Wrestling Q&A – June 26. 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
CM Punk, Kliq vs Horsemen
June 26, 2017

Good late in the evening, my friends. I was starting to get ready for bed when I suddenly remembered that I had a “Wrestling Q&A” laid out to be filled in and completed for the site. I meant to do this earlier, but my heterosexual life mate / BFF and I went out to placate a beaver this afternoon and I never had the chance. So here it is, slightly after midnight and I’m going to try and knock this out before I go crawl into that bed and catch a few hours of sleep. I’ve got to be up extremely early in the morning for what I call a “Triple Threat Monday”, which consists of a trip to Southern Pines for an appointment, doing my volunteer job at the Food Bank and then working in the afternoon at the ABC until closing, so I’m going to need to get my rest tonight. It surely isn’t happening tomorrow. Anyhow, the questions come from the KoK group on Facebook and one from the baddest man on the planet, my brother K-Mak. The answers come from me. And that attitude comes from life in the streets. Let’s do this…

Donnie asks, “CM Punk is a HOFer.. True or False?”

Multiple time WWE Champion. ROH Champion. UFC Fighter. The master of the “Pipe Bomb”. One of the most recognizable and controversial personalities in WWE history and of the last ten years. Married to former Diva AJ Lee and current MTV reality TV star. It goes without saying, a definitive YES. The Hall of Fame, be it the WWE or some other like the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Texas, is definitely in Punk’s future and is well deserved.

Chrissy asks, “If you could have a one night stand with any wwe superstar or diva who would you choose?? Mine would be Big Cass. I would love to climb that tree.”

Big Cass is a good pick. Have you noticed the size of his nipples? Damn, they’re huge. As for myself, for years, my answer would be either Lisa “Ivory” Moretti or Juventud Guerrera. Ivory is the only woman I would definitely go straight for and Juvi… well, he’s “the Juice” and sexy as hell. But times change and I’ve gotten a little older and a little wiser and Ivory has retired and even Juvi is starting to show his age a bit. I’d still do him in a heartbeat though, but he’s not what he was. I think, right now, my ultimate one night stand with a WWE Superstar would be Finn Balor. Let’s see what kind of Demon he can bring to the table. or bedroom as the case may be.

Scott asks, “How about an annual Eddie Guerrero Classic Cruiser Weight Tournament?”

That would be cool as hell, but I don’t really think of Eddie as a Cruiserweight. I guess, technically, he was, but that’s not how I remember him best. Regardless, any kind of tribute to Eddie, be it a tournament, a memorial event or whatever, would definitely be welcome.

Scotty asks, “For the people who are mainly WWE fans, like myself, who is your favorite wrestler not in WWE?”

He’s a former WWE star and currently working for Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling, so I’m not sure if he qualifies, but Chris Masters, aka Chris Adonis. The man has gotten so much better since his WWE days and he’s sexy as fuck too. Aside from Masters, the best talents I’ve ever seen that were NOT WWE superstars were here in the local ACW brand. I’m talking about Ethan Storm, the team of Chris Steele and Scott Powers, aka “The Main Attraction” and my buddies Brad & Derk, aka B.D. Productions. And the best day in and day out that was not ACW, but all over the south-eastern US and all across the world, and soon to be back in that ring, Mike Youngblood.

K-Mak says, “My question is why will you just not admit the Kliq is truly better than the Horsemen?”

Because I’m not delusional. The Kliq is a dominant group and made some major impact, but they are not The Horsemen. The Horsemen were the first, the toughest, the biggest and baddest and simply, the very best. Without the formation of Ole, Arn, Tully, Ric and J.J. as a unit in the NWA, there would probably have never been a Kliq, or DX, or Evolution or the nWo. The Horsemen set the standard and made the blueprints that all of the groups that came later followed. The Kliq’a influence as a unit was more backstage and political than as an actual wrestling faction. The Horsemen, while definitely playing the politics to be sure, made their most memorable impact inside that ring, day in and day out, putting on the best matches, the main events, putting butts in those seats and stealing the show, night after night after night. The Kliq, especially HBK in those days, was damn good. Razor was damn good. HHH was good and eventually became great. Nash was, well, he’s Nash. But in the final reel, as good as the Kliq was, Diamonds are forever and so are the Four Horsemen. ‘Nuff said!

Justin says, “Name a wrestler you think is underrated and it can be in any wrestling company.”

Two that immediately come to mind for me are from TNA and really could be used so much better. One is Matt Morgan. He’s seven feet tall and a damn good performer. WWE had him and made him into a stuttering fool. Impact didn’t know how to use him properly either. Just a big guy who could be so much more if just given the opportunity and right push. And the other is Zema Ion. I look at this man and why he’s not in NXT or the WWE Cruiserweight Division, I just can’t figure it out. He’s got the character, the looks, the charisma and he can go in that ring. He’s money waiting to be made and while I think Impact gets it to a point, there is so much potential there. And WWE would be stupid to not take a look at this kid when the chance comes up. He’s going to be really big one day. He just needs the right chance and opportunity. Mark my words.

And there you go. I think this is enough for tonight. Time to try to go to bed and get a little sleep. Thanks for reading. Questions for the Q&A’s and comments / thoughts are welcome. I’m out of here. Have a great night.


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