Wrestling Q&A – June 27, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Eddie Guerrero, The Bunny and Nia Jax…
June 27, 2017

Well, I was going to start off this morning writing about a horrific and troubling situation that has developed here at the Salt Palace, but my mood has been destroyed and the inspiration is gone. All together now… “Thank you Mom!”. So instead of talking about the new ongoing battle between myself and the modern day “Mean Street Posse”, aka these damn cats, I’m just going to do a Wrestling Q&A instead… just because. The questions come from Facebook and the KoK (Kult of Kayfabe). The answers are from me. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Let’s do this…

UPDATE: And that opening intro paragraph was as far as I got before things started happening and I had to leave for a while. Now, nearly twelve hours later, I’m watching Smackdown Live on the USA Network, I think that Carmella needs to call in David Otunga to have a legal discussion with Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan about his unlawful stripping of her rightful MITB vistory, and I’m going to try this again. So once again, and with some extra gusto, let’s do this…

Justin asks, “If Eddie Guerrero was still alive, where do you think he would be? Still in WWE, a permanent main eventer? Back to Midcard? Developing new guys? Lucha Underground?”

If Eddie was still alive, I think he would be divorced from Vickie, married to a new hot little “Mamacita”, and working down at the Performance Center as a trainer and occasionally as a commentator for the post-PPV “KickOff Shows”. Eddie would still be, in my opinion, afflitiated with WWE in some capacity and helping to create and build new stars for the future.

Josh says, “My 9-year old nephew asked me one of the most important questions of all time regarding a dream match. Who would win: MizBear or The Bunny?”

I personally think that WCW’s “Wildcat Willie” and Disco’s “Duck” could take out either the MizBear or the Bunny, but if these two characters are headlining the show and the main event, if the legacy and history of that famed Hare was any indication, always bet on the “Wascally Wabbit!”… Always!

Robert asks, “With the success of Cody fresh in our minds, who else on the current WWE could replicate that success and be in a better spot in the indies than they are with the company?”

The first name that immediately popped into my head was, for some reason, Curtis Axel. He’s making good money in the WWE and probably has a career there so long as he wants it, but if Joe Hennig ever wants to be a truly major player and recognized in the same circles as his father and grandfather, I think a few years away from the WWE and working around the world, with some matches in Japan, Mexico, and the UK could really help him make that mark.

From Reece: “TNA is the weirdest fucking promotion of all time. They cut Al Snow and Gregory Helms, supposedly to cut down on costs, but now they are getting SHAQ?”

Actually, Al Snow and Shane Helms are non-wrestling personalities who worked as agents backstage. Since Impact doesn’t do house shows at the moment and films several episodes of TV at a time, they found themselves having far more agents then they actually need. So the agents who worked also in other positions in the company, were kept around, while the agents, like Snow and Helms, who only worked one job and had only one role in the company, were let go from their duties. It actually makes good business sense and I fully understand it. As for bringing in Shaq, I don’t get it eiter. Not for the money reasons, but why Shaq? He couldn’t hack the idea of jobbing to the Big Show at a real wrestling event like Wrestlemania, but he’s coming to TNA… excuse me, I mean “Impact Wrestling”. The only thing I can say about all of that is “F*ck The Owl!”.

Joseph asks, “Dr. Death Steve Williams. Hall of Fame worthy? I say yes.”

Absolutely. Tough as nails. Great wrestler. International superstar. Well respected by the fans all over the world as well as his peers. It’s not really a question of is he HOF worthy, but just when.

Raven says, “Okay So You Are Making A New Match. What Are The Rules & How Do You Win?”

Tough question because I don’t think that there is truly an original match or type of match left to create. If you’re not sure about a match, look at Memphis and it probably happened there at some point. How about a combination of two matches thrown together. Take the idea of “Battle Bowl” from WCW, where names are drawn randomly and put together as a tag team to face another randomly put together tag team. And then throw in the whole “Spin the Wheel – Make the Deal” factor used at Halloween Havoc and then later by WWE as “Raw Roulette”. It’s Battle Bowl Roulette and the random teams are still put together in the same way, but instead of competing in regular tag team matches, they compete in gimmick matches. And all of the winners of the five or six “Battle Bowl Roulette” matches go on at the end of the show to compete in a Battle Royal and the winner gets a title shot against the champion of their choice for the next week or pay-per-view event. A little over-complicated to be sure, but what the hell. It’d fill up a tv show, fill up some time and could be interesting to help develop storylines and feuds.

Michael asks, “Do you want to see Sasha Banks make an appearance in the SI Swimsuit Issue?”

Sure, why not. It sounds good to me. But I’d like to see a few other women from WWE, past and present, make an appearance too, such as Ivory, Lita, Trish, Mickie James, Nia Jax, and did I say Ivory? They could do a whole special edition or feature on the womenof sports entertainment.

Homer asks, “Thoughts on the team of Paul Jones and Masked Superstar?”

In my opinion, one of the best and most underrated teams in NWA and JCP history. Jones, at that time, was on the downside of his career to be sure and would soon be making that transition to manager, but he could still go and still talk and still have a great match. And Superstar, aka Bill Eadie, was just starting to hit his prime. Two great talents that were kind of lost in the shuffle at Crockett so far as singles feuds go, but had so much to offer and were so popular with the crowds as the men they loved to hate, the Crockett people knew they couldn’t lose them and put them together as a team. The chemistry was great and truly one of the best teams in Crockett / NWA history was born. The team didn’t last long as Jones moved on to become a manager and feud with JImmy Valiant, while Superstar went to Georgia and recreated his legendary battles with Mr. Wrestling II, but they made their mark. And they were good. Damn good!

Mike asks,”Who in your opinion was the best blader in JCP and why?”

Blood was always a big part of the Crockett promotion and the best men at getting bloody, in my opinion, were Blackjack Mulligan, Dusty Rhodes and of course, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Woooooooo…

Ike asks, “Honesty time…what are your real thoughts on Nia Jax?”

At first, I wasn’t really impressed. Big girl who could be good, but she was kind of awkward in the ring and while the potential was there, she was brought up from NXT too soon and could have used more training and exposure. But she’s getting better and has improved in that ring so much over the past year. I think her character could use a bit more consistency and development, but she’s growing on me. She’s a future champion and will be one of the good ones in the future. And by the way, I’d love to see her up against Tamina in a “Samoan Death Match”. With their common histories and styles, that could be very interesting.

And that’s it for now. I need to finish watching Smackdown Live now and go to Nic’s to get some drinks to get me through the night. So that means, I’m closing this up. Have a great one, Peeps. I’ll catch you later, my friends. Take care…


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