Justice For Eric…

Four months ago yesterday, Thomas Eric Watts was murdered. And yet, despite the identies of the men responsible being common knowledge in the community, there have yet to be any arrests. The question I have is WHY? The situation is supposedly being investigated by the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department, but it seems pretty obvious that bringing Eric’s killers to justice isn’t very high on their list of priorities. Sheriff Shep Jones has repeatedly said that he’s waiting for the autopsy report before he makes any decisions, but isn’t assault illegal. Wouldn’t just the very fact that these men beat down Eric and tossed him into a ditch be enough to warrant charges? Other charges, like murder or manslaughter, could be added later once the Medical Examiner gives his final report, but there were already laws broken. There are witnesses who called the Sheriff’s office at 11:16pm that night reporting an assault in progress. The last time I looked, “an assault in progress” is criminal activity and illegal. So there’s all the charges that our Sheriff would need to arrest these men. But they still walk the streets and are free today. It doesn’t make sense.

But then again, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense. When speaking to the press, Sheriff Jones said that his department received the first call, the one about “an assault in progress”, at 11:16pm. Then he added that a call came in about 11:27pm about an “unresponsive man”. But in the police report filed by the Sheriff’s Department, it was claimed that Eric was last seen about an hour or so before being found “down”. Let’s do the math here. From 11:16 (the assault in progress) to 11:27 (the unresponsive man) is 11 minutes and not “about an hour”. Not even close to being accurate. And did I mention that the 911 calls to the Sheriff’s Department were not recorded and are not available for review?

Why this discrepency is important is that the report from the Medical Examiner lists the cause of death as “inconclusive”. But the Medical Examiner was acting under the assumption, because of the police report, that the vicious assault and beating that Eric had received had happened over an hour before he was unresponsive. But with that assault only being eleven minutes before Eric became unresponsive, that changes everything, including the possible reasons for the cause of death. When informed of this “administrative error” (my description), the M.E. was said to be “beside himself”. And who can blame him? He has a job to do, but when the authorities supposedly investigating the matter play loose and easy with the facts, it just makes his job that much harder and the opportunity to discover the truth more difficult.

But playing loose and easy with the facts is something that this administration and our Sheriff seem to be pretty comfortable with. Just look at all of the recent scandals and other false statements and attempts at misdirection as examples. Speaking of which, and getting back to this situiation, there was a delay by the EMS and Sheriff’s Deputies in getting to the crime scene. The reasons that were given was that the Sheriff’s office only had three deputies on duty at the time and they were delayed by other calls. It was asked why didn’t the Department ask the City Police to help out and respond to the call instead. Wouldn’t that make sense, especially since a person was being beaten and assaulted by multiple persons and their life could be in serious jeopardy. Sheriff Jones and his officers don’t think so and made the call to delay their response (and thus the response by EMS officials), because it was a “jurisdiction issue”. The Hasty area is less than two miles outside the city limits and wouldn’t the chance to stop an assault and possibly save a life take precedence over territorial rights and a Law Enforcement Office Turf War? If the Sheriff or his officers, upon realizing that they were short-handed and couldn’t respond promptly to the scene, had asked the city to step up and respond, it’s very possible that Eric may have been reached in time and would be alive today. But we’ll never know for sure, will we?

By the way, did I mention that the City Police Department have been contacted and they would have been legally able to respond and help the county if asked. Shep just didn’t ask.

There are so many unanswered questions about this whole case and it all seems to fall back on one person and one Department. The Sheriff needs to come clean and explain why was there such a major discrepency in the official police report from what he told the media. Why were the 911 calls not recorded? Why didn’t someone call in the City police to help when the Sheriff’s Department was operating short handed? And most importantly, why are the thugs who MURDERED Eric Watts still free and walking the streets?

I wonder, if this had been a member of the Sheriff’s family that was beaten down and left for dead, would there be such a lackluster effort on investigating and bringing those responsible to justice? I seriously doubt it. For whatever reason though, it just seems that they just want to sweep this all under the rug and hope it goes away. It’s not going away though and the friends, the family and especially Eric deserve better.

Eric was a fun loving, intelligent and incredible young man with a great life and future ahead of him. He was loved by family and friends and added a moment of brightness into the lives of everyone he met or encountered. And now, he’s gone. And all of our lives are sadder and darker for this loss.

Where is the JUSTICE FOR ERIC, Sheriff Jones? We demand to know.


  1. This is what I’ve been asking the whole time. Why were the bastards that beat my nephew to death at least not arrested for assault until the autopsy report came back. The autopsy report says a whole lot that I didn’t want to read about what was done to him and his injuries. It breaks my heart even more every time I think about it. It’s obvious it was murder but because some lying scum in the sherriff’s department chose to lie and say Eric was seen an hour after the altercation the medical examiner don’t know what to think. He’s still investigating though and I pray that he gets the truth about the timeline. Then due to his injuries (that yall wouldn’t believe) listed on the report we all know the what the final report will be. There is nothing else it could be but murder. Justice for my nephew Eric Watts.

  2. His aunt told me the autoposy came back that he died from an allergic reaction from dozens of ant bites while in the ditch. And that he was “probably messed up” and stumbled into the ditch and passed out after the assault.

    • Funny how u didn’t put ur name on ur ignorant comment. I AM HIS AUNT and there ain’t no true aunt of his told u that stupid crap. Why don’t u tell me who this supposed aunt is? U won’t do that will u? My nephew had multiple injuries a few of which was the cause of his death and sorry to bust ur bubble but neither was aunt bites, I assume ur statement of being messed up means drugs or alcohol but no that was definitely not it either. Oh but he was messed up. His body was beaten badly so yes u idiot he was messed up pretty damn bad. Oh and yes he was corroded with aunts from being so “messed up” from the beating that he couldn’t stand up anymore. My heart tells me he fell in that ditch because he was hurt and trying to get home to his mom. How does that make u feel u cold hearted jack ass. Why don’t u do us all a favor and put ur name and his “aunts” with ur idiotic comment? I am his aunt and I can show u better than I can tell u. Ur welcome to read my copy of the autopsy report if ur willing to admit who u are. I have no problem showing it to u. Are u friends with those punks that beat him to death and I do mean punks because it took 4 or more to get him down or are u actually one of them? I will be waiting on ur reply.

    • Why not include your name or the name of the aunt that supposedly told you this made up story? You are full of it. What is your end game? Did you set out to try to prove this story false? In order to do that you would need to provide evidence or at least the name of his “aunt” so that we could ask her for some evidence. But that would be impossible because you chose to post false statements. You have no evidence and we have all of the evidence that we need to prove that what we say is true. Who are you defending here? What are you trying to accomplish? The world will never know because the only thing that you have accomplished here is making a fool out of youself by posting some he said she said nonsense. Only you didn’t exactly accomplish that either because you failed to identify yourself. You have obviously followed the story because you knew that there were ant bites. However, there was no allergic reaction & he wasn’t in a ditch. And if he passed out in a ditch after the assault, why does the police report say that he had wrestled with acquaintances “earlier that day?” Thank you for adding a comment that further supports the fact that someone is lying here. Even if you did make it up all by yourself.

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