Facebook Q&A – September 3, 2017

Facebook Q&A
September 3, 2017

It’s time to take a look at a few of the questions that have come across my timeline on Facebook over the past day or so and try to answer. Social media is aweome. People will ask anything and that’s a fact. But luckily, I have no problems answering anything. No shame in my game and it’s what I do. Let’s do this…

Does Laurinburg, NC need a new City Hall?

Does Nancy Pelosi need a good psychiatrist? Oh wait, that’s a bad example. Let’s see. The population of Laurinburg is shrinking. Unemployment is way up. Taxes are too high. Crime is way up. There are dozens of empty buildings up and down our city streets. The town looks ragged. Streets keep flooding. Drugs are a major problem all over our town. Businesses are leaving. There is nothing for the kids to do and even less for the adults unless they go out of town. Our city is a disaster and getting worse each and every day. And our City Council thinks that the answer to solving all of our problems is putting the city in debt for $14,000,000 and building a new City Hall that will do absolutely nothing for no one except for the City Council. Will a new City Hall create jobs? Will it attract new businesses? Will it help our city grow? Will it help repair the buildings that are falling apart and the sewers that keep flooding? Does anyone not on the City Council or related to someone on the City Council want this to happen? The answer to all of this is a big, fat “NO!”. Our City Council seems determined to force Laurinburg to just accept this and drink their poison, but it’s a bad idea and just makes no sense. I have yet to hear a single valid reason by any person on the City Council to even attempt to justify why a new City Hall is so important. They talk around the issue and throw out excuse after excuse, but when asked for actual reasons that actually explain their reasons, they can’t do it or and don’t even try. It’s just pure arrogance on their parts and a huge lack of respect for the citizens of Laurinburg, the people they’re supposed to be representing. So to answer the question, do we need a new City Hall? I don’t think so.

Why does it take a hurricane to prove that we are capable of working together and helping fellow humans? What about every other day?

A disaster brings people together and they are too distracted by trying to do the right thing, to help each other, to be real and true, then to listen to the media, the politicians, etc. On a normal day, people listen to everyone else and are constantly influenced by outside forces. They are too worried about what others might think or say or believe and argue, fight, hate, etc, not because that’s how they really feel, but it’s because what is expected of them and who they think they need to be. But when tragedy strikes, people don’t have time to worry about or care about everyone or everything else and perceptions. They listen to their heart and think with their hearts and do the right thing, where race, religion, differences don’t matter. We’re all human and the heart knows this. It’s just that the brain needs to be reminded from time to time of this.

Name a TV show that you wish was still on the air.

The Drew Carey Show was one of my favorites that I really enjoyed. I miss watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although I will admit that it was probably time to end it when it happened. And I miss the real, good, Looney Toon cartoons, with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer Fudd and the others. That’s when cartoons were good. Now they just suck!

What are three of your biggest pet peeves?

There are so many things I could list here, but I’ll keep it simple. How about people who talk on cell phones constantly while in a store, in a resturant, in public, in their cars, etc. Put up that damn phone when we’re talking and I’m having to deal with you. I don’t give a damn about your conversation and what you’re planning on doing later, but while I’m waiting on you and having to deal with you, put that damn phone down and look at me, talk to me and give me your attention while we’re interacting. After that, do what you want, but while we’re having to do business, I should be the focus of your attention and not that damn phone. That’s just freakin’ rude. Next up is people who eat in public. I’m not talking about at a table or in a restaurant, but walk into a store carrying a plate of food or their hamburger from Wendy’s, shoving the food into their mouth as they walk around and talk. Eat at home. Eat in the car if you must. But don’t walk around a store shoving that chicken leg in your face and smacking those damn lips. It’s disgusting. And finally, sagging pants. Pull the damn pants up. No one wants to see dirty drawers and fat ass hanging out all over the place. I surely don’t anyhow. Have a little self respect and some respect for everyone else. Maybe if the people doing the sagging were actually attractive and had asses worth looking at, it wouldn’t be so bad, but generally, the ones who are walking around showing it all are the ones who definitely don’t need to be showing anything because it’s disgusting and fat and bloated. I know I’m fat and have a fat ass. I keep it covered up. Why can’t others do the same.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about you?

That I’m a nice guy. I’m really an ass-clown. I don’t like people, puppies or balloon animals… really! 🙂

If your penis or vag was made out of candy, what kind would it be?

M&M’s. It melts in the mouth – not in the hands. ‘Nuff said!

I’m so glad that nobody reads this stuff. Well, one person does, but with that last question, I’m sure that he’ll be boycotting me too before long. Anyhow, I am out of here for now. Thanks for reading, if you’re the one. Questions, comments and all feedback is welcome. Until the next time, have a great day.


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