Wrestling Q&A – August 13, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
August 13, 2017

Are you ready for a little bit of ‘rasslin? It’s time to do some Q&A. I’m cleaning out my closet and there are a ton of great wrestling related questions that have piled up and are getting old. Let’s just get right to it, shall we. I think so. So, two words for you. Question time!

Would you rather have 2 front row Wrestlemania tickets or 2 front row Royal Rumble tickets for two years in a row?

Honestly, I wouldn’t turn down either, but given the option of one or the other, I have to go with Wrestlemania.

If you could trade any NJPW wrestler over to WWE and trade any WWE wrestler to NJPW, who would it be?

How about bring the “Young Bucks” to the WWE and we’ll send The Ascension to New Japan in return.

Should Roman Reigns get credit for Braun Strowman getting over?

Roman should get some credit for his part in the matches against Strowman, but the Creative finally getting it right and Strowman for busting his ass and getting it so quickly should also be credited.

Would you consider the “Nation of Domination” WWE Hall of Fame worthy?

As individuals, absolutely. Ron Simmons, Godfather and Rock are already in the HOF as singles. It’s just a matter of time before Mark Henry is there and D-Lo will probably end up there sooner rather than later too. As a unit, their group was only around a short time and their impact was limited so no for a group “Nation” induction.

Would you rather see Ronda Rousey as part of a 4 Horsewomen angle or paired up with the Rock in a match against HHH and Stephanie?

Rock and Ronda versus HHH and Steph. It needs to happen.

If Brock leaves the WWE, who should be the next “Paul Heyman Guy”?

Whoever Heyman wants to be with next. I’d like to put him with Big Cass and see what they can do as a unit.

Scariest wrestler you’ve ever seen?

Brute Benard when I was about five years old. He had me crying. That man was a great heel.

Can you remember your first reaction when Paul Roma was revealed as the newest member of The Four Horsemen in 1993?

It was kind of “Eh!”, but I wasn’t too upset. I remembered what Roma did in the WWF as a Young Stallion and even then, knew he was a good wrestler and maybe with the Horsemen behind him, he could be something special. I honestly didn’t know who to expect. I was hoping for Barry Windham or maybe even Larry Zbyszko to be the new guy with the Horsemen.

What’s the best thing about the modern era of wrestling compared to the old school territory days?

The men and women are better athletes and faster, stronger, etc. The athleticism is 100% better and the production values of the TV is so much better.

Who is the “real Nature Boy”? Buddy Rogers, Ric Flair, Buddy Landell, Scoot Andrews or Paul Lee?

Buddy passed it on to Flair. Landell tried, but just couldn’t do it. Scoot Andrews gained some fame as the “Black Nature Boy”, but he’s no longer in the business that I know of and was never really anything major. Paul Lee? I don’t think so. The only “Nature Boy” that matters is Ric Flair. Woooooooooo!

Should the WWE do an all-female Induction ceremony to the WWE Hall of Fame?

That would be cool to see, but I can’t see it happening.

What’s your thoughts on Ricky Morton? Would he have had the career as say Shawn Michaels had he chose to go single when asked too?

I love Ricky and he’s a great wrestler, but as a singles, I don’t think he would have had any kind of major impact. Ricky is a tag team specialist and that’s what he was best at. He could take the beating and sell like a billion dollars, but then make that hot tag. That’s what brought him to the dance and while I could see a short singles run here and there, he isn’t the talker or as polished as Michaels. Ricky is great, but his career is tag team, not singles.

Everyone has a dream match that they’d love to see. What would be your “nightmare match” that you know would have no chance of getting over?

How about an Italian mob hit-man wearing an eye patch who chews glass versus a face painted mystery man who eats worms, neither of who were worth a damn in that ring. Yes, I’m talking about brief Mid-Atlantic wrestling star (I think he lasted about a month) Enforcer Luciano versus The Boogeyman (of WWE fame). I’m getting shivers (and not ones of joy) thinking about this match. Luciano made Ox Baker, by comparison, look like Ricky Steamboat. And Boogeyman? Compared to him, the ECW Zombie was Ric Flair. This dream (nightmare) match would be bad. Very bad!

And I guess that’s all for me now. Thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts and any wrestling questions you have are welcome and appreciated. And as the great Baron Von Raschke would say, “Dat’ is all de people need to know!”. Have a great night.


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