and you know it, it probably is.
So now, I’m closing this up. Have a Merry Christmas, my peeps! I need a job!


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