Pepsi Fire – Review

Tossing Salt Presents: Review

Pepsi Fire

June 24, 2017


I had the opportunity… no, let’s change that. I had the misfortune to have the opportunity to sample the newest product available from Pespi Cola yesterday. I am, of course, talking about the new Pespi Fire. And well, how do I say this politely? It freakin’ sucks! Anyone who knows me well knows that I love my Pepsi. Doesn’t matter if it’s regular, diet, Cherry, caffeine free, or whatever. If it’s Pepsi, I like it, I drink it and I enjoy it. And this new stuff, with it’s cinnamon flavor, I actually threw half a bottle away. I couldn’t handle it. it was that bad. To put it in perspective, that’s like Midas throwing away gold. That’s like CNN throwing away a scandalous story about Trump. That’s like Kayne throwing away an opportunity to steal the spotlight at an awards show. It doesn’t happen… until now.

How do I describe the taste? It’s like Satan spit into a bottle, added some heartache, bad memories and a major pain in the ass and stirred. Then a little despair and agony are mixed in for that extra kick and there you have it, but not nearly as tasteful or delicious. It’s just plain bad. It kind of reminds me of Fireball Whiskey, which I love, but it’s as if the Fireball has been watered down badly and all of the goodness (aka alcohol) was sucked out and replaced with hydrogen perixode.

So if you see it, admire the nice bottle. It’s pretty. And maybe even buy a bottle or can if you want, for nostalgia reasons since it’s limited edition. But if you’re looking for something to drink, three words for you. “DON’T DO DAT!”… You have been warned.

And now, I’m out of here. I have to get back to work. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



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