Thirty Days Of Dougie! (Day 28) – Pot, Dream Cars & Secrets…

It’s nearly over. Today will be Day 28 and after I do today’s blog, there will be only two days left and then the whole “Thirty Days of Dougie!” saga will come to an end. And based on the stats and my own inspiring motivation for this thing, it won’t be soon enough. Readership has been steady enough and gaining, but the whole experience hasn’t been particularly good on my part. The topics have been lame and my own motivation, which was suspect enough to start off with, is falling fast. If I write when I want to write, and when I can get into the “zone”, it’s an awesome and wonderful thing. But when I force myself to write, as I’ve done for the past 28 days, it might turn out okay, but it becomes a forced effort and I think it shows. Usually, once I get started, I can relax a bit and it’s all good, but this time, it’s been different. All the noise, all the interruptions, all of the people who should be supporting me and here for me, but instead, choose to constantly interrupt me with their own needs and damn what I want to do or hope to do. My responsibilities or priorities are not important around here. Whatever they want though, is another story. I’m so sick and tired of everyone and everything right now. I just need to go ghost and vanish for a few days… or weeks… or forever. I need a change in my life, big freakin’ time!

As I was writing that, I glanced out the window next to my desk and looked out at the bird feeder in our front yard. One of our adopted stray cats was out there, sitting directly under the feeder looking staight up at it with a hungry look on her face. I guess she was wondering where the buffet was at. Sorry girl, but no little birdies today. At least not yet. But have faith because the day is young.

I forgot to do an edition of “Thirty Days!” yesterday. Oops! My bad! And the thing is, no one noticed. Or cared.

I have to go do Food Lion now and get it over with. I’ll be back in about an hour or so and then we’ll knock this mutha out. Or we might not. I guess we’ll see in an hour or so. Bye…

And now I’m back. Did you miss me? It was an eventful little trip out. I talked to Heidi up at the Nic’s, the people at Food Lion, my best friend’s Meemaw and now I’m back at the house and exhausted. That is way too much socializing for this early in the day. I guess I should just be glad that Larry and some of the others weren’t up at the Church this morning or else I’d have to talk to them too. I don’t mind some people and the ones that I’ve spoken to today are all pretty decent and good folks, but that much conversation and small talk just doesn’t do it for me sometimes. I am so glad to be back home. I have to work this afternoon and that will mean more talking and socializing, but I can put on my “professional mask” for a few hours so it’s not too bad. Plus, I’m getting paid for it and that helps a lot as well. Almost forgot, I exchanged a few text messages with my bro too. And there you go…

Now, let’s get busy. It’s time to reach into the Magic Box and find a couple of topics for Day 28. We have “Pot”, “Dream Cars” and “Secrets”. Now that we know the topics, it’s time to get to writing. Are you ready? I said, “ARE YOU READY?”. I really need a live audience and a microphone for that to work. I’ll keep trying though.

Thirty Days Of Dougie! (Day 28) – Pot, Dream Cars and Secrets…
March 20, 2017

And we’ll start off with the wicked weed known as “Mary Jane”, “Grass”, “Kush”, “Marijuana” or “Pot”. It’s the recreational drug of choice for some folks. It’s usually smoked and is enjoyed by young and old, poor and rich, all races, religions, genders, etc alike. And it’s sometimes called a “gateway drug” because it is said to lead users to other drugs, more dangerous and illegal. I think that’s generally a bunch of rubbish and bull. I think it makes people stupid and kills reaction time and brain cells, but then again, the majority of heavy pot smokers I know aren’t exactly going to be invited to join Mensa anyhow. It’s also very illegal, at least here in North Carolina. That doesn’t stop people from smoking it regularly and not giving a damn who knows about it.

And on that illegal part, I don’t really agree with that. Pot is not something I personally use or condone and I think it stinks to high hell (pun intended), but it’s no worse for a person to smoke a joint or two than smoking cigarettes. Matter of fact, cigarettes are much worse, health wise, on the body. And it’s no more damaging than beer or alcohol. That’s far worse on the body and mind too in the long run. I’ve never heard of anyone getting ran down bya high driver. A drunk driver, yes and some ass-clown trying to text and drive, yes. But smoking a blunt and driving? The worst thing they’ll do is stop at a stop sign and wait for it to turn green. Did I mention it kills brain cells and makes people stupid? Well, if I hadn’t yet, I just did.

I hate the smell of it too. I think I mentioned it earlier, but I think that’s pretty much my only real objection to people smoking pot. When I was younger, I didn’t mind it and may have actually taken a puff or two from time to time. But now, as I’ve gotten older, that smell just makes my stomach churn and I want to throw up and puke. And we have so many people, where I work, who come into the store just reeking of that nasty smell. If they want to smoke up and get high, that’s their perrogative, but don’t make me or my customers have to smell that raunchy shit. Be discreet. Did I mention that it’s still illegal, at least here in NC?

Smoke it or not, I don’t care. Legalize it or not, I don’t care. Be an idiot or not, I don’t care. But when I have to smell it and deal with morons that can’t put together a coherent thought or have the IQ’s of a piece of tuna, then I start to care. Smoke all you want and it’s cool, but when I have to put up with stupidity or stinking, rancid odors because of it, then Houston, we have a problem.

Dream Cars are next and I know that most folks want a Mustang or a Z-28 or a Bentley or something like that as their “Dream Car”. I’m a simple man of simple tastes and what I would like to have, if I could, would be a totally new and customized 1972 Volkswagen Convertible. Or an old white panel van that says, “Free Candy” on the side. I’m joking about the van. I would like to have a van though. It’d be cool and one day, when I either win the lottery, find an incredibly rich sugar daddy or sell a screenplay, that 1972 Bug will be mine. And I’ll have a cool looking van too.

And finally, we have secrets. Everyone has secrets. Even I, who talk way too much in these blogs and tell all with every survey I do, has a secret or two. Maybe it’s the bodies that we’ve put out in the swamp or maybe it’s the guy who lives around the corner or maybe it’s my inner desire to one day be a television weatherman, but there are parts of each of us, of things we do or have done, of things we wish to do, etc, that we keep to ourselves and will never share with anyone. Want to know my secrets? Just ask and I may tell you. Or I may not? After all, if I told you, it wouldn’t really be a secret then, would it?

And with that, I’m ending this for today. Back tomorrow with Day 29. Thank you for reading and may the force be with you.



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