A Pre-Royal Rumble Rumble? Hmmmmmm!

I was sitting here thinking about WWE Monday Night RAW for tomorrow night. It’s “Old School RAW” and will be a night filled with older stars and lots of nostalgia. It’s a big night for the WWE. And then, in just a few weeks, from Pittsburgh, PA, it’s the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, featuring thirty WWE Superstars looking for that shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXX. Both are big events, but I think that I’ve found a way to make the “Old School RAW” just a little better while hyping the Rumble and helping to promote that show at the same time. Hear me out.

The whole thing about “Old School RAW” is the nostalgia factor. Everyone loves to see the old stars come back for a night and to have a chance to remember the “good old days” of the WWE and pro wrestling before it was “sports entertainment” crap. It’s a big night for the older fans and usually does well in the ratings. Well, how about this to fill out one of the hours, help lure the old school fans back, and promote the Rumble all at the same time. A “Legends Rumble” for the old school RAW two weeks before the actual Rumble.

Here’s how it works. We have twenty former WWE stars, legends, and other guys who are not a part of the WWE Universe compete in a Royal Rumble match. The winner gets a spot at #30 in the real Royal Rumble at the pay-per-view. This would be a chance to use Hall of Famers that can still work, former superstars who still compete, but are not “big enough” to really get a chance as surprises for the real show, and a big name or two that will just drive everyone crazy and get the fans talking and speculating. We would still have two or three “surprises” at the actual Rumble, since the WWE has so many big names to choose from for those spots, but this would be a chance to give a few mid-card guys and old-timers who can still go a chance for the spotlight one more time, competing for a spot at the big show, plus possibly for a few of them, getting a chance to show WWE management and the fans that maybe they deserve an opportunity to pull a “Goldust” and come back to the company.

It’s just an idea, but it would be good for ratings, good for bringing back some of the old-school fans who might not regularly watch wrestling anymore, and would promote the Royal Rumble event by giving the fans a preview of what to expect, but with legends instead of the current WWE superstars. So what do you think? Would it work? Would it be a fiasco? Should I quit having ideas and fantasy booking? Comments are welcome.


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