Facebook Q&A – June 25, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Facebook Q&A
Clones, Social Media and Porn
June 25, 2017

Greetings, salutations and how the hell are you? It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m just sitting here in front of the computer, bored out of my mind. It kind of makes me wish I had a life or some friends, but that would actually involve inviting actual people into my little bubble and well, let’s be honest here. People suck! I prefer cats… or squirrels. Just kidding. I do like some people, especially when they’re covered in honey and cheerios. But I think I was drunk so what do I know. Hell, I’m drunk right now. (Not really, but some of my blogs would make more sense if that was actually the case.) I haven’t too long been off of Facebook and guess what I found over there? Recipes, cat pictures, drama, political ramblings, more drama, gossip and innuendo, nude pics of Justin Beiber and people spilling their guts about anything and everything. Wait a moment, that wasn’t Facebook. That was my blog. Oops, my bad. Or was that my dating profile for “Christian Singles”?

One thing that I did see a great deal of on Facebook was questions. And I like to answer questions. Well, except for the ones asked to me by police officers. Where the po-po are involved, just call me Sgt. Shultz. “I know nothing! Nothing!”. Snitches end up with stitches and in ditches, right? And what the hell was I talking about anyhow? Pepsi Fire is nasty, disgusting and tastes like what I would expect Satan’s urine to taste like, but not nearly as salty. I think I’ll answer a few questions I found over the “The Book!” in the Nameless group. Enjoy…

Gregory asks, “If you had to pick an actor to narrate your life. Who would it be??”

I would say Morgan Freeman, but he seems to be too busy narrating everything else in existence and probably wouldn’t have the time. Samuel L. Jackson would be good too, but I don’t think his strong use of the word “mother f*cker” would be what my story needs. My life is more of a “Aww Shit!”, than “mother f*cker”. This is actually hard since I’m trying to think of who has a great voice, could make everything seem larger than life and make my life sound interesting without over-doing it, plus I actually like or respect. The late, great Alan Rickman, who played Snape in the Harry Potter movies would be great, but since he’s dead now, that could be a problem. How about CM Punk? He could just do the narration and then, at the end, just go “pipe bomb”. Yeah, that’d work.

Van asks, “What’s the weirdest porno video you’ve ever seen?”

Well, there was that one with the three gay midgets, the wheelchair hanging from the ceiling, the tub of Fruit Loops and the Koala bear in that motel room at Pine Acres. That was pretty wild. Oh wait, the question said “seen” and not “took part in”. Oops. My bad. I think the Batman versus Superman XXX gay parody video might qualify. Or “One Night In Chyna” starring Chyna and X-Pac. That movie destroyed my faith in porn for a long long time.

Van asks, “Is it appropriate for people in relationships to be in sex groups on social media? Why or why not? Would you have a problem with your significant other being in one?”

That would depend on the people and what they and their partner feel. Some people like to flirt or admire the beauty of others, but would never dream of being unfaithful to their significant other. And others are just ho’s and looking for that next piece of ass. For myself, if I’m in a solid and committed relationship with someone,, I think I would have a problem if they spent all of their free time talking shit to other guys and flirting with other guys on social media. I would feel that I’m not good enough in their eyes and they’re looking for someone else. Of course, that’s all because of an issue with an ex where he was doing exactly that, out trying to f*ck everything that moved, all the while living here with me. I was in love with him and he was a total piece of shit and lowlife skum. Sexy as hell with a great ass, but that was the only good quality, as I eventually found out. So my views on this topic are obviously biased. Burn in hell, Haney! I can’t say if it’s appropiate or not. That depends upon the couple and their relationship. I wouldn’t like it though.

Leelah asks, “If you’re a gay kid and you hear someone you love say ‘fag,’ does it make you think that in their eyes you’re just a fag too?”

Depends upon the person, the manner in which they’re using the term, and the context. I don’t particularly like it, but I’ve got a thick skin and with 99.995% of the times I’ve heard that particular word used, I just consider the source and ignore it, letting it go. Or I might make a smart ass comment, making them uncomfortable and apologetic. For myself though, I really could care less. In the end though, it’s just a word and words only can have power over someone or hurt you if you let them and I don’t. It’s all about the context and if it is being used as an insult, meant to be insulting and demeaning, then I’ll take it into account and react accordingly. But if it’s just part of the dialogue, meant to be funny or not as a real insult, but more of a tasteless, yet playful banter, that has to be taken into consideration too. It all depends upon the person and the context as to what the proper reaction should or will be.

Kevert asks, “If a person in your life that you loved died (friend, family, so on) and someone cloned that person, could you love them the same as the original?”

Nope. It might be a clone of that person, but it wouldn’t be the same person where it matters, in the soul and mind and life experiences, etc. It’s just a physical copy, nothing more and nothing less. The things that really matter, what make you love a person, is the relationship that you have with the person, the sense of humor, the life experiences and memories, the way they talk, move, smell, act in certain situations, etc. None of that can be cloned and while the clone may be similiar in some ways, it wouldn’t be the real deal or the original. It could never be the same.

And that’s it for now. Enough questions for today. I may be back later on to do some Wrestling Q&A, but that’s not for sure. Feeling bad here and my head is starting to pound. Getting old and falling apart sucks! Not as badly as that Pepsi Fire crap, but it’s still pretty damn annoying and a bitch to deal with. I think I need some drugs. I’ll go drink some water and lay down instead. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care my friends…


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