Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: January 2, 2014

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: January 2, 2014

It’s the first edition of “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction” for the year of 2014. A few changes here though. As per usual, the first eight questions have been borrowed from 411mania.com/wrestling. The last four questions are from me. And there are three “bonus questions” at the end as well… just because I can. Now, let’s just jump right in and get it done.

1. The Randy Orton vs. John Cena rematch at the Royal Rumble has you excited for the show.

FICTION: I’m excited for the show anyhow because it’s the Royal Rumble. Cena versus Orton will be a good match and all that, but I’m honestly tired of both of those men and the thought of another match does nothing for me.

2. AJ Styles appearing on an ROH TV taping sends a bad message for a potential TNA return.

FACT: It’s just another nail in the coffin for the AJ Styles / TNA relationship.

3. You would rather see Undertaker vs. John Cena over Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

FACT: Absolutely, because it would be a good match, it makes sense, and it would keep Cena away from any title scenarios.

4. You were shocked when Jeff Jarrett announced his departure from TNA Wrestling.

FACT: This is like Vince leaving the WWE. TNA was founded by Jarrett and friends and when he’s given up on the product, the end must really be near.

5. Constantly bringing back so many part time performers at WrestleMania over the last few years is part of the reason that many of the WWE’s current roster members are not considered to be “draws” or “bankable stars”.

FICTION: They’re not draws or bankable because of stupid storylines, bad booking and failure to connect with the audience, largely because of their scripted promos and fear of punishment if they happen to get over (see Zack Ryder). Part time stars bring in the audience. It’s up to the current stars and the WWE powers-that-be to keep that audience coming back.

6. AJ Styles and Chris Hero working several dates for ROH in 2014 makes you more interested in the promotion.

FICTION: I like AJ and I like Chris Hero, but I just don’t have any attraction to ROH. I can catch the AJ / Hero matches on YouTube. ROH just doesn’t float my boat though.

7. Goldust’s WWE run has been the best feel good story in wrestling for 2013.

FACT: Great to see him back in the WWE and doing so well. It’s a great story and I agree with this statement.

8. If what Jim Cornette says is true ROH will never truly improve under the ownership of Sinclair Broadcasting.

FACT: Cornette is a smart man and when it comes to wrestling, people should take note. ‘Nuff said!

9. Hulk Hogan should be in a match at Wrestlemania XXX.

FICTION: Hogan should be AT Wrestlemania XXX. That’s a given, but there’s no way that he should be stepping into a ring and trying to wrestle. The best scenario I can think of is have Hogan there as the special guest of Roddy Piper, in a Wrestlemania XXX edition of “Piper’s Pit”. Hogan and Piper exchange comments and rejoice in the spotlight for a moment and then have the Real American’s come down and cause a disruption. Hogan and Piper clear the ring and the fans are happy. Real American’s get some major heel heat and the rub from the two legends. And we don’t have to see Hogan (or Piper) attempt to wrestle. Works for me.

10. You are excited about the possibility of a Brock Lesnar / Mark Henry feud.

FACT: Brock may have dominated Mark on this past Monday night, but I’d like to see Mark come back for some revenge. Could be a fun series of matches to watch.

11. Daniel Bryan “joining” the Wyatt family is a good move.

FACT: It keeps the storyline moving along and it makes the fans wonder what happens next. If the WWE creative doesn’t fuck it up, it could make for some very interesting moments over the next few months.

12. You’re looking forward to the “Old School RAW” coming up on Monday night.

FACT: Yeppers. I’m a big nostalgia buff and am anxious to see what happens. Old school is my school… lol.

Bonus Questions:

If you could pick, right now, five possible names to make “surprise appearances” at the Royal Rumble ppv, who would you pick?

Right now, my picks would be Jeff Jarrett, Jake Roberts, The Sandman, Matt Hardy and The Disco Inferno.

Vince wants to have a twelve-diva tag match at Wrestlemania XXX with the current WWE Divas facing six former Divas. Who would you have in this match?

It would be current Divas AJ Lee, The Bella Twins, Natayla, Kaitlyn and Layla versus Lita, Ivory, Victoria, Maria, Molly Holly and Kharma.

Vince calls and tells you to put together the card for Wrestlemania XXX. You have ten minutes to decide who wrestles who. What would your card look like?

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) versus CM Punk versus Alberto Del Rio
The Streak versus Career: The Undertaker versus John Cena
United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) versus Mark Henry
Intercontinental Championship: Big E. Langston (c) versus Ryback w/ Curtis Axel
Tag Team Championship (Four Corners): The Rhodes Brothers (c) versus The Real Americans versus The Usos versus Christian & The Miz
Six Man Tag: The Shield versus The Wyatt Family
Teacher versus Student: Daniel Bryan w/ William Regal versus HBK w/ HHH
Brock Lesnar versus Batista
Divas Championship (Six Pack Challenge): AJ Lee (c) versus Natayla versus The Bella Twins versus Tamina Snuka versus Layla El
The Rock versus Chris Jericho
Fandango w/ Summer Rae versus
Piper’s Pit: Roddy Piper with special guest: Hulk Hogan

And there you go. I’m out of here. Until the next time…


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