Opposing Views – September 3, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
September 3, 2017

It’s early Sunday morning and why the hell am I already up and awake. Mornings suck! Speaking of sucking, let’s talk politics for a little bit. One of my favorite lefty liberal sites on Facebook, a page called “Opposing Views”, loves to ask questions for their readers to answer. And me, being the sarcastic, yet lovable ass-clown that I am, love to answer their questions. They claim to have “no agenda”, but we all know that’s not quite true. I don’t make any such claims. I’m all about just saying it like it is, simple and to the point. And by the way, I’m right too. Let’s just do this and get some blood pressure boiling for a reader or two. It’s not about left or right, Republican or Democrat, black or white, etc. It’s all about doing what’s best for everyone and not for our own selfish desires. Let’s take our country back from the special interests and the politically correct snow-clowns and let’s make America great again. ‘Nuff said! And now…

Do you think Obama’s critics dislike him because they disagree with him on policy or because of racism?

Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with why I disliked President Obama or why 90% of his critics disliked the President, despite what the media and Obama’s supporters would have you believe. He was a poor President. His policies were bad and ineffective and put our nation in greater debt than ever before, despite his criticism of former President Bush for the same thing. He lied directly to the American people time and time again and in matters of foreign affairs, he would either refuse to make a decision or else waffle on decisions already made. He acted as if he was ashamed to be an American and felt obligated to apologize for America’s greatness. He lied to us, was hypocritical in so many ways, and made our nation weaker. I could care less about the color of his skin. I just didn’t like the man personally, the way he came across or his policies.

One NFL team has just banned all players from protesting the National Anthem. If they try to pull a Kaepernick – they’re gone. Do you agree?

Absolutely. The team in question, rumored to be the Cowboys, is absolutely right in making this rule for it’s players. What a person wants to do on their own time is their business and that’s how it should be. But when they’re in uniform, representing a company or franchise as is the case here, things aren’t quite as cut and dry. Their actions while in that uniform represent the team, the image of the team and doing something to offend the viewers, the fans or the sponsers, such as these protests of the National Anthem, end up costing the team money, damaging their reputation and being a distraction from the main reason everyone is there in the first place, to play football. When a player is in uniform, they’re there to represent and be part of a team and do what is best for the team, period. If that’s too much to ask, they don’t need to be part of the team anymore and should be released. Protest on their own time if they like, but when they’re in that uniform, they’re on the team’s time and dollar, not their own.

Some people say Michelle Obama is way classier than Melania Trump. Are they RIGHT or WRONG?


YES or NO: Is America better off with Obama out of the White House?


YES or NO: Do you support Donald Trump’s border wall plans?

Absolutely. Illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico is a major problem that needs to be addressed and fixed and a border wall, while not the fix-all that Trump claims it will be, is a great way to start. If people from Mexico and other nations want to come to the United States to live and work, there are procedures and legal ways to do it and do it the right way. Illegally crossing the border and sneaking into our country is not the right way and needs to be stopped as much as possible. Build the wall!

Sarah Palin has been mocked and ridiculed more than any politician in recent history. Do you still support her?

I lost most of my respect for Sarah Palin when she decided to quit mid-term as the Governor of Alaska. I think she’s a smart woman and a little outspoken, to say the least, but she’s the Republican equivilent of Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Walters in that she’s got a little crazy in her that needs to take a step back and think sometimes before speaking. But has she been mocked and ridiculed more than any politician in recent history? I think President Trump would strongly disagree.

Agree or disagree: People should need to prove they are citizens if they want to receive welfare.

To qualify for any kind of government assistance, aside from emergency medical care and treatment, a person should be a legal resident or citizen of the United States. If they are not here legally, they should be arrested, deported and sent back to their home country… period!

President Trump says it’s absurd that he’s being investigated and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Does he make a good point?

It is crazy to think about. Trump has been accused of so many things, but when it comes time for the accusers to prove it, they have nothing. Just talk and speculation. Meanwhile, Hillary broke law after law in regards to handling of classified information. She’s lied again and again to the American people and even former FBI Director Comey said that her handling of classified information was “reckless”. Anyone else would be locked up and in jail now, but why does Hillary get a pass? And what about the suspicious activities where “pay for play” was involved and folks who donated money to the Clinton Foundation seemed to get special treatment and deals from Clinton’s State Department? When Hillary’s allies were in power, aka President Obama and Attorney General Lynch, she was given a pass time and time again. Now they’re gone and she needs to be investigated thoroughly and prosecuted for everything that she and her cronies did.

Should ‘In God We Trust’ stay on our paper money?

Yes, because we are one nation, under God and our nation was founded, in part, because of our religious values and desires to be able to worship as we please. It’s not hurting anyone and we are for the most part, a Christian nation. Just leave it be.

Al Sharpton wants to dump the Jefferson Memorial because “Jefferson was a slave owner” and he’s offended by it.
Should the Jefferson Memorial stay up anyway?

As Sharpton is a liar, a racist, a con-artist and a piece of crap. He has no credibility of any kind and if he’s offended by it, so what? Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He may have been a slave owner, but he did far more for our nation in it’s early days than Sharpton has done for our nation, or anyone besides himself, ever. Sharpton is just speaking out to attempt to make himself relevant again and it’s not working. If Al Sharpton is against something and “offended” by something, that’s probably the best argument in the world to keep it up and keep it going. If people who actually matter and have a legitimate argument about Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson Memorial, then let them speak their peace and we can hear them out. Sharpton doesn’t matter and is nothing but a sad little joke. Who cares what he thinks? I surely don’t.

And that’s all of the political stuff for today (or is it?). Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and questions are welcome. All feedback is welcome. Talk to me, my Peeps. Until the next time, I’m down and gone. Have a great day.


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