Opposing Views – June 27, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
June 27, 2017

Opposing Views is a company out of California. They have a Facebook page and do bits and pieces of the news. They claim no agenda, but are very biased to the left. That’s cool though because they do have some very interesting columns and even more interesting reader comments. And they ask some great questions at times. What I’m doing here is looking at some of the politically based questions that they’ve put up and asked over the past few days. I would answer on their page, but dealing with the rabid haters on that page, who respond to every opinion they don’t agree with by name-calling, insults and threats, just doesn’t do it for me. So I do it here, once a week and sometimes more. I try to be relatively fair and while I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I may say or think, I’m open to hearing you out and having civil discussion if you’d like. But the opinions expressed here are mine and for everything I say or think, I have my reasons. Let’s just do this…

New bill would force Congress to work at least 40 hours a week just like the rest of America does. Do you like the policy?

It’s a nice idea, but how could it be enforced? So much work that is performed by our elected leaders isn’t something that can be governed by conventional means. What about the time spent reading and researching bills? Would that count as part of their work? What about meetings or time spent giving interviews or talking to the press? What about meetings with other members of Congress? What about travel to other nations or the White House or to and from their home districts? Would that time count or not? And the informal meetings in the gym or at the bar, where probably as much work gets done as at the office? There is way too much involved in that particular job to put a timeclock to it and legitimately enforce it with any kind of real success. It would actually hurt more than it would help.

Who treats the presidency with more respect: Trump or Obama?

Neither is really all that great when it comes to this particular topic. Trump respects the office, I believe, but he’s so untraditional and different from anyone we’ve ever had in that office and to say that he’s politically correct and does it all correctly would be a great understatement. Obama enjoyed the power of the office of President and used it to his advantage quite often. He was never totally out there or too bad at first, but I think, towards the end, he felt he was bigger than the office he held. Neither man makes me happy about their methods and mannerisms or style while being the President, but who was worse? Trump is still growing into the office and is still new. Obama started off better and got worse as the time went on. Who treated the office with more respect? George W. Bush. He was better than either.

Barbara Streisand says there’s only one reason why Hillary Clinton lost the election, because she’s a woman. Do you agree?

Hillary lost because she’s dishonest, cold, doesn’t relate to people, didn’t want to give interviews or deal with the press, was a liar and ran a really bad campaign. It had nothing at all to do with her gender. It had everything to do with her and who she is.

A leading group of American hospitals and doctors just publicly said the GOP healthcare bill will harm Americans. Do you think America should listen to the experts?

Aren’t these the same experts that were praising Obamacare and talking about how great it would be for our country? I think that their thoughts and opinions should be listened to, but at the same time, any kind of agenda they may have, as well as ties to lobbyists, should also be investigated and looked into. Are they against this bill for totally noble and sincere reasons or are they against this bill because it will cut into their profits or affect their personal interests? If they’re speaking up and drawing their conclusions based totally on unbiased and proven facts, then by all means, listen to them. But if there are other reasons for their discourse, that needs to be put out there and taken into consideration too.

Which leader is more presidential: Bill Clinton or Donald Trump?

Trump insults people on Twitter, but otherwise has tried to keep his campaign promises thus far. Bill Clinton screws Monica in the Oval Office and lies to the world with those classic lines, “I did NOT have sex with that woman” and was impeached for perjury (lying under oath). I think Trump easily takes this one.

Agree or Disagree: U.S. Veterans should receive free health care for life?

I agree, but only up to a point. For injuries and illness related to their time in service to our country, the veterans should be treated and looked after as well as possible for as long as it takes. But if a Vet falls and breaks a leg playing football.. or gets lung cancer from smoking 2 packs of cigs a day for thirty years, things that have absolutely nothing to do with their service, then they’re on their own. That’s not the Government’s responsibility. Injuries and disease that are a result of the service should be covered. Injuries and disease that are a result of just bad luck or life in general, that’s why people have insurance or health plans. It’s sad, but realistically, it’s not the Government’s responsibility.

President Trump wants to make the Border Wall a “Solar Wall”. Good idea or bad idea?

If it can be done cost-effectively, then go for it. A wall to do the job necessary of hindering the illegal aliens from entering our country and the solar stuff to create energy and electricity for our people, as well as provide jobs to build said walls, would be awesome. And think of the reaction from the lefties who keep trying to trash Trump for not embracing their ideas about global warming and the use of renewable energy. It would drive the left crazy. If it can be done, effectively and cost efficiently, what the hell… go for it.

“I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either.” – President Trump. Agree or Disagree?

Agree. Forget political correctness. Just be blunt, say what needs to be said, and move on. And if feelings are hurt, so be it. Grow a set and get over it. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. I think I’m done here for the night. I have to get online and find a new lock for the back of my Blazer, or at least a new knob thingy to turn so I can lower my tailgate and get into the back of the car. Mine fell off somewhere today. Yeah, after only 30 years, what the hell? But that’s my agenda for the night. See, unlike the Opposing Views site, when I have an agenda, I admit it. I need to fix my Blazer. And find a good boyfriend. Or at least a good friend with benefits. *sighs* I hate my life sometimes. Anyhow, I’m down and I’m gone. Have a great night and I’ll catch you later.


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