Wrestling Fact or Fiction: August 27, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
August 27, 2017

Are you ready to talk some wrestling? It’s time to go to the mountain and do that “Fact or Fiction” thing, wrestling style. This comes from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the rest comes from me. Let’s grab that brass ring and do the deed.

1. Braun Strowman should defeat Brock Lesnar at No Mercy.

FACT: I’m still not sure if Braun is ready to be the top guy for the RAW brand, but what the hell. He’s been built into a monster and is a great example of WWE Creative getting it right for a change. And it would be interesting to see Brock in the role of the hunter instead of the hunted for a change. If they switch the title and Braun shows that he’s ready and can handle it, so be it and if it’s too much for the big man, then simply have him drop the belt back to Brock in a few months and still have Brock as champ when Wrestlemania comes around. Nothing ventured and nothing gained and Braun has earned the opportunity to carry the ball for a while.

2. Considering his push wasn’t lighting the world on fire, Big Cass’ injury may be a blessing in disguise.

FACT: It gives Cass and WWE a chance to step back and hit the restart button on the entire angle. While I hate to see anyone get hurt, Cass just wasn’t hitting it yet and was quickly losing any momentum he had going. Now he’ll have a brand new start and beginning. He’s got the skills and the potential and now he’ll have a chance to show it and get it right.

3. Takeover Brooklyn was a better show than Summerslam.

FACT: Summerslam was not a bad show by any means, but it’s just too long and all over the place. NXT Takeover was more steamlined, focused and had that great match with Asuka versus Ember Moon as a focus. Less was more and while Summerslam had more matches, none of which were actually bad, every match on the NXT was good to great and did I mention already that it was only a couple of hours as opposed to the six hours, including the Kickoff show, that was the WWE’s big show effort. Less is more and NXT knows what to do with that limited time more than WWE knows what to do with the extra couple of hours. It’s just that simple.

4. You’re more excited for John Cena vs. Samoa Joe than John Cena vs. Roman Reigns.

FACT: Cena versus Roman has a been there / done that feeling and I’m honestly burned out on both Cena and Reigns at this point where I see them on the card and just go “Eh!”. They have good matches and deliver, but still, who cares. Samoa Joe is still relatively new to the main event scene in WWE and the matches still have a freshness and new quality to them.More Joe and less Roman or Cena and I’ll be quite content.

5. Jinder Mahal’s in ring performance as WWE champion has simply been bad.

FICTION: I think Jinder has done well since becoming the WWE Champion. His matches are not five-star classics as of yet, but he’s getting better and better and stronger in that ring each and every week. He’s growing into his role as the WWE Champion and is definitely on the rise. The bad things about his matches, such as the over-reliance of his flunkies, etc, can be more attributed to the way WWE has booked him rather than anything that Jinder is doing wrong. Fight Randy Orton, but can’t let Orton look weak so Jinder has to play the chicken-shit instead of being a dominant wrestler. Same against Shinsuke. Jinder can have some good matches and is capable in that ring, but they just have to let him do it and give him the chance to show it.

6. Jason Jordan’s push is already dead.

FACT: The idea and angle is pretty stupid from the start and hasn’t gone anywhere since. Jordon is great in the ring, but he doesn’t have the personality or charisma to be a strong singles performer yet that I’ve seen and it seems that he’s just treading water. Even Miz is getting more cheers from the fans in their encounters and the whole storyline seems to be D.O.A. It might get a second wind and get better, but if anything is to happen, it needs to happen soon. Right now, it’s going nowhere.

And there you go with another “Fact or Fiction”, wrestling style, in the books. And with that, I’m out of here. Got things to do and people to see and I have to even go outside and into the world. Uuugh! Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any feedback is welcome. Until the next time, I’m forever yours.


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