Sheriff Allegedly Trying To Buy Votes

Under North Carolina State Election Laws, I found this:

GS 163-275. Certain acts declared felonies.

Any person who shall, in connection with any primary, general or special election held in this State, do any of the acts or things declared in this section to be unlawful, shall be guilty of a Class I felony. It shall be unlawful: For any person to give or promise or request or accept at any time, before or after any such primary or election, any money, property or other thing of value whatsoever in return for the vote of any elector;

And the reason that I looked it up, you ask. Well, it’s come to my attention from several very reliable sources that one of the candidates running in our local election for Sheriff of Scotland County may be guilty of violating this very statue, a felony. What I’ve heard, and this comes from more than one person, is that this past Sunday morning, at the church attended by Sheriff Shep Jones, a promise was made saying that money would be paid to people who bring and recruit a certain number of people to come vote for Shep at the polls today.  I’ve heard different amounts mentioned, but it’s pretty clear that if the people recruit voters for Shep, they get paid.  And that is not only wrong and shady, but also very, very illegal.

Let me clarify that at this point and time, this is only a rumor and allegation, but considering the persons to whom I spoke, I have no reason not to believe it to be true. And if it is true and either the Sheriff or someone representing the Sheriff has made promises to pay his supporters to recruit votes, it’s illegal, shameful and needs to be stopped immediately.

Election are won by debating facts, comparing the candidates and their plans for the future, and getting out the vote for the candidates… legally. Paying voters is not the way that things are done here in Scotland County. We, the citizens deserve better and if this proves to be true, then the person or persons responsibile, need to be arrested, charged and convicted, as well as barred from running for public office again. If this proves to be false, I apologize, but as I said, I trust my sources. The question is, can we trust that candidate? He’s already shown time and time again that he feels he’s above the law that he’s supposed to be enforcing. And it seems that he’s just doing it again.

Think about it…

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