I wish I knew what the hell to do
why do I let myself feel like this
why am I allowing myself to be the fool
when I know and see
i’m not dumb or blind
just scared

it’s not what I wanted
it’s not what it seems
it just another game in the arcade of life
feed it another quarter
play another round
and hope that you survive

So what do I do
exit the game early and leave
move to another game
or just keep playing and hope for the best?

I love you
you say you love me
but then again, you say the same thing to her
so who’s being lied to
who’s the gamemaster’s puppet?
And why do I continue to play?

I hate this life
I hate this bait and switch
I just want to be happy
but I also still want to be with you
too bad these things don’t seem to be compatible
I will always love you
But I don’t like you sometimes
So what happens next?

Someone give me another quarter
I think I’m going to go for the high score


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