WWE Payback Thoughts & Predictions

Coming up on Sunday is the WWE Payback PPV. And of course, that means channeling the Sister Cleo buried deep in my soul, with a touch of Gary Spivey as well. (Does anyone remember when he was Paul Orndorff’s “psychic friend” back in the classic WCW days? Yes, I am doing match predictions. Let’s get busy and do this.

Fatal Four Way: WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton – If Rollins fails to retain, Kane is fired from The Authority.

This is a match that I’m looking forward to and should be really, really good. And the stipulation makes it even more fun. Will Kane help out his Authority team-mate? Will he do as he did this past Monday and just stand by and watch? Will he just make token efforts to help Rollins, while truly not helping at all? And is it really time yet for the title to change hands?

I don’t think so. Not yet anyhow. Rollins has been phenomenal as the WWE World Champion and I’m really enjoying the tense situation between him and Kane, as well as his truely heel personality and I’d hate to see the WWE pull the plug on this title reign so soon. I want Seth to keep the belt at least until SummerSlam, where hopefully he can defend against a returning Brock Lesnar. So with that in mind, I think Kane (reluctantly) interferes and as a result, Seth manages to steal a win and retain the title. Yeah, that works for me.

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: Seth Rollins

I Quit Match: WWE United States champion John Cena vs. Rusev.

John Cena is NOT going to quit. We know this. But if Rusev can’t do anything here in this match, it’s pretty much over for him and he goes to the bottom of the roster, to join Zack Ryder and Bray Wyatt as the men Cena buried. So what will the WWE do? Imagine this. The match is a true slobber-knocker and both men really look strong. Cena starts to dominate and it looks as if the end is near for Rusev. So what does Rusev do? Building on the teased tension lately between Rusev and Lana, Rusev decides to grab Lana and threatens her with physical harm. I know that the WWE doesn’t allow man-on-woman violence anymore, but stick with me here. Rusev has Lana in his powerful arms and knocks her to the ground. If John doesn’t give up and quit, he’s going to “break her back” or something of that nature. What will Cena do? If he goes after Rusev, Lana will be “injured” and hurt. If he “quits” so Rusev will let Lana go, he loses the U.S. title and the match. Cena goes into “Sting-mode” and in order to be the “good guy” and save Lana, he says those magic words. Rusev wins and gets the title. Cena goes to comfort and check on Lana and she turns on him, kicking him in the little Cena’s. Classic heel moves, Cena looks like a chump (but a good guy chump who didn’t have a choice) and the belt changes hands as it should. Works for me.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Rusev

Best of Three Falls: WWE Tag Team champions The New Day vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

I love watching Tyson and Cesaro as a team and it really seems as if they’ve found their nitch. But, and I really hate to admit this, over the past two week or so, I’ve started to enjoy the heel version of the New Day. The original concept really sucked, but they’ve adapted, switched it up a bit and are becoming a true guilty pleasure. So who wins here? Either way, I won’t be too upset. I think it’s too early to take the belts off the New Day team, so we’ll hold off on the title change until maybe the Elimination Chamber event at the end of the month. The current champs retain and it’s the start of a New Day.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph won at the last event, but Sheamus had the last laugh if you will. So at Payback, it’s going to be Sheamus getting the pin and win, but Dolph will have some antics up his sleeve and get the last laugh. And there you go.

Winner: Sheamus

Bray Wyatt vs. Ryback.

I want Bray to win. Bray hasn’t won a match on pay-per-view in nearly forever and needs to win. But Ryback is the company’s mid-card golden boy (this week anyhow) and can’t really handle a loss at this point and time. So look for the reunification of the “Wyatt Family” and let’s throw in Bo Dallas as an associate too (just because). Ryback wins by DQ (and takes one helluva beatdown) while Bray takes another loss, albeit by DQ. But it won’t matter because all everyone will be thinking and talking about is that Bray has gotten the family back together.

Winner by DQ: Ryback

King Barrett vs. Neville.

This should be another good match between the two men. I’m kind of thinking that Neville should win and keep his strong momentum going, but Barrett took a pin at the last pay-per-view event. But then again, Barrett won the King of the Ring event by pinning Neville. So this is the “rubber match” and could go either way. Hmmmm. Neville is the up-and-coming future and the powers-that-be are high on this kid so I’m thinking that Payback will be his night against the current WWE King of the Ring. King Barrett, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. You’re going to lose.

Winner: Neville

Naomi and Tamina Snuka vs. WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella.

When did the Bella Twins become faces? Does anyone even really care? It’s good to see Tamina back in action and being the bad-ass butt-kicker that she deserves to be. As for this match, Naomi and Tamina SHOULD win. They won’t though because the Bella’s have the stroke and the company knows that no one really cares.

Winners: The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie)

The Ascension vs. Macho Mandow & Curtis Axelmania (PPV Kickoff Show).

So here we go with the poor man’s 2015 version of the Legion of Doom taking on the psuedo not quite Mega Powers in a parody of what would have been one of the greatest dream matches of the late 80’s. I’m actually looking forward to this and am looking forward to seeing what Axel and Mandow can do as a team. It’s bordering on sacreligious for wrestling fans, but then again, this is professional wrestling. Nothing is truly sacred. The Ascension have been buried since coming up to the main roster from NXT and really need a big win here to gain any kind of momentum. But Mandow and Axel are a truly guilty pleasure and are two men who I can really see the fans getting behind. I can already imagine the t-shirts and merchandising lol. The Ascension need this match more than anyone, but I’m going to go with Axel and Mandow here. Let the excitement and momentum build and then eventually, one of the Divas can be inserted into the mix and we can watch the “Psuedo Mega Powers” explode. They should be able to get several months of build from this gimmick. Now can you dig it… brutha!

Winners: Macho Mandow & Curtis Axelmania

And there you go. My thoughts and predictions about Payback, coming up Sunday night on pay-per-view and on the WWE Network. Comments and thoughts welcome. Thanks for reading. And dat’ is all de’ people need to know!


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